Thursday, October 31, 2013

Newest Neighborhood Update

Just updating what little information I have. The pool and clubhouse are still "on track" to open May 2014. (honestly though, the way things go around here, I wouldn't expect it to open until early June, but you never know) We he will have junior size olympic pool, with lanes I believe, that morphs into an almost 3 leaf clover type of shape. There will be zero entry area in one of the "clover leaf" entrances and even a loopy slide. The drawings are up at the model home. Technically, things could still change, but what they have are lamented and that's what they are going with right now. The club house will have full kitchen, entertainment area, game room, fitness room, and meeting room (from what we were told. Again, could change, but these are plans of right now). There will be play ground equipment up by the pool as well. There is talk of adding some kind of courts as well. But they were unsure if they would be basketball, volleyball, or something else. Up by the elementary school, they are beginning the clearing of the smaller lots, the 50 foot lots (originally slated for patio homes, but no one can tell me if that is what is definitely what's going in there or not). And across from the club house, by the new entrance is going to be the new model home "park". 2014 fees are to be $400 since we only have the clubhouse 1/2 a year. In 2015 our HOA dues will be $800 a year to be collected quarterly ($200 a quarter). Looking forward to the pool and clubhouse, as well as welcoming new neighbors! =D