Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's over: Our 10 month

Well, that was fun!  lol

Our ten month inspection notice came a few weeks ago.  They gave us 2 weeks to write down everything we needed addressed and get it back to them.  They called within a week to review it and set up a date to come out.  That day was today, 9 a.m.

Everyone was extremely punctual.  =)  Several contractors came out, and a Ryan Rep.  The Ryan Rep was not the same as the sales rep.  In this case, her job was to review each item on the punch list, see the problems, and then oversee the contractors and their work.  No one rang the bell until the Rep was ready.  =)  No contractor left this house without their work first being okay-ed by the Rep, and then by us.  Pretty awesome!

Everyone was extremely friendly.  And they were here maybe 2 hours to get all the work done.  It was a very good experience.  =)  I'm glad it's all done now.  Almost time for drywall!  (which by the way is NOT part of the 10 month but a separate issue all together)

Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Month repairs first "oops"

So we scheduled all our 10 month repairs for tomorrow...Tuesday.  That is the day my husband is home to deal with it all.  He made the list of repairs, and I honestly do not know all the things he has on that list.  Besides, I have had some scary experiences in the past with strange men in my home when my husband is not home and I make sure I am NEVER home without him when things like this need done.

I know of someone having another kind of repair done this week.  When they talked with Ryan, Ryan said they had a bunch of 10 month repairs scheduled for today and that they would be out after that.  Alarm bells went up and I expressed my concern to my husband.  We were the 3 people to move in the neighborhood.  And no moved in for a little bit after us.  So.... I was worried they would come by today.  My Hubby said not to worry, he scheduled everything for Tuesday.

Doorbell rang a few minutes ago, the first repair guy just showed up.  =/  Now he was here to fix an outside problem that I was aware of (hole and crumbling in foundation under the fireplace).  So that I can handle.  But I'm not happy at all.  I'm sick today and the last thing I want or need is a bunch of people ringing my bell for services scheduled for tomorrow.  My husband has instructed me to tell anyone showing up that all repairs are scheduled for tomorrow.  Really?  Like I want an argument with strange men.  *insert eye roll here*  He is trying to contact our PM now for an immediate confirmation and/or fix to this scheduling problem.

Not happy Ryan Homes.

On another side note:  anyone using the Ryan website to contact about repairs, you'd be better off CALLING instead.  I know of someone who used the website and did not receive any calls (or emails or contact of any kind) for 10 days.  They had to CALL to get something repaired.  Just something to think about!

UPDATE:  We made some phone calls.  Ryan did schedule all the work properly (SORRY RYAN! and Thank you MEGAN!!)  When the work was scheduled this one contracted complained about coming out on Tuesday.  Ryan told them that was the scheduled day.  So of course, he came out today anyway....and did it WRONG!!  So he'll be coming back out.  lol  But Ryan did research, found the notes and such and did let us know what was going on.  Everyone else is scheduled for tomorrow.  YAY!!

My apologies Ryan Homes!