Final Options/Specs

We are building the Milan model

Elevation L Cottage (the house in the picture on right is my house)

Side entry Garage

colors: Trim and garage white
Shutters and door: black
stone: Kentucky
siding: both Sandstone and Cobblestone

Kitchen upgrades include:

Morning Room
Light in Morning Room
42" Cabinets
Antique white cabinets (maple butterscotch)
Gourmet Island
Granite counter tops (St. Cecilia)
Stainless steel appliances
Upgraded vinyl flooring (Kitchen/Morning Room/Mud Room/Powder Room)

Downstairs upgrades include:

Study (closed off room with french doors to serve as the kids playroom)
2 recessed lights above fireplace
8 lb padding in den and study
Upgraded LEVEL II Carpet (through out whole house)
Wood laminate hall(we also extended the hallway to the stairs/den instead of just to the dining room)
Banister vs. wall (both upstairs and down)

Upstairs upgrades:

4th bedroom (no loft. we have 3 children thus the other bedroom is a must)
double vanity in both hall and master baths
upgraded cherry cabinets in both hall and master bath (to match hall floor and bansiter)
Upgraded deluxe master bath (bigger shower with seat)
Upgraded floor in master bath
Corner caddie in master bath
added outlet to bedroom walk-in closet

Other upgrades:

10 X 22 Patio (starts at morning room and goes length of house & is width of morning room)
2 flood lights out back
Gas water heater
5 fan rough-ins (4 bedrooms and den)
1 light pre-wire (study)
added 3 outlets in the Garage (only comes with 1 guys!)
Satin Nickel fixtures

Surround sound with Guardian
2 data ports with Guardian


  1. And this is what we will call home sweet home! ♥

  2. Hi,
    Nice blog, thank you for sharing.
    Do you happen to have an options pricing list you could post (or send to my email,
    I didn't want to call them directly, or I'll be hounded to death :) and I'm not ready to look until Nov and plan to move in June (from Florida).

    1. Hey! If you check out the link below, I had posted some pictures in later entries of my blog.

  3. Hey DynaSteve!

    Unfortunately, I do not have an options sheet. The sheets an vary from model to model, because the costs may differ from model to model.

    A morning room on my model is less $$ than a morning room on a larger model, example: Avalon. Also, prices differ on region on some things, like basements. Up north, basements are cheap. Down here in the south, an unfinished basement will cost you about $25k.

    So unfortunately, you would have to narrow down the models you like and then ask for price lists.

    Things to consider are:

    The elevation of the outside of the models you are looking at

    Wood flooring/laminate/tile
    Upgraded carpet padding
    Granite counters in kitchen and/or bathrooms
    Gourmet kitchen/island
    Upgraded kitchen cabinets/color
    Upgraded size of kitchen cabinets
    Upgraded kitchen sink or appliances
    Morning Room
    Fire place
    Extra outlets ($50 an outlet)
    Extra lights (eyeball lights above fireplace?)
    patio vs. deck
    flood lights
    recessed lighting
    lighting fixture colors
    lighting fixture upgrades
    Bathroom faucet upgrades
    Upgraded bathroom cabinets
    Upgraded bathrooms
    double vanity in bathrooms
    extra windows
    bonus room
    tray ceilings
    chair rails
    upgraded landscaping
    paint packaging
    banisters vs. 1/2 wall
    garage door motor
    finishes garage
    What kind of water heater (electric, gas, or tankless)

    These are just some of the options out there. There are more and pricing does vary.


  4. Can you post a picture of your kitchen? We are going with the butterscotch cabinets also and was curious what your final result was.

    1. This link will take you to a blog entry before closing of our kitchen. =)

      I think it would also look good with anything redder or black as a counter as well.

  5. Also here is a link to another blog that has photos of the antique white with a different counter.

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  8. Hi,
    Nice blog, thank you for sharing.
    We are planning to build Milan model with Ryan homes in Dublin, Ohio. Any insight on this model would be greatly appreciated. Any issue with Milan Model?
    Also, I have read some blogs about the upstairs M.B. floors creaking when one walks on the second floor M.B. Is this true ?

    We truly like your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

  9. Hi VS! WE love our home. But yes, what you have heard is true.

    The master bedroom and bathroom are over the den and kitchen. That is a pretty open space downstairs without any cross walls to help support the upstairs floor (it floats, so to speak). Because of this, whenever anyone walks around upstairs in the master bedroom, you can hear the creaks and such downstairs.

    The bedroom over the garage tends to be colder in the winter as well. This is not just a complaint of mine, but of several neighbors who own the Milan model.

    That's about all I can think of as far as "issues" go. Feel free to explore the blog and the process. And congrats on your home!

  10. Great blog.. We are just starting the process. Quick question, does your Milan come with a 1 zone heat/ac ? Thought I would never go back to a 1 zone system since you are dependent on wherever the thermostat is for the whole house. How is it working out for you?

    1. 1 unit, 2 zones. Upstairs and downstairs. We love it!