Friday, April 29, 2016

Ryan Makes It Right

After my last blog post, and several neighbors going the distance, Ryan sent out an email to residence about our little problem and how they intended to fix it.

Dear Mills at Rocky River residents-
Recently there have been reports of excessive construction debris in the community. In an effort to ensure that all streets are kept as clean as possible Ryan Homes has communicated it will be increasing its cleaning frequency and adding additional steps to the process. These items include:
1. A vehicle will be driving the community 2x week with a magnet to pick up lose nails / hardware
2. The streets will be power washed weekly
3. An additional memo was sent to all contractors this week to pick up lose nails / debris and keep the job sites clean
4. Ryan Homes has invested in several magnets with trailer hitch accessories, these will be driven periodically / as needed
5. Ryan Homes will introduce a vacuum truck to collect any debris on the curb / other hard to reach areas
6. All debris collected will be monitored and efforts will be adjusted based on collection results. 

 I felt it important to follow up my last post with what Ryan is trying to do to help.  I didn't want to simply delete the post.  Too many have seen it.  And it goes a long way to show that Ryan Homes is trying to make it better for us all.  Yet another way they are trying to "go the distance" with their past and future customers.  =)

Thank you Ryan.  #Thanks  #RyanHomes #RyanMakesItRight

Monday, April 25, 2016

Shame on you Ryan Homes

Well, it's been a long while since I have last posted here.  We love our home and our neighborhood!  All and all things here have been wonderful!!

But there is one issue, and it's an expensive one.  One we taken to our Ryan Homes reps over and over and over again.  And it's only getting worse.  What is the issue?

*all photos taken on different days by different neighbors 

The above pictures are what preschoolers are picking up on their walks down the streets. Each of these photos represents one walk.  ONE!  What was found on one outing (so 5 different outings) This is what is lying around in our streets.  And this is just a very small representation.  Many, many, many of us are having to replace our tires.  Some of us had to do it several times.  This is just a small fraction of what is on our streets.  Tires are expensive.

Years ago, we use to have a street sweeper and a truck that hosed down the streets every Friday.  Back then there was very little construction happening.  Now our neighborhood is one of the fastest growing, and the trucks don't come at all.  The Ryan Reps say Ryan says the trucks are upping their visits but we have yet to see one.

 We all know that things happen when construction is going, but the volume of people having to replace their tires is really getting ridiculous. 

Our neighborhood has several hundred homes in it, with several hundred more slated. If I had to guess, I would venture to say 1/3 - just under a 1/2 of us have already had to replace tires if you go by what is being said at our HOA meetings and on our neighborhood page. 

Ryan Homes doesn't seem to be taking our complaints seriously.  Shame on you Ryan Homes.  And what about all your potential home buyers coming in and out of the neighborhood?  How likely will they be to buy homes here if it costs them tires several times in a short period of time?  A new home shouldn't cost you new tires every few months.  It really is getting ridiculous.

I would caution anyone wanting to purchase a home in here to drive the streets at your own risk.

#TheMillsatRockyRiver   #RyanHomes   #ShameOnYou   #CleanUpYourMess

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Newest Neighborhood Update

Just updating what little information I have. The pool and clubhouse are still "on track" to open May 2014. (honestly though, the way things go around here, I wouldn't expect it to open until early June, but you never know) We he will have junior size olympic pool, with lanes I believe, that morphs into an almost 3 leaf clover type of shape. There will be zero entry area in one of the "clover leaf" entrances and even a loopy slide. The drawings are up at the model home. Technically, things could still change, but what they have are lamented and that's what they are going with right now. The club house will have full kitchen, entertainment area, game room, fitness room, and meeting room (from what we were told. Again, could change, but these are plans of right now). There will be play ground equipment up by the pool as well. There is talk of adding some kind of courts as well. But they were unsure if they would be basketball, volleyball, or something else. Up by the elementary school, they are beginning the clearing of the smaller lots, the 50 foot lots (originally slated for patio homes, but no one can tell me if that is what is definitely what's going in there or not). And across from the club house, by the new entrance is going to be the new model home "park". 2014 fees are to be $400 since we only have the clubhouse 1/2 a year. In 2015 our HOA dues will be $800 a year to be collected quarterly ($200 a quarter). Looking forward to the pool and clubhouse, as well as welcoming new neighbors! =D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Neighborhood News

This post is simply for those who live in my development.

This is the latest information I have on what is to be done over the course of the next year or so, as I have been told and understand it.

1.  Development on Phase 3 has started.  That is right behind me.  This is the next section to open in here.  Lots are already pre-selling.  Behind me are going to be 50 and 60 foot lots.  Drake Mill is to be extended as well and circle back here.  The Drake Mill part (from understanding) will have 70 foot lots with restrictions on which house models can be built upon them.

2.  Last I heard, this neighborhood is to have somewhere around 1200 homes in it by completion.  And that is not for years to come yet.  But something to think about for sure.  (this info came from an outside source)

3.  Our club is scheduled to be open toward the end of this year, "by Christmas".  There are no plans for a weight room at this time.  But there will be a kitchen and place to have parties.

4.  The pools (you heard that right..plural) are scheduled to open Next May (2014).  We are set to have a zero entry kiddie pool, a pool with a slide, and a jr. olympic size pool (3 pools).  One of the pools is suppose to have underwater seating around the edge, but I am unclear on which one.  Pictures of these should be made available at the model home for us to see in March.

5.  We are getting a playground!  Not sure of the equipment yet.  But I was told we would be getting one.  So for those of us the truck it up to the school to play, we won't need to anymore (unless you play disc golf).

Nothing has been decided on sports fields at this time.

This is the latest I have on our development!  Hope you all are enjoying your homes!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Those Considering the Double Oven

I was at a Ryan Home last week that had one of the double wall ovens.  We were cooking dinner together and waiting for the bottom oven to preheat to 400 degrees.  We waited over an hour and still never got there.  I was told this was "the norm" for their bottom oven.  They were told it was going to be slower and there wasn't much that could be done.  How frustrating. 

I don't know if you upgrade the wall oven from the standard if it works any better or not.  But if you are considering getting the double wall oven, I would talk to your rep and PM.  Find out if upgrading will help the performance of the bottom oven.

If you read this blog and have a double wall oven, I'd love to hear from you.  How does your lower oven work?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


For some of us, we built our homes and followed each others blogs at the same time.  We became a little blog family of our own almost.  Some of us went on to friend each other Facebook and keep in touch.  For those that were part of this, I wanted to let you know that dear India passed away this morning,  leaving behind her 2 yr old son, her husband, and many other family and friends.  Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.

RIP India.  You were such a sweet soul. Your sweet nature and good humor will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drywall headache and regrets (and a question to milan owners)

We've been in our new home over a year now.  Our 11 month drywall was scheduled, but then the company packed up and went under without telling anyone.  So Ryan had to find another contractor.  We FINALLY got someone out here to look around...and ....

We do have a few nail pops.  No biggie.  But the mud and tape job is horrible.  So bad, the supervisor of the new contractor company came out because she didn't believe all my husband was telling her.  She came out and couldn't believe how bad it was either.  This was over a week ago.  We are both still waiting on Ryan to approve what needs to be done.  It's been over a week.  Ryan is starting to drag their feet.  We are not happy about this at all.

Speaking of not being happy.......

We do love our floor plan and neighborhood. sounds like an 80 year old house upstairs!!  Whenever anyone is walking around up there (even the kids) you can hear every step and the creaks badly.  We have taken this issue up twice with Ryan.  Once with the PM (who gave us an excuse that wood heats and contracts and these things happen.  As if this was the very first house we have ever lived in, in our entire lives.  My brand new house should not sound like it's 80 years old.  We aren't stupid.).  The other with a supervisor who told us it had something to do with floating joints or walls or something.  She also informed us that this is a common problem with this floor plan.  Really?   Because my neighbors have this floor plan and they don't have this issue.  Several others here in the neighborhood have this floor plan and do have this issue.  If you own a Milan, do you have this issue?

I keep flashing back to last summer when I walked into the house to get some measurements while it was still under construction, and one of the workers said he wouldn't dare live in this house.  The one next door he would, but not ours.  (the house next door is a Milan too).  He said this while trying to fix a wall.  (there is a blog post about this somewhere).  Maybe this is what he was talking about. 

At this point, we are trying to figure out what our options are to getting the floor fixed.  My husband is not opposed to getting an attorney if need be and having ryan rip out our entire 2nd floor.  But that's my husband for you.

We are still waiting to hear about drywall, and we are super unsatisfied with the answers Ryan has given us as to why our home sounds so dang old (btw...the model doesn't make these sounds either).   We had planned on living here for many many decades.  Now we just want to be able to sell it and get our money out of it.  Our next home will not be a Ryan home at this point.  They have cut corners and are not helpful into fixing them.  They are now dragging their feet and giving excuses.