Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New colors and upgrades!! =) FINAL LIST! new pics

Ok. We went today and changed our colors to lighter colors. =) We also figured out the rest of upgrades with the new allowance we were given. Here is our final list:

Here is a list of every option we added:

Elevation L: cottage look

Similar to this and the pic on the left of blog. Not any any of these color schemes though

Cherry Bordeaux cabinets
42" Cabinets
* Morning Room (which would up the square footage from 2528 to 2688 sq ft)
*Gourmet Island
Granite (santa cecelia)
Kitchen floor upgrade (which also covers mud room & powder room & morning room!!)
Light in morning room

10x22 (it starts at the morning room and goes all the way to the end of the house going out as far as the morning room. We had to change it since we ARE getting the morning room!) =) Thinking that later we may build a trellis =) The whole back of the house has something behind it now. Either the patio or the morning room. =)

Upgraded to 8" padding
Upgraded to Level II carpet (throughout home)
2 recessed lights above fire place

Other Downstairs Options:
Wood Laminate in the hall
Extended wood to cover whole hall until the den (not stopping at dining room)
Living room converted to study
8" padding in study (play room for kids)
Banister vs. wall

*(we did not upgrade the padding in the dining room. We do have the upgraded carpet and may put an area rug in there anyway. It's a room that is rarely used. That was our thinking. But, we may upgrade now with this extra money)

Hall Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
2nd sink (I have 3 girls. The 2nd sink is must!)

Master Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
Deluxe master bath upgrade
Upgraded flooring
Corner caddie in shower

4th bedroom, no loft

Other Upgrades:
Nickle fixtures and hardware.
Gas Water Heater
2 flood lights out back
5 Ceiling fan rough ins (all four bedrooms and the den. We're in the south. Fans are must!)
1 light pre-wire rough in (study)

Side entry garage vs front entry. So instead of the garage facing front; we will have 2 windows surrounded by stone and vertical siding, with the garage entrance on the side.

Our home does not have an attic. =/ So that was out.

It also comes with 9 ft ceilings on the first floor and 8ft on the second, standard. Also, our L elevation comes with the pretty garage and front door, as well as the 2nd light outside the garage.

We wanted the driveway on the right. However, they told us today it would have to be on the left unless we did a side entry ($2500). We like the side entry and since we are on a corner lot, it looks nice. Makes the house look bigger from the front of the house. We included it in our incentive.

The morning room, upgraded island with granite, upgraded flooring in there to match, and the light were all included in our incentives too.

We added those upgraded bathroom cabinets upstairs to the incentive too. And that's where it all went.

The morning room on the Milan is different from most models. Our morning room is at the end of the kitchen, at the end of the house. It is no way a part of any other part of the house. In the Venice, for instance, it is kinda between the den and kitchen. This is not the case in our model. Plus, part of it is hidden behind the wall with the stove. That is why the kitchen in the model seems so dark with the recessed lighting. I kept my florescent light. It does come with recessed lighting above the sitting area of the gourmet island and a light above the sink/bar area (sink over looks a bar and faces the den. Bar side is on the Den side). There is no basement for us. People here in NC rarely have them and they are SUPER expensive.

Floor Plans: (click images to enlarge)

Total square footage is about 2688 with the morning room.
We went with the lighter color stone and siding. Still went with white trim and black shutters and door. Sandstone siding, Cobblestone siding, and Kentucky Stone are the colors.

OPTIONS!! =) for Stephanie lol

Well, we go to our 2nd colors meeting this morning. We're having a mini monsoon. lol It's POURING!! Thundering. Lightning. And Sara Bean (my 21 month old...her nick name is keeps saying "uh oh" every time it thunders. It's so cute.

So anyway, we are going to this meeting and need to figure out how to spend the free upgrade money. Stephanie was sweet to suggest some things on one of my entries. (several of you suggested the morning room. I think we're a go here! lol) Here is a list of what we have so far.

the * is for things we are considering added today


Here is a list of every option we added:

Elevation L: cottage look

Cherry Bordeaux cabinets
42" Cabinets
* Morning Room (which would up the square footage from 2524 to 2688 sq ft)
*Gourmet Island
Granite (santa cecelia)
Kitchen floor upgrade (which also covers mud room & powder room Oh...if we get the morning room, that will the up price....oh well. lol)
Two recessed lights over sink/bar (I enjoy having a florescent light in the kitchen to SEE what I'm cooking. I don't have one where we are renting and NEVER AGAIN will I go without. But some extra lighting here would be nice.)

14x20 (14 ft out and 20 ft long...bigger than a morning room. Great for cookouts...patio furniture, fire pit, grill, ect.)

Upgraded to 8" padding
Upgraded to Level II carpet (throughout home)
2 recessed lights above fire place

Other Downstairs Options:
Wood Laminate in the hall
Extended wood to cover whole hall until the den
Living room converted to study
8" padding in study (play room for kids)
Banister vs. wall

*(we did not upgrade the padding in the dining room. We do have the upgraded carpet and may put an area rug in there anyway. It's a room that is rarely used. That was our thinking. But, we may upgrade now with this extra money)

Hall Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
2nd sink (I have 3 girls. The 2nd sink is must!)

Master Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
Deluxe master bath upgrade
Upgraded flooring
Corner caddie in shower

4th bedroom, no loft

Other Upgrades:
Gas Water Heater
2 flood lights out back
5 Ceiling fan rough ins (all four bedrooms and the den)
1 light pre-wire rough in (study)
*Pull down completed attic
*Completed garage you can see, we already had a TON of options. The morning room and Island I think will take up most of the money. But we still have some left. Hoping for the finished garage (still don't know price, but will at the meeting) and the attic.

No sure what to do about lighting in the kitchen either. Gonna have to talk to her about that one.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


OK, I am going to be honest here. I LOVE seeing the pictures of everyone's homes. Am I the only one? It's so fascinating to see the progress on everyone homes and see what the inside of their homes look like. I love it!!! I do! It's all so exciting. I'm so blessed to be aloud to be a part of something so important to others. Thank you everyon!

Keep the pictures coming people!!

GOD IS GOOD!!!!! Free room (edited with a new question)

Got up this morning and was told Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". So today I have meditated on this and just stayed as chilled out as possible.

I was actually reciting this scripture to myself not long before I got a call from Rep. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but she's been busy and a situation came up she had to deal with before getting back to us. Um...ok.

She said the developer has decided to offer a discount on 8 lots. Our Rep (C.) went to bat for us. Saying she already contracted us before the developer made up his mind and it wasn't fair to us. She contacted her manager who worked it out with the developer.

She just called and said at our 11 a.m. meeting tomorrow (to go over some other colors for the exterior...not 100% on our first pic), that my husband and I need to figure out how we want to spend the $11,000 in FREE upgrades!!! WHAT!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!????

Can anyone say Morning Room and Gourmet Island???

Question blogging friends: How much is a finished garage? Because even with the morning room and extended island (given a credit for what we are already paying for the one island) we still have $3500-$4000 approximately to spend. I'm thinking finish the garage.

You all have recesses lights in the kitchen, right? I don't. I have the big florescent one, with two recesses ones over the bar/sink area (over looks den). Should I add some kind of lighting to the other side of the kitchen (where the table would have been, but now there's an a bigger island there?)

Blue prints are here:

The South

I am one of the few (there maybe another one) of bloggers about Ryan Homes, in The South. I am in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (not gonna give out my exact city). I love the south!!

We use words such Hon (honey), darlin, sweetie, ect.; and they can pertain to anyone you hold dear. Family, old friends and new ones. You can even use them with a stranger if you are really feeling it and need to make your point.
Example: Oh honey!! Are you okay? That's just awful! or Oh sweetie! I would have never....

So if you see me using these words in your blogs, I hope you aren't offended. It's all part of our southern way of life! =)

I love the climate here too!! (well, more than where most of you I say that now, but in July when we hit a heat wave of temps over 100 (or at least the heat index over it) I may not be saying that. lol) We have seasons here!! Our winters are mild compared to a lot of you up north. Anywhere from 30-50's during the day. Nights are teens and twenties. We get snow maybe twice a winter. And it's never much. A "good" snow is about 4 inches. And they have been known to cancel school for an inch before. LOL I bet some you get a good chuckle out of that.

Spring starts in March. Temps from 60-70's mostly. By the end of Aril, beginning of May we start moving into upper 70's and low 80's as the norm. Summers start mid May here. Full blown 80 degree weather with some 90's. This lasts until the end of September. Sometime toward the end of September we start cooling off again. We never if Halloween night in October will be 70 and muggy or in the 40's and crisp.

I read other blogs about when driveways can be poured due to weather. I don't think we have the issue here. It's never THAT cold and wet. If anything, we deal with drought more than anything (which is why I found all the drains in the garages there strange. lol)

I love how you can be at the grocery store and reach something on the top shelf....waaay back, and the stranger on the isle will just come over and help you. (This has happened to me a few times). You see someone, you smile. Whether you know them or not.

I love The South. I love living here in this area. We are 3 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from the beach. We have lots of country land, but also great towns and cities. All within 10-20 minute drive from here. The best of both worlds. I can take my kids horseback riding, come home (shower and change) and hit a movie, or putt putt course, or a museum all with in one afternoon if I wanted too.

I see some of your areas just got snow. WOW!! I cannot imagine what it would be like to live somewhere, where it's so cold all the time. More power to ya'll!

Ha ha ha.... Ya'll. Another fun southern word.

Anyway...I just wanted to make a fun post while I sit and wait on word about the loan. When we are approved I will make a post about every option we have (there are more than I thought!). I keep a 3 ring binder will our information. Plans, colors, flooring, guardian, financial info, addendums, email correspondence with the Rep, things to purchase before we close (blinds, attic fan, ect) and so on. SO looking at my list of options we have....there are a lot. lol

I HOPE to be making that post soon!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

venting EDITED

Ok...getting a little upset with our Rep. I have sent her two emails about upgrades and changes and in the past 5 days and I have heard nothing back. NOTHING. She said she would check on something for us, and I even asked about it in my last email. Still, no answer.

Now, in her defense, I know she has had 2 of the last 5 days off. But seriously. Get back to us. I don't like sitting here twiddling my thumbs and wondering IF she got the emails or IF this stuff will be addressed.

I think the next we see her, I will sit there and wait for her to find every answer I need before we leave, no matter how long it takes. Because the whole "I'll look into it and get back to you" thing with her apparently isn't worth it.

Hubby reminded me that Mondays are full of corporate meetings for them. I had forgotten she had mentioned that before. Add to that all the following up on the weekend traffic. . . I hope to hear from her tomorrow. =) After all, we ARE still waiting on the loan approval. Why go through all the trouble if it's for nothing. I must say, up until now, she has been completely wonderful and supportive. So I'm hoping it's the meetings and weekend catch-up that has delayed her.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So indicisive

Tomorrow I have the wonderful joy of sending several emails.

One to RiteRug and change our bathroom tiles to white. I just don't think the almond is going to look good with cherry cabinets. You know? If they were maple...sure. But they aren't.

I get to email our Rep and tell her we need to add:

The cherry cabinets to the bathrooms and two recessed lights above the bar/sink area. I also get the distinct pleasure of asking her to meet with us again on Wed to look at colors again. The colors we picked are nice, but just a tad dark for us. We want to re-visit the colors and make sure we have no regrets. She's gonna kill us.

We went to the Milan Model today with a print out of the floor plans from Ryan's website and marked where all the outlets were. Now, we are aware they may have extra ones in the model. They had a TON!! We would only add two extra outlets. One in one of our two master closets, and another one on the island. We'll have to wait and see what the plans actually show and what guardian says.

If we only need to add two outlets (that would be awesome!!), I'm sure that would save us some money (not sure how much extra outlets are). We need a computer outlet in the study playroom and an extra phone jack in there (again not sure of prices for these). Those are what we are prepared for. Hubby is considering a pre-wire for surround sound. And he says they will have to convince him as to why it's worth several hundred dollars to have them pre-wire for digital when the cable company can come out and do it for less. I have no idea what the point of it is or why we should have it. I'm so NOT tech savvy. We are NOT getting the alarm system as we do not need another monthly payment obligation or the air cleaner thingy. We are definite on this.

We are suppose to meet with guardian on the 9th. Other than this Wed., it's the only other time my hubby has free in the next few weeks. We're gonna call tomorrow and see if they have anything free on Wed. so we can move it up. We'll be at the model anyway meeting with the Rep about colors...again. *sigh*

Still no word on the loan. So for now, we are just doing what we are told, praying, and moving forward one step at a time.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Questions for the Ryan Bloggers

Hey guys! Can you help a girl out? I have a few questions.

1. Initial meeting with Guardian, what should we expect? Do they go over where the standard placement of the outlets and such are, or should I go to the model and see?

2. Does lighting come standard or are there choices? When does this take place?

3. How are you guys getting into the homes to take pictures during the building the process? I know one blogger has been locked out. =( Around here, once the dorr handles are on, it's pretty much the same way.

4. How many of you have pretty regular contact with your PMs? How did that occur? Was it their idea? Yours? Just happen?

I'm sure there are more questions...but this all I can think of at the moment. Thanks!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flooring Meeting *pics added

We went to the flooring meeting today. WOW. Lots of changes!!

We decided to upgrade the cabinets in both the master bath and the upstairs hall bath to the Wyoming Cherry Spice. We upgraded the flooring in the master bath and the kitchen/mudroom/powder room downstairs.

We also stayed with the laminate wood in the hall downstairs/entry area, vs. real hard wood. I have 3 kids (almost 2, 6, and 9...YOUNG)and a dog. Not to mention my 2 nieces who visit. The laminate may not be AS pretty, but it has a better warranty, is scratch and dent resistant, and has a moisture lock....great for slabs! Not to mention, cheaper. lol =) And we also extended it all the way down the hall passed the stairs to the den. The warranty on it is outstanding as well. Pretty much only thing it doesn't cover is scratches from dragging heavy appliances across it. =D

We upgraded the padding in the Den and Study (which is really the playroom for the kids) to 8" padding. These rooms being used the most, and on slab, it just made sense. The dining room is rarely used so we didn't worry to much about it.

We also upgraded to Level II carpet throughout the house(she assured us doing this would help with stairs and upstairs, so we didn't upgrade padding there).

Now, as far as carpet and padding go, if you haven't already picked these out here is some information for you:
~ The house comes with standard 5" padding. The first upgrade is 6", the second is 8".
~ The house comes with basic carpet choices, then Level I, then Level II, and so on.
The Level II carpet we got comes treated for stains, including pet urine, and has a 10 year warranty!! Holds up better too, with a thicker bottom to it as well(thus not worried about the extra padding upstairs. Plus, that part is NOT on the slab).

And the best part, was that baby bean (my 21 month old toddler) was an ANGEL!! She did great! Better than I had ever expected. And we got the whole thing done in under an hour and half! =)

I will try to get some pictures downloaded if I can tonight.


DOWNSTAIRS FLOORING:carpet, hall wood laminate, and kitchen/mud/powderroom

ALL CHOICES: Same carpet against hall bath/laundry laminate, then our bath, then kitchen and arrow points to hall downstairs

Edited to say: After posting the pics, I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with how they turned out. Everything looked so much better at the distribution warehouse. =(

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Found a house with the colors

These are the colors we picked. I can't believe I found the house we're building (crossing fingers and saying prayers) with the colors! This is what it would look like, only reversed. Sorry it's a grainy shot. It was taken with my ancient cell phone. I think I still like the bright cheeriness of the yellow one up in the corner of my blog, but this isn't bad. Right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ok, despite the looming whatever, we had our colors meeting and picked the outside colors, the granite, the cabinets. I'm nervous about the colors for the outside. I wish I had a picture to look at. I'm just not sure. My husband was in a hurry and seemed just wanted to rush through it. I just don't know....

We did upgrade our patio to a 14X20. =) Just wondering, do any of you bloggers know what concrete is going for up there with your homes? We are also checking into a pull-down attic that's completed (floored). The price for that is $725, but our model may not be able to have one. We'll see. Our Rep is looking into it.

Also found out we can't add another light on the other side of the garage door. Only a flood light. No matter. We aren't having them finish the garage so we can do it ourselves if we want too.

Our sink with the granite is awesome!! 60/40 sink and the faucet is also the sprayer! Not an upgrade here. It's the standard. =)

According to our Rep, everything we decide with Guardian will be added into the loan. But I had read another blog where you paid them separate. It will be interesting to see. I'd rather just pay them than add to the loan.

If we get this loan (please God, Please Jesus!) I will post pics of all our choices and list all the upgrades again. The broker NVR found has been hounding us for our paperwork. She is anxious to work on this. So HOPEFULLY will have an answer soon, a good answer. A GREAT answer. *fingers crossed and saying prayers*

Pennsylvania Stone
Khaki siding
Cobblestone Vertical Siding
White Trim and garage
Black shutters and door

Cherry Bordeaux with Santa Cecelia granite
Hopefully we'll be able to call all this ours. Hopefully.... =D

Whatda' know

Whatda' know
Last night before bed I had the strong urge to read James (book in the bible...only 5 chapters). I can't explain why, but the feeling was with me for hours and hit hard right before bed. So, I did. This is what awaited me:

NIV Version James 1:2-8
2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

Message Version James 1:2-8
2-4Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don't try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.

5-8If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get his help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who "worry their prayers" are like wind-whipped waves. Don't think you're going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open.

Huh. Interesting. =)

(I haven't put most of my faith posts on this blog, but I figured the nature of just about every post this month thus far has warranted me posting this here. =) )


I'm nervous. We have an appointment in a few hours to pick out our colors. We have an appointment on Friday morning for flooring. And hubby is going to make the Guardian appointment later for day for either Friday afternoon or next week.

This is normally the time people get excited. I am hesitant. Very hesitant. We have NO word on the loan. I'm so afraid to go through will all of this and then have it fall through. But the Reps from both Guardian and the flooring company are pushing us. The flooring company said they HAD to see us this week. Friday at the latest. Really?

Here is the really fun part: We get to take our 21 month old with us to each appointment. FUN!!! She is wild! She doesn't sit or stand still for more than a few seconds unless she's eating or sleeping. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Anyone who knows us will tell you, she is EXTREMELY active. So, this should be interesting. lol

From what our attorney said, we have NO foreclosure or even (from my understanding) a deed-in-lieu (because our home was not in danger of foreclosure when we b/k it. We had made all our payments up until then. It is a bankrupted loan). But, because there is no case-law on it, it is up the lender's discretion. My husband is sick and tired of us being turned down because 1. No one understands bankruptcy and 2. people are too afraid (or busy) to look into it. He has decided if we get turned down one more time, we are going to court. We're suing. Yup. That's right, you read that right. SUING!

He said it's about time there is a case law, one way or another, so that people like us don't have to go through this. And someone needs to be brave enough to take on the law suit. He said we would. THIS scares me most of all!! I pray it won't have to be us. I pray we get this loan without a court battle.

So, anyway, today we are off to pick colors. Trying to hold off on getting too excited just yet.....what a strange situation to be in.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

credit, loans, and moving forward.....

I will NEVER understand credit. Ever.

We were young and dumb once. Made a lot of mistakes that eventually caught up to us about the time the economy tanked around the end of 2008. With a surprise pregnancy (had 2 small chidldren already) and cut in my hubby's pay we were struggling. We had 2 mortgages (the 2nd was taken out to try and help "fix" some of our young and dumb days). We tried to get them to work with us, but they were unwilling (this was a few months before Obama stepped into to help help people with mortgages). We sought an attorney and were told a chapter 7 bankruptcy (b/k) was our best option, and yes, include the mortgages. It would allow us a fresh start, and within 2 years we could apply for mortgage loan. So, we did it. In January of 2009 we filed for bankruptcy. Never once did we miss a mortgage payment on either mortgage up until we filed the b/k. That was when our attorney told us to stop. In April of 09 our b/k was discharged.

Fast forward 2 years (well...almost). We have been trying to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. We pre-qualify, but getting pre-approved is like trying to do dental work on an alligator in the dark with fresh meat attached to you. Crazy hard!!

We finally, FINALLY, found people who said they didn't care about the b/k. WOOHOO!! They "just needed to know we learned our lesson". You gotta love local credit unions! So, we applied.
However, even with credit scores pushing 700 now and no debt outside our 1 car payment, and that we have never missed or been late on rent (which by the way is higher than the mortgage payment would be), AND my hubby is getting a promotion (which means more pay), we were denied. Why? Not enough credit. Um..hello? Weren't you the one's who said you wanted to make sure we learned our lessons. We have learned if you don't have the cash, you DON'T DO IT!!! We only got the credit cards we have to charge a few things and then pay them off to BUILD the credit and the credit scores. So, the fact that we HAVE learned our lessons isn't good enough. You want us to have taken out MORE debt to prove we learned our lesson? How in the world does that make a bit of sense? I will NEVER understand credit for loans. Too much is not good. Not enough is not good. What in the world is the right amount?? You would think that since we have shown responsibility now, it would mean something.

We did finally find out that foreclosure mess. It's not OUR foreclosure. No one can consider it legally ours. =D Oh Happy Day!! They were "bankrupted loans". So we're back to the b/k. Two years.... So it's back to the FHA loan. It's up to lender's whether or not they will take us. We have a 50/50 chance.

I have beaten myself up about all of this. How could I have heard so wrong? What about all those confirmations? How could my faith have been so strong in something that is going so wrong? What I called "stumbling blocks" were called "stepping stones" by two others. What does this mean about my faith? Did God abandon me? Am I so far gone I'm worthless? I have done scripture...prayed with faith and believed. I have declared it. I just don't understand!!! In the end, I CHOOSE to believe the my God has NOT abandoned me. And until this whole thing is finished, one way or another, I will continue to hold out hope.

So....We have over-nighted the FHA loan application to who needs to go to with NVR's broker people. We'll see.

In the mean time, they want us to pick our colors and meet with Guardian about the wiring. If I go through all this to be denied....I don't know that I can take it.

Please keep us in your prayers. We want this house We want to move. We NEED to move!!! We could use all your good thoughts, energies and prayers as we hesitantly move forward.....

you never know

Monday, March 21, 2011

bad news

Some of you know we put in a loan app with a credit union who didn't care about the B/K or the possible foreclosure (still trying to figure that one out). Well, our credit scores are good enough. BUT.... Other than our $2500 in credit cards we have (which are paid off), there is no real major credit since our bankruptcy. And a jump between $2500 and around $175,000 for the home is a major jump. We need a major credit purchase to establish higher credit.

Um.... We don't need anything else. We have cars. We don't need or want any more of those. We just need a house!! A home to raise my kids in. Our only other option with them would be to put 10% down on the house. We don't have that. We'd need another 10 grand. There is no way of getting that.

My husband has a base salary plus bonuses. He makes let's say btwn $60k and $80K year. They are worried about "what if he no longer gets those bonuses due to the questionable economy?" Never mind he is getting a promotion that will increase his yearly pay $10-20,000 a year. Really? We have made our rent, never late, this whole time. The mortgage payment would be LESS than the rent!! We were never late on our other mortgage either!! A roof over our heads is the first payment we make a month. It's the most important.

So it would seem, for now, we are stuck in neighborhood hell, with crappy neighbors and dangerous situations for at least another year.

My hubby is contacting a lawyer to find out wth happened with the b/k and foreclosure b.s. He believes there is a slim chance that all this could go through with our first FHA loan if we get the right answers. But that's more money tossed away. But we do need to know if we have to wait a year or 18 months. So we need the lawyer no matter what.

Either way, we are stuck for another year to 18 months. And when we do become "eligable" for a home loan, this Ryan community will no longer be an option for us. The prices right now are $20,000 lower than they will be once the last of these 12 lots sell. Then not only does the price jump $20k, but the lots get smaller too. It will no longer be a viable option for us. We will have to look at pre-existing homes.

I am crushed by this. I was sooooooo certain this was in the cards for us. I really was. At least through all of this, we did find where something was erroneously reported on my credit (and I still have a good score!) and we are working to get that fixed. That ticked me off. It will be fixed.

But if what we need to do is establish credit, how do we do that when we don't need a damn thing but a home!! I guess we take out a revolving line for $10,000 and just use it as needed maybe? (wonder if hubby is up to new couches for the den?) I don't know. I just know I'm heart broken to be staying here in this crappy house, in a crappy neighborhood, with crappy people.

How do I make it through the next 12-18 months?

I wish there was some kind of board I could go to, to make my case. Bring the documentation of the fights and bomb/meth house on my street, bring a letter from his boss about his promotion, and beg for this chance. Bring a letter from Ryan stating the great deal we are getting and would be able to sell the home in a year and at least break even if we had too. And just beg them to reconsider.

A home...bigger than this one for less money. And brand new. Built how we wanted. The perfect scenario. Lost. And as I type this, my machine is picking up and Guardian is leaving a message to make an appt to discuss the wiring and such for "our new home". Talk about salt in a wound. =/

I feel so lost right now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

*Deep Breath, Exhale*

*deep breath, exhale, deep breath, exhale*

We submitted a loan app today to a credit union who flat out told us they don't care about the b/k or the possible foreclosure (still not sure what's up with all that). They just care that we learned out lesson (um....YEAH!!!). They said to submit the app and we'd have an answer Monday. *deep breath, exhale*

This loan would put our house payment LESS than what we are paying in rent! And that's with NO money down!!! So about $115 month less than what all the other loans were saying. *deep breath, exhale*

Trying not to get to excited. *deep breath, exhale* Trying to stay calm. It's hard. I think this will be the longest weekend of my life.

Friday, March 11, 2011


As I read through several of the other blogs about Ryan homes is building, it's funny the differences in things in the North and in the South.

Everyone up north seems to be getting basements. Really? Those are such a novelty down here anymore. Not to mention SUPER expensive!! Maybe they get better deals up north? Down here you pay 10's of thousands of dollars for one and then have to pay for the bigger lots too. And from what we were told around here, they are NOT walk out basements.

And the people up north put drains in the middle of their garages! lol I had never heard of such a thing. No one here has those either! If we spray out the garage floor, we spray it. Some of us have those squeegee things to push any access water out. But on the whole, not something needed here. If it rains or snows, it's not like our garages flood. Another interesting difference.

It's so neat to see what other people are doing and where. I wish we had had the money/resources to add the morning room and gourmet island. But it averaged out to another $10,000. Not worth it. We used that money on granite, upgrade bath, and fireplace. Things that we liked, were a one time cost, and not just more space to also heat and cool. Our summer's here get over 100 degrees. Our winters tend to stay between high's of 30's-50's on average. Gotta love the south.

I have noticed that the people in the north get things like free basements and/or morning rooms along with great promo deals. Something not given here. Maybe our houses here are less expensive and that's why. The model we are still hoping to get (Milan) starts around $160k right now in the neighborhood we are looking at (around 180k in the area). I saw it for $430k in Maryland and somewhere else up north, PA maybe, at over $300k. Then again, in Ohio it wasn't much of a difference in price at all. I just can't fathom people affording $300k+ houses! I think it's wonderful for them. But soooo out of the realm of possibility for us or anyone we really know. And then you read about upgrades and WOW!! These people are very blessed.

We've told people that we are building our dream house, so to speak. And they just don't get it. We kept hearing "it's not your dream house, "noey." Just because it wasn't bigger, or had the morning room, or what have you. We live off 1 income. ONE! We have 3 kids. We are practical people for the most part. We sat down and designed a practical but upgraded beautiful home. A home we could only imagine owning. Just because it wasn't someone else's idea of "perfect" or a "dream" house, doesn't mean it wasn't ours. I got tired of the people in our lives, people we love, telling us such a hurtful thing.

As far as an update on our situation goes, well..... let's just say we could still use your prayers and I'm still holding out hope God will open a door.

Congrats to all of you who just closed, are about to close, or just got your closing date! I hope and pray will be amoung you soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

crossed fingers

We may have found a loop hole. It is in God's hands now (and the underwriter's). Please say a prayer f0r us! Thank you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shattered Dreams

It would seem that due to an oversight, we are unable to get a home for one more year. I am beyond crushed. We would need a miracle.

It looks like this blog has come to it's end.

The rep Ryan had for us was amazing and has done all she could for us, going above and beyond. We love her still. Our experience with Ryan homes has been a good one.

GL to those of you following who are building! I may come and check from time to time. But right now, emotions are a little raw.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Step by Step

Well, since we accepted the counter offer, we took the check by yesterday (earnest money/good faith deposit that goes toward our money down). Today we are getting the last 3 documents to the lender rep, Rebecca. She is incredible!

We were told that we "should be" getting a call today or tomorrow to set up our appointments to chose our color schemes and with Guardian about our electrical. Now, I understand that their "should be's" just mean "hopefully". So I'm guessing by the end of the week we'll get the call. I can't believe that this part is here so fast!

As previously mentioned in another post, we have been pre-qualified for an FHA loan. Now we have to be pre-approved. With the final paperwork being faxed over today, I am hoping it won't take more than a week. But what do I know? I do know that they are eager to start building this neighborhood! And we are one of the first to come in since the re-opening.

(A little over two years ago the developer went bankrupt and the neighborhood was abandon with approx. 11 houses sold and 1 that sat empty for 2 years. Now a major bank owns the note and has picked up construction again.)

Our Ryan Rep, C. , told us as soon as Rebecca pre-approves us, the construction will start. Now we have been in contact with Rebecca since day 1 of the is whole process. We wanted to have our ducks in a row, so to speak, before we even pursued this route earnestly. She was very helpful!! She even suggested that we get some papers into her before we could submit our offer to begin with. So we did. So I'm guessing that they looked at all of it before countering and deciding to do this. I don't foresee any problems being pre-approved. We have been encouraged by the Rebecca this entire time.

I can't believe they want us to pick out stuff already!! How crazy is that? I'm guessing all we need to do right now is pick our outside color scheme and meet with guardian about the wiring. I'm guessing floors, lights, ect. will all be picked out later. Then again, I don't really know. lol

So, we move seem to be moving forward step by step. First the papers, then the meetings, then ...HOPEFULLY...ground breaking!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sinking in

We'll, we are officially building a new home. This is a new adventure for us. I am full of so many emotions right now. I literally fell to my knees last night in the kitchen while trying to make dinner, cried, and thanked God. I've been thanking him ever since!

I changed the name of this blog now to include the fact we are building with Ryan. A running blog of the experience.

When I researched Ryan Homes online, a lot of complaints did show up. Good things too, but mostly complaints. But I also remembered that people who are satisfied go on with their lives. It's people with issues and complaints, people who are unsatisfied that take the web.

I thought I would keep my blog running and keep an honest account of what we go through and deal with. I won't sugar coat.

I became kinda proud of myself for doing this. But then a thought hit me, what if others are doing this too? And you know what? THEY ARE!! Just today I got a comment from some who are doing the same thing! (I changed the name of the blog last night to include Ryan's name).

I am now following several other blogs from people who are building with Ryan homes. The closest one is in D.C. Most are Penn. and Ohio. Hard to find anyone in the south blogging about the experience. But I'll keep looking. lol

From what I can tell, in the north, Ryan has closed homes with NO driveway yet. Several reported it having to be poured in the spring (they do have gravel in place for now). I can only attribute that to the awful winter weather they have up north.

I am excited!! A bit nervous, but excited! I still can't believe all this is really happening to us! It's too good to be true. We have prayed and prayed about this. We prayed honestly. Yes, that we wanted this home, but not if we couldn't afford it, would get in trouble later with payments, or it somehow did not fit into the Lord's plans for us. I'm in still in awe!

We've been pre-qualified for our loan. Meaning we meet all the qualifications of getting it, and the lender Rep does not foresee a problem. HOWEVER, it does not mean pre-approved. And when it goes to underwritting it's all in their hands. This is the cause of my concern. The qualifications state bankruptcy discharge of 2 years, a credit score of at least 580 (Dude...I'm well above that), and good credit history since.

On April 15th, we can officially send it to underwriting. We have paid off our credit cards (well, I have $100 left on mine which will paid off soon). I do have a blip though. A medical bill that went to collections. They IDIOTS sent the bills to our address from 2 freaking years ago . We had NO idea until collections called. I paid immediately over the phone. I am thinking they are going to want to letter stating what happened there. No problem. What ticks us off is that the collection people understood the issue and said it would NOT be reported on my credit since the error was not mine. It was reported. =/ This is when I wish I knew someone who was an underwriter who give me an honest thought/opinion about this. Sadly all we know is one lender, no underwriters.

Still, with every little tid bit that came my way that seemed to confirm this step of building, with the offer being so darn good, I believe that this is God's will for us. And yet at the same time, it's still so hard to believe that. I know, confusing, right? But we kept praying for him to close the door to building this home if it wasn't right for us. He never did that either. So, if this is truly a blessing he wants to bestow on us, I have to believe we will be approved by underwriting.

It's finally all starting to sink in. Slowly. I want to run back over to the model! LOL But it's a good 30 min drive from here and with gas prices, not a trip worth taking just because I feel like it. If I had someone who wanted to see it or a question about it or something to measure, sure!

We meet with our Rep on Wed. to pick out our color scheme. I think we already have it. LOL

I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that we are building a new home, in a wonderful location. A nice place to raise my kids!! And we plan on putting our roots down. This is our home for the next decade at least (or so is our plan). We will finally have a beautiful home, in a good neighborhood, to raise our three girls. A place we can all call home. A place we all love. How does it get any better that?

Friday, March 4, 2011

In case you missed it

So, this is the Milan that Ryan homes offers in Elevation L. This is what we are contracted to build. These are my two favorite color schemes. (yes...same house...different colors) I like the gray scheme and the yellow/white/black scheme. I have until Wed. to decide. Hubby really likes the gray one. Since I can't decide between the two, and he likes that one, odds are pretty good that will be the one. But nothing is set in stone...yet. lol There are still a few color schemes we haven't seen yet.

I'm so excited. I'm still in disbelief honestly! The Ryan Rep that has helped us out since the beginning (C.) is awesome.

I still can't believe all this. I'm still waiting "for the other shoe to drop." I cannot believe this is happening!! =)

THE COUNTER IS IN.....We made a decision

The counter offer came in.... I'm in shock. I really am. Who knew?

We've been discussing it. Honestly, it's one hell of a deal, and we know that.

I left to go to the store. I was walking around grabbing our dinner stuff thinking:
"What the in the world were we thinking? What ever prompted us to believe that we could have a very nice, brand new home? We are crazy!"

I came home and Wes was on the phone with our Rep. He got off the phone and we talked. Talked numbers, options, ect.

We've made a decision.

The counter is an excellent offer. It is. And so.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... WE'RE ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................taking it. We're building our dream house, just as you saw it a few blog posts ago.

God is soooooo good!

Tick Tock

So we put in an official offer on Wednesday. We were told we "should" have an answer by yesterday. I got a call at about 7:45 last night. The rep told us to we would have our answer sometime this morning (I'm taking that to mean before lunch).

The way I see it is this: If they were going to accept our offer, we would have heard yesterday. But we knew that was "slim-to-none" chance. But we made an offer that let them know a few things they could keep in mind when they countered. You know?

I think it's taking them a bit longer (meaning more than the usual 24 hours we were told it takes) because they are working on their counter. I can only HOPE it means that they have gotten the clue and are trying to make their money, while still trying to sell the house to us (not scare us away so to speak). They need to decided where the discounts will lie and what have you. This way we if go to take options off or re-arrange somethings we know exactly what the cost they are making it to be is.

Today is going SO much easier than yesterday. Knowing you'll have some kind answer in a few short hours is so much easier to handle than not knowing anything at all (if, when, what). Knowing a when does help.

We would absolutely LOVE to have this home. But...BUT....if it isn't meant to be, I have made peace with it. Will I be a bit heart broken? Of course. Who wouldn't be. It would be a big disappointment. To go through all of this to have to walk away from our dream home, who wouldn't be upset? We've put a month into this so far. But we know that there are other opportunities out there. We won't just give up and crumble. So if we are little down for a few days, hopefully the people in our lives will be understanding. Let us grieve the loss of this particular dream. We'll move on. Promise.

So here I sit, typing away. The clock, ticking away. Wondering when the phone will ring and what will be said.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is the Day!

Ok, so my hubby is going back in today to re-do the offer. We need more help with closing if we are going to put 3.5% down. We could pay what they want us to in closing, but that leaves us no savings, and we just can't do that. That's not responsible. We have 3 girls. Plus, we will need some of that money for move-in costs (like blinds and such).

If you keep up with my other blog, Randomness, you know about my TID BITS entry ( where I have been keeping with little signs here and there, confirmations that we took as to mean this is what we are suppose to do. Here is the latest one:

Last night, my darling husband started to trying to figure out the new offer and banging out numbers on a scrap sheet of paper, or so he thought. He flipped it over and it ended up being a receipt for jeans I had bought online. The word in the middle of the paper: MILAN. Apparently a type of jean I bought and it's also the model house we are trying for. What are the odds?

I try to leave my personal stuff for my other blog and keep this facts. But I had to share.

I still believe this is the path for us. We just had a stumbling block thrown at as. We are taking this one step at a time. I thought I would be all kinds of nervous today. But I'm not. I'm peaceful. Resolute. I do believe this is the home for us.

So, in summary:

We are going after a different loan. We need some help with closing cost and the counter they bring has to be just right (that is where God comes in). The offer goes in this afternoon.

Wish us luck. Say a prayer. Today is the day we place this entirely in God's hands.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

door stop....break in the clouds

A break in the clouds

Some new information has come through. We have to meet tomorrow and re-adjust our offer.

This is one of those times where if this works, there is only one reason, God.

So we are going to meet tomorrow and do what little we can, and put this in God's hands. He will either close this door, or push us through it. We are at a moment where no matter what we do here, it is all in HIS hands.

As disappointing as it would be not to get this home, I know deep down, God has a plan for us.

We are doing our part and putting this in God's hands once and for all. Either we're all in this, or we walk away. No matter what, I chose to trust in the Lord.

=( door closing

It would seem that door to us to build a new home is closing.

The loan we were told we qualify for, we now find out we don't. Rules have just recently changed, and due to our bankruptcy, we now have to have it discharged 3 years instead of 2.

We do qualify for different loan, but that requires:

1. 3.5% down
2. For us to pay PMI in our payment

With the original loan, neither of these things were an issue at all.

The PMI makes our payment sky rocket and thus the house un-afforadable.
The 3.5% down plus closing leaves us broke again. No thanks. And I don't know anyone willing to gift us $6,000 to put down on the house.

We could strip the house. But if we have to settle, I'd rather settle for a house I can move into ASAP and not in 4 months, and into an established neighborhood.

I am sadden by this news. So far, every day this week I have gotten bad news. I am afraid to see what tomorrow brings.