Thursday, September 22, 2011

Continuing to be impressed by Ryan Homes

The houses around here are really starting to fly up! It's amazing how quickly this neighborhood is coming together! One one lot left on my street from my understanding.

And it's no wonder they are flying up! It rained yesterday, is currently raining now, and is suppose to rain tomorrow too. Well, despite the rain, the framers are still framing two doors down. They worked and got the first floor done yesterday, and they are out in the rain again framing. Poor guys! Make you want to make them soup.

Before the rain came down hard and heavy yesterday (light steady rain), they were also continuing to dig my sister's lot. Couldn't believe it!! They were originally scheduled to be done yesterday and put in the footers. Unfortunately they still have 30 feet of digging to do. =( Maybe if on the nice days they didn't quite before 4 pm they would already be done. But, they seem to be making up for it by working in the rain.... We'll see. Sister is upset this will push back closing. We'll see. Our PM is pretty awesome... I told her not to give up hope on him yet.

Speaking of our awesome PM.....

My sister has some outlets that will be in the floor in the den. Our PM has told them this won't happen until their 30 day post settlement meeting. WHY??? Because he wants to give them time to get settled, and make sure the furniture is EXACTLY where they need it to be before installing the floor outlets. Once those outlets are in, they don't want to rip up flooring to re-position them. Smart if you ask me!

Yup.... RH still continues to impress me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Using what you got!

So my hubby and I have wanted a fire pit for a while now.  However, finances are a bit tight right now.  Our first month here and we had to pay the final bills on the rental, the new bills here, buy school supplies for two children and throw a bridal shower.  So a fire pit right now is not in the budget.  Not right now anyway....

We have had cooler set in though, and we have realized how badly we want one and think we'd really enjoy it.  So, I decided to use what's around to build our own.  My girls and I gather rocks from behind our house and a few from my sister's lot they are digging out for her house.  We got my DH to dig the hole and we got the rocks and stacked them.  It's not pretty by any means.  But, we now got a temporary fire pit for free!! 

The kids also found this wood behind the house.  We
won't burn the plastic.

It's not perfect or grand, but we'll be able to enjoy it. We can roast marsh mellows with the kids, and then enjoy some adult beverages while starring up at the stars. The night sky over the back field and forest is amazing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would love to ask Ryan this question! What's your feed back?

I would love to ask Ryan why there is no bolt lock on the garage door into the house.  =/    I have NEVER seen a house where the wasn't one.  And yet, we don't have one.  I wonder why?   It does kinda bother me. 

I would appreciate feed back from you other Ryan Homes peeps.  Do you have a bolt lock on your garage door into the house?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 day review fixes

So yesterday morning, at 9 a.m., our PM shows up with his head guy in charge, and a ton of people to fix what needed to be addressed.  We really didn't have any major issues, so that was good.  He arrived with electricians, flooring people, paint people, landscaping people.  We had quite a crew.  By 10:30 a.m. everyone was gone but the head guy who stayed to finished some of the drywall and paint we needed done.

We were VERY impressed with everyone.  They were very polite, and worked efficiently.  I have to clean now again today though.  lol  When drywall is involved, you have sanding and mudding, and painting.  Guess where the sanded wall pieces go?  DOWN!  lol  So be prepared for that if you have drywall issues that need addressed at your 30 day (our issues weren't nail pops, that's at the 10 month.  I think we did have maybe 3 nail pops that they did go ahead and fix already....  how nice of them!!  But our issues weren't really nail pops.  More like bad seems, a crack, indentions and such).  Nothing major.

One guys still has to come back and finish up some of the painting.  You have to wait for the mud to dry before you can paint.  lol  But that's okay with us.  Like I said, Ryan is on top of everything and the people are just wonderful.

I suggest laying a covering over any area you have work to be done at.  We had our light fixtures in our bath room that needed a little something and we should have covered our sinks.  We weren't thinking that it would cause a mess.  We ended up having to run our tooth brushes through the dishwasher.  lol

Our PM said they would all show up first thing and knock everything on the punch list out at once.  He was right.  No making appointments for several days for different tradesmen.  I am impressed.  I wish I would have thought to get donuts for everyone.....  that would have been nice.  =/

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As if I needed another reason....

As if I needed yet another reason to rejoice about our new home and location......

A friend from the old neighborhood and I chatted some via FB this morning.  The bus stop my kids went too there (just outside my house) is apparently one of the only bus stops now in the neighborhood.  It went from a handful of children to over 20.  And, on top of that, there are fist fights between the kids there.  *sigh*   SOOO GLAD WE MOVED!!!!  Just in time!   Thank you Ryan Homes!!!  Thank you Rep for helping us and getting us in when we needed to be!

And, I also hear the the new bus driver they have screams at the kids constantly and apparently cannot make the turns in the neighborhood without driving up on curbs.  Really?

again....SO GLAD WE MOVED!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Someone at the shower yesterday asked me if I was worried about living in here.  It's a wonderful neighborhood, but we are pretty far pushed back off the beaten path, so to speak.  you can't see the neighborhood from the main road at all.  And with it just starting to get established, I guess maybe they were perhaps worried about crime being easy back here maybe?  And since I know a few people who are building and others who are considering building in here read this, I thought I would tell you my answer.

I told her NO.  We have police come and patrol regularly.  I have seen them a few times.  I hadn't seen them in a little bit though, but then again, I'm not out front looking for them either.

Well tonight, while putting my kids to bed, there was a flashing outside the window.  I opened the blind and wouldn't you know it...the police had someone pulled over.  I don't know if it was for speeding, or just to check up on them, or what.  But they are in here patrolling.  Keep us all who live off the beaten path safe.  =)

That being said, I have felt safer here than in any other place I have lived in my adult life.  There is real sense of community here.  Everyone is very friendly, but not nosey.  It's wonderful!

eating crow =(

Time for me to eat some crow.  YUCK!  lol

In a previous post I had stated that our Rep never showed us the upgrades sheet for our home.  After talking to someone, I did remember something, and I wanted to fix what I said.

We were never given the upgrades sheet to see until we signed contract.  Then she did give it to us to sign.  We opted NOT to look it over at that point because at that point everything was picked out and we had settled on a price and did not want to add anything else.  So technically we were given the upgrades sheet, but not before negotiating price.  It was during the final signing of stuff.  But she DID give it to us.  We could have looked at it then, but chose not too.  OUR CHOICE.

It's been bothering me that I said she didn't do it at all, on the web. I wanted to correct my error.  I am not fond of eating crow, but when I'm wrong I do try and make it right.

She was a good rep.  She is very friendly and out going.   And she did work hard to help us out with some things.  To anyone building in here, she is wonderful.  Our only real complaint was that it took her longer than expected to get back to us on some things.  She currently has 18 houses under construction and is probably working on more contracts.  She stays busy.  But she is a good Rep.

So to my Rep.:  I am sorry.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Morning Room Information

Hello again!  I hope everyone is doing well.  We have the big bridal shower here tomorrow, and while cleaning the morning room (again), I realized there were probably some things I should let you guys in on.

1.  The very first light switching going into the morning room will work a half-hot.  Half-hots are plugs you plug something (ex. a light) into.  Ryan installs them upside down so you know which plugs are half-hots.  Every room has them.  Anyway, no matter if you have an overhead light or fan, or not, the first switch will always work the half-hot.  We mentioned to this to our PM at our 30 day, and he said that the plans have it that way.  So be prepared if you get a light or fan.

2.  Morning Rooms do NOT come with ANY kind of overhead lighting at all.  You have to pay extra.  We paid $150 for a light.

3.  Given the choice now, I would have opted of a fan.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our light!  But with the door and all the windows in there, that little room heats up fast!!  There is a noticeable difference in temperature when the window blinds are open, and we walk into the M.R.  Just something for ya'll building to think about.

In other news, our street is booming!  Only one lot left.  The house across the street was a slab one morning.  And by the next evening it was a 2 story framed house, wrapped and roofed.  Crazy huh?  They work here from about 7:30 in the morning to about 8/8:15 at night.  Two more lots have cleared, another one is about to be, leaving just one lot left.  I hope all our new neighbors are as wonderful as our current ones.    I really do love it here and everyone I have met.

So anyway, back on track, I hope this gives ya'll something to think about!  GL!  Happy Building!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

=D Good news!

I'm so happy!!  And I have learned a few things.  =)

I'm having my first big get-together this weekend, my baby sister's bridal shower.  Twenty-seven people will be here.  I'm excited.  Finally a house big enough to do this kind of thing.  A house I'm proud of!  I'm just about done decorating!

Also, I have news about my other sister's house.

Her pre-con is next week.  Our Rep explained that it WILL NOT push her projected close date back.  In fact, did you know you technically could have a pre-construction meeting AFTER you  break ground?  I'm not sure how good an idea that would be...  lol   But the point was that it won't hurt the projected close date.

You see, apparently your projected close date is based on when the materials are ordered for you house.  NOT on when the meeting is.  =)  Just a little FYI for you.  So if your materials are ordered BEFORE your meeting, the date shouldn't be pushed back.  =)  I am assuming they went ahead and ordered the materials so that they could move up the closing date as much as they could to help out.  AWESOME!!   The Rep and PM are on top of it!!!  (things already turning around!)

They've staked her lot.  I can't wait for them to begin digging it out! 

Emotions are high and good right now.

Thank you Ryan for my beautiful home!  And thank you for doing all you can to help out my sister!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Battling It Out....

So...  By now ya'll know my sister has contracted to build in here too.  (YAY!!!)

I swear though....  She is NOT having the same good experience I have had.

Before signing contract she got the Rep to verbally agree to have the house done no later than the 1st week of December.  End of November being ideal.  She was told "No Problem".  So they signed.

Then they were given a date in Mid January to close.  Um.... No.  Then they moved the date up to Dec. 16th.  Again, Um...NO!  Company coming from Germany for several weeks arrives on the 17th.  Not happening.

So they finally move it up to Dec. 8th as a tentative close date.  Okay, better.   Still cutting it super close, but better.  Why promise an end of Novemeber/First of December date if you couldn't deliver?  They would have NEVER signed otherwise.

Okay, well since the date is closer, things seemed smoothed over.  They were told last week they were going to have their pre-construction meeting this week coming up.  Now they are being told they have to wait one more week.  Um..wouldn't that push the house closing back to the week of the 16th?  So again, HELL NO!

I swear, sometimes it seems like they are getting the run around.  Like our Rep has NO interest in even trying to deliver on the promise she made to them as to when the house would be ready.  My sister is torn on moving anyway.  She has lived in the house she is in since we moved here when we just young girls.  She's raised her family there.  Something new would be nice, but it's an extremely emotional journey.  I can tell ya'll right now, Ryan is NOT helping her in thinking they have made the right decision, or making this any easier for her.

There have been times where I have truly thought they should just walk away.  She is also having the same problem I did with having the Reps get back to us in a timely fashion.  I wonder if everyone else in here had the problem?  I know for a fact one of my neighbors also did.   If Ryan strives for 10's, I can tell you our Rep did not get a 10 from us, and I'm pretty sure from our neighbor either.  On top of that, it would take some major changes for my sister to give the Rep a 10 now too.  I wonder how many non 10's it takes before you lose your job?  Not that I wish on the Rep at all.  Personally, the Rep is wonderful!  Great personality!  Love the Rep to death, personally.  But professionally, not the best.

I feel like the Rep helped us out a lot.  And when she was slack on communication, she did try and make up for it.  But I hate how my sister is being done.   This whole process has been nothing but telling them one thing, and then them getting another.  I have actually told her to pull out of contract several times already.  I hate seeing them so torn up over this.  I hate seeing the emotional struggle this for them.  It would be easier if things with Ryan were going smoothly, but they aren't.

What do you do?

I love my sister.  I just want them to be happy.  I think they could be very happy in the new house.  But I know they'd continue being happy where they are.  Why put yourself through the stress and headache and emotional struggles?  To me, it just doesn't seem worth it.  I feel like they have been sold a bunch of bologna.  I REALLY hope Ryan can turn this around for them.  It's so hard to see this when we had a good experience.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Our 30 Day review

We had our 30 day review today.    And I got to tell you, I really do like our PM.  He was VERY helpful, patient and informative.  He never ceases to amaze me.  lol

All our issues (small ones really) are to be fixed soon!  Our PM is going line up everyone to pretty much come on the same day and "knock it out".  So all that advice other bloggers have given me about being prepared, they come to work, apparently that is going to be the case.  All the fixes seem simple enough.

The meeting went extremely well.  We're very pleased.  My DH can be a bit.... long winded.... sometimes.  I'm glad our PM is patient.  =)  I get nervous when it comes to telling people something may be wrong.  Nope.  Today went great!  Soooo glad we went with Ryan!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tomorrow is our 30 day...wish us luck.

We don't have a lot wrong but we do some things fixed.

Things like our warped front door (it wasn't locking right at first.  Now it locks, but the top is bowed)., bowing of the floor in the hall, one whole kitchen wall without electricity, switch plates in the den that are "caved in" looking.  They need replaced and more than likely, the box needs pulled forward.  There are some of drywall issues we will bring up, but I'm not sure what is done now and what is done at 10 months.  And now our dishwasher makes a funny noise too.  *sigh*  All and all, not major fixes.

I'll let ya'll know how it goes.  I know no home is perfect.  And I'm so thankful Ryan comes back after 30 days to fix this stuff (well, set up the tradesman to fix this stuff).  I'll keep ya'll posted!