Thursday, February 2, 2012


We have a sidewalk now!!  WOO HOO! 

I'm so glad to have the public walkway in now.  They came and paved next the house in November.  They cleared the area for the walkway, but never poured it.  It is now poured!  =)  I'm so happy.  Having a big muddy area every time it rains attracts both my little white dog and my 2 year old.  NOT FUN!  They need to come either sod or seed now and it'll be finished.  VERY HAPPY about that.

During our building process, I had emailed our rep about how many coach lights (outside garage lights) we got.  She wrote back and confirmed we got two with our elevation (elevation L).  But at pre-settlement when we asked our PM about it, he said that it was up to us to purchase and put in the 2nd light.  We only had one.  Um... okay?  I knew our Rep had told us two, but what could we do?

Well, I think things got screwed up when we went from a front entry garage to side entry garage.  On the side, you don't have the light from the front porch/stoop area.  It's too dark with one light.  It has REALLY bothered us.  So, I while digging into old emails on day, I  found the email from my rep stating that we got 2 lights.  I forwarded it to the rep and asked how we go about getting the 2nd light now.  (I wish I had found this sooner).  I am still waiting on answer.  But it's only been a week.  We still have the same elevation, so I'm thinking we should get the 2nd light.  We'll see.  I did have it in "writing" (email) that we should have it.  So I'm hoping Ryan makes it right.  I'll let you know.

This was one of the things we weren't happy with at closing.  This and a mishap over a light at the end of our island.  I wanted one and was going to pay for it.  We were told we were getting it.  We never did.  And when we asked about it before pre-settlement, we were told it wasn't included in our light package.  *heavy sigh*  I was willing to pay for one and now we have none.  It was too late.  =(

At one point, I did go through another model like mine being built up the street to see if they were getting it.  I wanted to know if we were just lied too.  But the wiring and stuff hadn't been done yet.  Wasted trip.  I know believe the rep must have confused our package with someone else's.  I don't think she out right lied to us.  I do think it was not in our package.  I just wish we would have handled it all better in the beginning.

Other than those things, we have been here 6 months now and love our home.  Love our neighborhood.  And the few people we have met seem very nice.

There is one person here does not think fondly of me.  And to be honest, they have made me a little scared to meet anyone new.  We went through so much drama where we use to live with some neighbors, the last thing I want is more drama.  I'm quite content to stay to myself and those whom I have met to avoid any further disturbances.  But those I have met seem extremely friendly and nice.  =)  I just love it here.   And my kids do too.  They are thriving and happy.  Life is good.

We got everything settled with the HOA.   If you missed the last update, the closing attorney still had our HOA contribution and is mailing us a check back.  =)  

My sister had her 30 day not long ago and I am over-the-moon excited they are here.  My cousin is building in here and I'm excited for her.

We have a daddy/daughter dance this weekend and a super bowl party to go too.  So a busy weekend ahead. But a good one. 

Who are you rooting for in the big game?

Anyway, thanks for checking in!  Hope y'all are doing well!