Important Information

1. Garage only comes with 1 outlet. Any extra outlets you want to get for your home, you can at $50 an outlet. Ask your Rep. about the codes. Codes here put outlets every 6 feet or so. So we'll have plenty inside.

Concerning your Garage:
a) it does not come finished. You can opt to have them do it, but it's cheaper to do it yourself
b) you can opt for a garage opener through Ryan, but again, it is cheaper to do it yourself.
c) Any garage wall that connects/is part of an inside wall will be finished anyway(has drywall hung at least). So this leaves just one full wall to drywall on our own and then paint. As well as small spaces next to the actual garage door. Why pay them so much money to do that little bit?

2. If you plan on getting a patio, do it now! Prices here in my area are only $6 a sq. ft. to have Ryan do it. You cannot do it cheaper yourself!! (I know b/c my mom is looking into having some things done at her place). You decide how big or small you want the patio. Otherwise, you don't get a patio. I prefer the patio to the deck. Decks require staining or painting (and it has to be redone and redone and redone....too much maintenance for me), you have to replace wood if it rots, and God forbid....termites! And have you ever had to check under one for snakes and bees nests?

3. If you plan on accessing internet through the tv (ex. Netflix) you will need data ports from Guardian. See my Guardian post for all info and pricing.

4. Carpet Padding: If you are getting a home on a slab, I HIGHLY suggest upgrading the carpet padding!!! At least on your bottom level. Our home we rent now did not. And in the winter it's 8 degrees cooler at the floor than it is up by thermostat on the wall in the SAME room!! On top of the energy savings, it will also help with the longevity of your carpet.

5. Carpets: The upgrade in carpet may or not be worth it to you. Ask questions about durability and warranty. They start out with these levels:
~Base level
~Level I
~Level II
~Level III and so on and so forth. The levels can really get up there! If you find something you like at a higher level than you want to pay, ask what a comparable one is at a lower level.

6. Flooring: Hardwood or wood laminate? We were considering hardwood for our entry way. If we were doing the WHOLE down stairs, we would have kept to that more than likely. But it's was just the entry way/front hall, our flooring rep suggested wood laminate. She said it's less expensive, has a better warranty, a moisture guard, and is virtually scratch and dent proof! (great for families with children and pets) The only thing it wouldn't cover is scratches made by dragging heavy appliances across it.

So you may want to consider this option if you are thinking of upgrading a smaller area such as your mudroom or front entry way/hallway. Ask questions!!


  1. * Wanted to add: You may want to upgrade the carpet padding upstairs too. You can hear every time someone up there walks around.

  2. Hi Noey814 -

    My husband and I are looking to purchase a Milan! We love it and hope it works for us. My questions are:
    1. Is there a steam issue in your master bath and your closet? Shower seems pretty close.
    2. How is the 'noise' issue. I read in your blog that the second floor is noisy at times.


    1. no steam issue!! the 2nd floor "floats" so you can hear anyone walking in the master bedroom over the den, but it's okay.