Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Neighborhood News

This post is simply for those who live in my development.

This is the latest information I have on what is to be done over the course of the next year or so, as I have been told and understand it.

1.  Development on Phase 3 has started.  That is right behind me.  This is the next section to open in here.  Lots are already pre-selling.  Behind me are going to be 50 and 60 foot lots.  Drake Mill is to be extended as well and circle back here.  The Drake Mill part (from understanding) will have 70 foot lots with restrictions on which house models can be built upon them.

2.  Last I heard, this neighborhood is to have somewhere around 1200 homes in it by completion.  And that is not for years to come yet.  But something to think about for sure.  (this info came from an outside source)

3.  Our club is scheduled to be open toward the end of this year, "by Christmas".  There are no plans for a weight room at this time.  But there will be a kitchen and place to have parties.

4.  The pools (you heard that right..plural) are scheduled to open Next May (2014).  We are set to have a zero entry kiddie pool, a pool with a slide, and a jr. olympic size pool (3 pools).  One of the pools is suppose to have underwater seating around the edge, but I am unclear on which one.  Pictures of these should be made available at the model home for us to see in March.

5.  We are getting a playground!  Not sure of the equipment yet.  But I was told we would be getting one.  So for those of us the truck it up to the school to play, we won't need to anymore (unless you play disc golf).

Nothing has been decided on sports fields at this time.

This is the latest I have on our development!  Hope you all are enjoying your homes!