Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gas Water Heater

I have been in my new home a week tonight!  =)  Almost done!!  My girls are scheduled to have a sleep over tomorrow night.  We are at least that far along.  =)  Tomorrow we hang our few wall decors we have.  =D

Anyway........  When we contracted, we opted for the upgrade to the gas water heater.  I know in some areas, if you decide to pay a lot premium for special lots you get the most awesome tankless water heater.   I cannot even imagine what that would be like.  Why?

Well, let me tell you!

I have been fortunate enough to have gas water heaters most of my life.  After my father died, we moved into a new home that had one (20+ yrs ago  and if you've been following my blog you have probably put it together he died when I was still a child.  You would be correct.  But that's a whole other story).  And since being married, most of our homes have had one (all but our 1st one), even though all our homes had been previously lived in.

The hot water was nice, and from what knowledge I had gained from conversations with others, it heated up faster and kept water warmer, longer, than electric ones.  Okay.  If you say so.  *shrugs*  What did I know?

Well, this I do know:  The hot water here is amazing!  They must have done some pretty great upgrades in the past 10 or so years.  The water here is hot almost instantly and stays hotter, longer.  I use to have to turn on the shower and wait a few minutes for it warm up.  Not any more!  =D  Insta-hot!  And the knob does not even need to go as far over as all my other homes for the water to be even hotter.

NO worries!!  I am a responsible parent and always check and re-check the temperature of the water before my kiddos shower or get bathed.  And the hot water heater set to what we are use too.  I am just so amazed by how wonderfully it works!!

Now I cannot, with any knowledge, speak on how the electric hot waters heaters work.  But I can tell you that if you decide to upgrade to the gas one, that it is awesome!  Instant hot showers, ROCK!!!  lol

*note:  please feel free to comment if you have an electric hot water heater on how well it works if you have one! 

In the mean time, I just wanted to write my opinion on this upgrade.  And my opinion is, it is WELL worth it.  If you have the means (as I don't know the cost of the upgrade in every area or for each model), I suggest you look into it.  Just my thoughts though.  I am one very satisfied customer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Word of advice for your pre-drywall meetings (electrical)

Find out where your half-hots are going to be.  There are several here that are just completely in the wrong the spot.  We knew where the outlets were all going, but we had no idea which ones would be the half-hots.  We should asked and then have specified where the we would have liked half-hot ones to be.   >=/

For instance, in the Den, it's in a corner we will NEVER have any lights, between the fireplace and the tv.  In the corner....   Really?   It should have gone behind the couch.

And they stuck the half-hot in the study next to the internet line.  Really?  So you want me to turn my computer stuff on and off by the switch?  Um.....NO!  We fixed that by getting a surge protector that plugged into the wall in the one socket that wasn't controlled by the switch.  It covers the hot plate socket and has several other sockets for us to use.  At least we could fix this one.  We can't fix the den.

OH... and if you are getting a light in the morning room, discuss where the switch for the actual light will go.   We have a switch when you first walk into the M.R. that works a half-hot we'll never use.  We have to walk to the back of the M.R. and use that switch for the actual light.  Who's bright idea was that?

I would definitely discuss things like this with your PMs before drywall goes up.  Just a thought!

On the whole, we are so incredibly pleased.  The house is beautiful.  And our PM showed up today with several carpet guys and fixed our carpet tack problem.  (Sorry BD, my camera is still in one of the few boxes we have left to unpack).  They knocked it out in maybe 10 minutes.  Could have be less than that!

We LOVE our new fridge!!  =)  It's most awesome!   They did knock the thermostat off the wall bringing it in though.  lol  And I cooked our first meal in the house.  No more take out and subway and pizza.  lol  No more fast food!!  (Thank God!!  My skin and stomach can't take any more!)  I even sat down and did the girls' nails tonight.  =)  

Oh, and I LOVE my kitchen!!  In my old kitchen, the light in it was not enough to really cook by.  I cooked tonight with NO lights on and still has more light than my old kitchen.  =) 

My FIL is going to help us purchase and install hardware on the cabinets.  He is just full of surprises!  Some of the cabinets and drawers are hard to open without hardware to grab.  But the cabinets are beautiful!

My family signed a contract and is waiting to approval for the loan.  Fingers crossed and prayers being said there.  I would love to have them neighbors.

Life is very good right now.  Moving is stressful.  Remind yourselves of this!  Communication is very important.  Be VERY clear with your significant other upfront about ideas and plans.  lol  We kinda learned this one the hard way.  Learn from our mistakes!  lol

All is well and good.  We are all very happy here.  Even our dog seems to be finally settling in.  =)  Hope ya'll are doing well too!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I finally got to sleep in my bed last night.  AHHHHHH!!!

I got to tell you, it's kinda weird.  Anytime we've ever moved before, there as been an adjustment period.  We've moved in, and even though our stuff was there, it took some time to see it as home and feel like home. 


No adjustments needed.  And it's not just me.  It's like this for my kids and husband too.   It truly feels like home.  =)  Kinda like we've been here for years (minus all the boxes that remind us we haven't been).  I never knew it could be this way.  It feels great!

Some things to keep in mind when you move:

1.  Put your beds up ASAP.  We didn't get our bed up until it almost too late.  Not fun.  You are tired and just want to go to bed.  Make sure it's done once the trucks are unloaded.

2.  Daylight only lasts so long.  Take advantage if you don't have over-head lighting in yet.  (for example, you may want to get some of those overhead lights up and working)

3.  Blinds/shades are good thing!!  The sun sure does come up early!!  lol 

Boxes can wait.  Get what you need out immediately!!  But some of it can be put off until these things are accomplished.  And the more help you have, the better.  We couldn't have done this without all the wonderful people who put in their hard work and long hours to help us.

There was an update on the carpet tacks around the banister:

1.  My daughter is all caught up on her tetanus shots, so the doc said she wouldn't need it.  Other wise, guess where we would be this a.m.? 
2.  Our PM came by personally this morning.  I wasn't dressed yet, so I ran.  lol  He did talk to my hubby though.  Long story short, they are going to come fix the tacks at the banister upstairs.  =)   My kids love that banister.  Especially my toddler.  They love being able to look down and talk to us from it. 

I hate that any of them got hurt like that.  But I'm thankful if anyone had too, it was my eldest and not my baby.  My eldest handled it like trooper.  I'm not sure my youngest or middle girl would have done so well.  And I am super impressed our PM came by personally to talk to us about it! to unpack and do more things around here.  I have never been more motivated to get things done!  =)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My new neighbors! You won't beleive tihs! Small world!

No worries Anons!!  It's not that kind of post.

I KNOW my neighbors!  I was so shocked when I found out who they were.  They were the parents of an ex-boyfriend of my sister.

The neighbors up the road came down and invited us to come watch fireworks tonight.  It was their child's birthday and they wanted to come and say hello and invited us to come.  I was sooooo hoping to go say hello.  Unfortunately, we were losing light, and needed to get things unpacked and done (including putting up some lights) while we had the help here to do it.  So we never made it.  I hope they aren't too upset and can understand.  My kids would have loved it.  And even though I look like crap after moving all day, I would have loved to met some more people in our neighborhood.  =(   I hope they understand.

We had 2 full truck loads today (26 ft u-haul).  But it's all here now.  Our beds are done, furniture is where it needs to be.  Kitchen is unpacked, clothes put away, girls rooms 90% done.  We still have a lot to do, but if you ask me, we've done a lot.  We even have the china unpacked!

I am enjoying my first glass of wine here, on my couch.  =)  It's nice to have furniture!! And I can't imagine how nice it will be to actually sleep in my own bed tonight!

My daughter did slice her foot open pretty good tonight on a carpet tack.  They didn't ... file them down?  bend them?  .... whatever needed to be done to them, and it's horrible.  I sent a message to our PM.  I'm not sure if ti's something we can fixed asap, or if we have to wait.  But I wanted to let him know the whole house needs that fixed.

Other than that, we are tired, sore, and completely content and happy.  =)   Life is good!  And we've have had a ton of help.  My family helped us move and some of our friends.  His side of the family helped out with the unpacking and putting things away.  It's been amazing.  And we've made some memories.   Hopefully by Tuesday, we'll have blinds in all the windows.  Drywall people made a few "oops" and some of the blinds need trimmed up to fit now.  But that's okay.  Shouldn't be a hard or expensive fix.  And it's not all the windows.  =)

So now it's time for Big Brother and time with my man.  Life is good!  God is good!

the big day

Well today is the big day!!  Our furniture arrives!!  (eventually).  lol

My kids and I have been camping out in the house.  The first night my sister and her kids were here too.  Last night was just us.  It was nice.  We watched Mrs. Doubtfire and just chilled out. 

Moving in this heat is HORRILBE!!!  But we all stayed hydrated.  I had a super crew helping me and bought them all lunch.  I am super duper sore today.  But, we were able to get some of the smaller furniture here and all the boxes here yesterday.  I have gotten all I can get unpacked done without the rest of the furniture to here.  I need it to finish to the unpacking.  And even though my kitchen is unpacked, it's going to need some tweaking over time.  lol 

Men:  We know how hard it is to move!  That furniture is heavy!!  But you do pretty much know where all the furniture will go.  Do you have any clue how long it takes and how mentally draining it can be (if you have NO idea what you're going to do to begin with) to unpack a kitchen?  lol   Tons of the little things you have NO IDEA what to do with.  lol  I'm just glad it's done.  lol

And our shower.... AMAZING!!!  I took my toddler up to jump in the shower last night (well, she just kinda walked in with her clothes on and plopped down.  lol)  And then another daughter came up and wanted a shower "in the big shower too".  So all three of us fit in it...NO PROBLEM!!  Lots of room!!  Not that we'll be doing it again.  But it was nice to know we had that much room!  So much better than barely having enough to raise your arms to wash your own hair! 

I also got to admit, I love waking up and having my coffee in our morning room.  It just does something to soul to sit there, and look at the scenery and the peace and quiet.  I'm betting if all this construction were to to finally stop, we'd have deer.  We did have a HUGE wild turkey for a little while (seriously...bigger than my toddler) but it's gone now.

I LOVE my home!!  I think KNOW we are going to be very happy here!

OH....and let me tell you about my neighbor!  Shoot, out of time.  I have to get going.  Big day and all.  I'll tell ya'll tonight.


Friday, July 22, 2011

You'll never guess where I am and what happened.

Hello friends.  You'll never guess where I am right now and what happened at closing.

First, my location.  I am typing this, from my laptop, in my brand new den!!!  =)  Internet on the first night baby!  lol  Told ya'll I wouldn't leave you!  lol

Closing was at one.  But we had a hiccup and didn't start until about 20 after. 

When we walked into the office our NVR Rep was there.  She didn't have to be.  When introductions were made, we hugged and cried together.  I am so thankful to her for helping make our dream to come true. 

The hiccup was in the HOA department.  We don't have one yet.  And the charged us $500 for it and the actual $200 the fees will someday be, even though our contract stated $0.00 for this.  So all get's fixed, so so we think...  At the end of closing we were handed check for MORE than the $700 listed.  We had them re-check the math before we accepted it. 

Ends up there was a buffer in the closing costs, just in case.  So...we got a large check back!!  And, we need to contact our RH Rep for the $200 HOA fee that was collected.  That was not refunded yet.  But my realtor says it will be.  So even MORE money coming back!   Isn't God amazing!   I am in such awe right now!!  I prayed for lower closing costs (originally est. at $4500).  $3500 would be good, but under $3000 would be better.  When our LO got in touch with us at the beginning of the week, our costs were in the $3500 zone.  But now with the refund check, they were under $3000!!!  =)  God is soo good and so faithful!

We moved over our kitchen tonight, the girls toys, and the tv (the surround sound rocks!!).  The girls and I, and my sister and her kids are all camping out in my new den even as I type this.  I am exhausted!!  But I have a long day of moving the rest of the boxes, clothes, and misc. stuff tomorrow.  My hubby works, but on Sunday he has a crew moving our furniture in.

Thank you all again for your support!!  GN!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shout out to my most Awesome PM!!

Three cheers for my MOST AWESOME PM, J.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did he build us a beautiful home, but he REALLY listened to us during the process and was just amazing!  He really took care of our house as if it were his own or a family member's.

And as yet another testimony to his awesomeness, I forgot to mention two big things that went down at our pre-settlement meeting.

1.  He remembered our questions about crown molding on the cabinets.  We were originally told no, we couldn't have it because one section of our cabinets (where the fridge goes) didn't allow room for it.
Well, he dropped the one section of cabinets that made it impossible for us have it so that if we still wanted to get it after closing!  =)  AWWW!

2.  You know the crush and run we got next to the house?  (since the road there is not really a road yet?)  Well, it should be paved by next week's end!  He got it all worked out!  Are you kidding me?!  It'll be paved to the back of our property line!  Eventually it will continue as a road, but for now...we won't have to drive in mud or crush and run to get in and out of our driveway!

(see photo to the right.  I have a side entry garage on a corner lot, on a road that's not really there yet.  Now, I'll have my section of road done!  WOOT WOOT!)

J. Rocks!!!!!  =D

Thank you J. for your awesomeness!  And thank you Ryan Homes for doing the road for us!  

Thank you Everyone!!

Thank you everyone!!  Thank you for taking the time to take this journey with me.  Your support and friendship has meant more than you could know.

I have been so emotional today.  To know we are about to embark on our LAST move to place we can finally call HOME.  I keep getting overwhelmed with emotion.  But it's a good thing.

I have learned so much through this process.  And not just about home construction and upkeep and care.  But about myself and my faith.

I'm not exactly the same person I was back in Feb. when my husband and I started this journey.  And I'm glad for that.  I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives.

Tomorrow we close on our house and start our move.  =)  I'm pretty much in "GO" mode now.   I know the next week or so is going to be crazy!!  But in a weird kinda way, I'm looking forward to this kind of crazy.

I know our heat index here all weekend is between 105-110.  But we have plenty of water and I'm getting some gatorade too.  We'll be going at a little slower pace and allowing ourselves an extra day than originally thought to get it all done.  Better to be safe.

I'll check back in as soon I can.  =)  PROMISE!!

Thanks again, for everything!

# 1!!!!!!

And the # 1 reason I'm thankful for this new house is.........

A safer place to raise my kids!!!

Our previous neighborhood was a nice neighborhood, but we had a drug dealer across the street.  By the time my eldest was 6, she could tell you what a drug deal looked like.  =(  They weren't discrete.  Drama of course also comes with kind of activity.  Including the beating of a girl, people running across the lawns with guns, fights, and damage to personal property.  Not to mention threats.  Love our house, Hated our neighbor!  The HOA also tried to help us get them OUT, but it was a bunch of legal red tape.  =( 

Then we moved here to this rental.   We knew this would be temporary (2-3 years we hoped), so I think that helped us weather it all.   In this place we had a house down the street shut down for being a meth lab AND making bombs.  Yeah...I wasn't allowed to go home!  The whole street was on lock down.

Then there was the beating of the grown man on my corner at Christmas, in broad daylight, with children outside playing.  It was several men in their upper 20's beating just one man.  One of the assailants even had a pipe.  Yes, the man was beaten with a pipe.   One of the perps took off through MY backyard!  I think everyone calling the cops scared them all away and saved this man's life.  He was taken to the hospital with broken bones and head injuries.  Needless to say as soon as he came home, he moved.  What kind effect does seeing something like that have on young kids?

The house behind us in the cul-de-sac had a suicide attempt.  And again, we were all on lock down with cops and swat around.  Apparently he was trying to off himself with his dad's revolver (a cop).  That was scary for the kids.

Then there is the total lack of actual parenting by the people in this neighborhood.  We have one little girl that runs around all summer from sun up to dusk in a bathing suit.  Pretty girl.  Neighbors fed her all last summer and cared for her.  I don't think her parents ever knew where she was.  (She was 6 last summer, and 7 this summer).  Yeah.  Then she started stealing from all of us.  And now no one wants her around.  It's sad.

Then the boys in these parts get away with starting fights, pushing, hitting, and cursing out the little girls.  Needless to say I threatened one of them.  I was tired of it.  And if their parents weren't going to do something about it, I was.  After witnessing them bullying another little girl, I stepped outside and laid into them.  And told them pretty much if they EVER did anything like that again, they'd have to deal with me.

Then the kids in these parts just walk up on YOUR property whenever they want.  Throw their trash in your yard, go through your cars, hang out, whatever.  Yeah.

We've had a string of thefts too.  People getting into unlocked cars and stealing out of them.

And with all this information, I haven't even gone into the crazy drama I had been sucked into with some neighbors.  And I mean CRAZY!!!  If I wrote about it all, it wouldn't even seem real.  I don't think anyone would believe me.

So needless to say, I am OVER THE  MOON HAPPY to be leaving this dump!!!  The house isn't bad, but the people here make it a dump.  I can't stand to live around this mess anymore.

My kids deserve a good life!  My husband works hard to give us that.  It shouldn't be in vain.  They deserve to not have to worry about being bullied!!  We all deserve not to have to worry about our personal property due to unruly kids.  (seriously parents...teach your kids to respect other people's property).  And we all deserve to live some place safe.  Where all the crime and craziness is not an issue.

Our neighborhood is up and coming, true.  And yes...anything could happen.  But from the people I have met, we have a great group of people!  And the price points of the houses are good, but high enough to keep out some of the caliber of people in the place I'm living now.  I know that sounds terrible, but there is truth in it.  And if the price isn't enough, the $200 quarterly that will soon be our HOA Fees will be.  As a general rule of thumb, people who like to start trouble, usually don't want to pay that (or can't)....usually.

This neighborhood is set to be the next "nice" neighborhood in the area.  And if they keep to the original plans enough, in a few years, it's going to be awesome!!!  With shops, a grocery store, walking trails, ect.

We just wanted a nice house in a decent neighborhood to raise our children.  We ended up with a gorgeous house in an amazing neighborhood instead.  Nice trade up I think.  =D     And now we will have this wonderful place to call home.  A real home.  Even as I type that...A real home.... I start crying.  A place we can call our own.  A place to raise our children properly for the next 20+ years.

Home.  We're finally going home.  *wipes tears*  I wish everyone could be this lucky, this blessed, this happy.  ♥

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FINAL WALK THROUGH and # 2 and if you have Tile you'll want to read this

We had our final walk through today (pre-settlement walk-thru).  It was my our PM, my hubby and myself, and our Realtor.  The more eyes the better!  Let me tell you though, it's so hard to not just come home, grab stuff and start moving in!  lol

The meeting took us about 2 hours, but that's mostly because we kept getting off track chit chatting.  lol  He told us in the beginning it should last an hour to an hour and half (please note, the bigger your house is, the longer this meeting gets).  So we didn't do too bad jumping off track. We went through every inch of the house and every warranty.

I stopped up all the sinks and tub, and they all held water.  =)  No sticking doors.  No creaky floors.  Every wall plate had all it's screws.  =)  lol  Now the  plates for the sockets that are 1/2 hot, (where a switch on the wall turns something on or off that you have plugged in) are all installed upside down so you know which ones they are.  lol  That was kinda neat!

He went over how to care for everything!  We are very pleased!

We did find 4 minor things:
1.  some of the rods that hold up the shelving in the closets needed tightened a little more.
2.  there was a little bubble in our kitchen tile at one spot
3.  the tiniest ding on the microwave (I can't believe hubby noticed it.  It took all of us some time to find what he was talking about).
4.  One corner of my island cabinetry was a tiniest bit dinged up.  Seriously...tiny.

All these items are to be fixed!  We Nit picked it all a part!  lol  And this was our list!   Our PM flagged down his punch guy as we were leaving to go over the list with him immediately.  NICE!!!!

I can't believe we are so close now!!  The little girl I use to babysit, who is also building up the street from me, is closing the same day I am.  Who knew?

I am so happy!  My husband is happy.  We are just thrilled not only with our soon-to-be home, but with the service we've gotten.

Now, here is a little something to make ya'll chuckle:  We are moving this weekend, right?  Hubby's back still isn't great, but it's getting there.  I have messed not only my knee up, but pulled a muscle behind my shoulder blade.  And, just for giggles, it's suppose to be 99 degrees Saturday.  Real temp.  Real feel over 105.   Can you believe our circumstances?  LOL  At this point, we just chuckle about it all.  We know we may move a bit slower than anticipated, but we WILL get moved!  It will get done.  =)


If you have tile in your bathroom shower/tub, you will want to seal that grout ASAP before it is EVER used!!  Once it gets wet, you have to let it dry anywhere from 1-5 days before you can seal it.  It's best to do it immediately upon closing if you can.

If you don't seal it, the porous grout will absorb anything that comes in contact with it.  Not only will this eventually staining it, but it also becomes a wonderful breeding ground for mold.  You also don't want the moisture behind your tiles either.  It could also cause issues with mold and other complications.  So seal it first!!

ok...# 2 on my countdown:  HOA!!!

That's right!  You read that right!  I know we don't currently have one, but it is in all the paperwork that we WILL have one!

My old neighborhood had one.  And like most people in neighborhoods with HOA's and no pool, we complained.  But then we moved here.  To a neighborhood with NO HOA.  People don't mow their lawn.  People leave Christmas decorations up ALL YEAR LONG.  And you wouldn't believe some the hideous things people think may good lawn decor.

I am happy to be going to a place that has one again.  A place that is going to make sure people keep up with their properties like they should, and not put hideous things out on the lawn (toilets....for example.  Not in my neighborhood, but a friend did see this in a neighborhood with no HOA.  Classy huh?)  And yes...eventually we should have a pool, and I'm stoked about that too!!

Hurray for HOA's!!  (Did I really just say that?)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Praise Report!!!

It's been a looong day.  But....we got some incredibly awesome news!!

My FIL went to order our new fridge today.  When we originally went looking we fell in love with the larger 28 cu ft fridge.  But since we weren't buying it, we found the identical thing at 25 cu ft for less money.  =)   It's the size of our refrigerator now is about 25 cu ft.  I didn't want to take advantage, you know?  I was just beyond thrilled that we were getting a new fridge and that my FIL was willing to get it for us.

Well, bad news.  He went to order our 25 cu ft fridge, and it was on back order.  So what did our FIL do?  He ordered us the bigger the fridge!!!  *shock*  And that's not all folks!  He also got us a 5 yr warranty!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?

And...and, and, and.....   He is having it delivered Saturday!!  AND... he said that a man should probably be there when it delivers.  So he offered to sit and the house and wait for it! 

Let's just say this was a shining light in my day today.  =)  God is so so so so so good!!!! 

#3 NOT MOVING AGAIN!! (and I really need your prayers for my hubby)

This is a home we plan on sticking around long enough to pay off!  Or at least real close to it.  The plan is to stay in this amazing home until our youngest (who just turned 2 less than a month ago) leaves the nest.   =)

This will be my 5th move since 1999 (so ... in 12 years?).   I'm VERY tired of moving.  Although one move was literally to the house right next door.  That was an easy move!  lol  And I only had one child.  lol Now we are moving with 3 kids, a dog, and a LOT more stuff.  lol

We put some some things onto/into the house that maybe could have waited, or maybe we could have done cheaper some other time (granite for instance or our cabinets we love, or upgrading not just to 6 lb but to 8 lb padding, or better carpet, or.......  you get the idea).  We knew we planned to be in this home a very very long time.  We new the next move we want to do is to help our children move out.  lol  (I think my family will be thrilled they don't have to help us move anymore.  lol)  So we truly made this a dream home for ourselves.

So a great thing about this house is that it will be our last for a very long time (God willing).    =D

On a different note:   I am asking for prayer, and lots of it.  My back hurts more and more every day, and then last night I did something to my knee at the pool.  On top of this, and more importantly,  my husband has severally thrown his back out helping to physically move  a neighbors truck (you know...a big metal one for 25-30 years ago).  He has taken pain meds, muscle relaxers, and been using a heating pad; and he is still in a ton pain.  He can't really walk or do much.  We are moving this weekend!   I'm so worried about him! 

Please pray for our healing....well, his healing.  I'll live.  But he is miserable and I'm worried about him.  Even if he does start feeling better, I'm worried one wrong move this weekend will send him back into a tailspin.  He had started to feeling better when all he did was bend down to look at the damage to a vehicle at work and BAM!  Worse now than ever.  =(   I don't need him ending up in the hospital.

If you could all just keep him in your prayers, I'd be most grateful, as would he.

Thanks so much!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

To my e-friend who is waiting....

This goes out to a friend who has been following my blog. We've emailed a few times. You were trying to get some things worked and waiting. Don't give up hope. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!! I pray that things are going in your favor. We may not have spoke in a while, but you are still in my thoughts.
(the clip and song are from the movie Fireproof)



Just got our closing costs!  Less than originally thought!  So yippee for that! 

Also just did an assessment of our finances.  We can close on this house, get 21 blinds for the windows (plantation), the blinds for the sliding glass door (decorative...not plain), a garage door motor, 2 fans, 3 lights, a storm door, & 7 bar stools and STILL have money in savings!!  WOOHOO!!  Well, more than I had originally anticipated so I am super excited!

AND....and and and.... my FIL is ordering our Fridge!!!!! 

I am over the moon excited!!  You guys have no idea!! 

God is good!  Life is good! 

# 4

OH WOW!! I'm on #4 already!! Are you kidding me?? Just a few more mornings of waking up in this house, and the SEE YA!!! =) lol Man, coming with 30 things to be thankful for about your new home or like about your new home is not as easy as it looks. After about 20 or so, you realize, you've covered a lot of ground! lol

I'm trying to take it easy today.  I over did it yesterday and Advil isn't even helping my back today.  I still have a lot to do, but I can't continue to put myself in pain.  I have a big weekend of moving ahead of me.  =)  So today is catch up on laundry and play with the kids day!  =)  Resting up to knock more things out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is MORE packing.
Wed. is our pre-settlement walk-thru
Friday is CLOSING!! 

#4 Bigger House = Room to breathe and entertain

We are moving from a 1900 sq ft house to just under 2700 sq ft house.  (5 people and dog, and all our stuff do NOT fit well in 1900 sq. ft.  lol)   Breathing room!!  Everyone will have their own room, and everything will have it's own space!  =)  I won't feel like we're on top of each other anymore or cluttered.  What a great feeling!

I also will have room to entertain.  I am most excited about this! 

My kitchen table has 4 chairs (but can seat 6), my dining table has 6 chairs.  I can fit 5 bar stools around my island and then 2 more @ the den overhang.   That's 17 seats right there!  If I add to folding chairs to my kitchen table (since it can seat 6) thats 19!!  19 places for people to park their rear ends and have a surface to eat off of!  WOOHOO!!  Then I have my den too. 

This why I'm so excited to be hosting my sister's bridal shower in a few weeks!  =)  We can all fit!  It's a beautiful home!  And we won't feel suffocated! 

My side of the family gets together often.  And we never have less than 18 people.  Sometimes as many as 25-31.

My husband's side of the family would love to do more get togethers, but it just doesn't work out.  No one's house is really ideal enough though.  Now I have the perfect house for it!  His brothers and sisters haven't all gathered together in one place for a holiday or anything else in years.  (He is one of 5 children, all but 2 of them are married).  I am excited at the prospect of holding some holiday dinners at my house for his family to gather together again.  I can't imagine how happy it would make his mom to have all her children in one house at the same time again.  =)  I want to be able to do that for her.  And I'd still have room for her mom, and siblings, and their families.  =)

Yes...I have an excellent relationship with my Mother-In-Law.  I call her Momma.  She not just my MIL, but also a dear and close friend.  I wish everyone could have this kind of relationship with their MIL.  I grew up witnessing my Dad's mom treat my mother horribly.  I was so worried when I got married.  But I could not love this woman more.  I adore her. off topic...sorry!

So anyway...yeah.  MORE SPACE!!  HURRAY!!! 

Thank you Ryan Homes for building big beautiful homes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

packing hell

That is where I am at. In packing hell. I needed a break before my brain explodes. lol

I have found that all my Tupperware does pack nicely in trash bags. =) Just throw and go! (no worries...I did mark the trash bags TUPPERWARE so they won't be mistaken for trash. lol) And, I didn't waste a much needed box! (or 4)

Can I vent for a minute?

My DH has worked long long days. And this week...the week we close he works til 9 pm every day (or later). He is even at work right now. He is off to close, but then has to work again. I'm doing the bulk of the packing all by myself. Do you KNOW how hard that is to do with three kids under your feet and no adult conversation to help you muttle through? My 2 yr old is adorable, but is constantly in the way. My MIL did come help twice. So those few precious hours I got of help were GOLD!! I got more done with two of us, and stayed in a better mood than I am doing now.

I even am moving the bulk of what we have without him. I have my mom and aunts to help. All of us with bad knees and backs. Dh has to work. Hubby just has to move the bigger furniture.

It's fallen on me to pretty much prepare for the move, set up and cancel utilities, clean, keep the kids taken care of, keep tabs on the new house and keep contact with PM on what we've found needs done, keep the lists of what needs to be bought for the new house, pack, finalize bills, and actually move us. I am beyond overwhelmed and feel like I am going to break at any minute. I have NO help. I have cried 3 times now today already. I feel like I'm falling behind in my responsibilities, and will never get everything done.

My house is disgusting! It needs cleaned. But it's hard to clean when you're packing and boxes are EVERYWHERE! I have them in just about every room of the house. And the grossness of the house is getting to me too.

I feel alone in this move. I know I'm not, but it's how I feel. I feel completely overwhelmed.

I'm sorry. I just needed to vent. A few minutes to let it all out. I'm going back to packing grind now. Please pray for me. I need it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

# 5 Morning Room

What an awesome upgrade!!!!  I love our morning room!  A our own little private space to have intimate  family dinners.  No distractions.  I love the windows too.  Not to mention our view (for the moment, until construction happens back there).  It's such a lovely room!!  If you can get one, do it.

At first we didn't opt too, but then we got a surprise call from our Rep.  The developer came down off the prices of the lots after contract.  So we got several thousand dollars for upgrades free as a result in our Rep going to bat for us.  And as a result,  it was the first thing we added.   Right now in our development, it's a free upgrade.  I'm so thrilled with this room!  I don't know one person who isn't.  (I got to admit though, the layout of the kitchen is nice for those not getting it too).

In our model of home, the morning room is located at the end of the house, at the end of the kitchen.  It is truly a separate room.

Lovin' our morning room!

#6 Dream Kitchen!!

I am so over-the-moon about my kitchen!!  Or, as Mater put it, I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park.  lol  ( kids love that movie)


I have always wanted the antique white kitchen with granite counter tops.  Now I have it!  And I'm most excited about how ornate the cabinets are.  They are not as plain as some of the cabinets out there (ahem...ikea). 

I have always wanted an island, and now I have it too!

I have always like the look of stainless steel, but have never had one appliance that was S.Steel.  Now I do!

Yes, this is a dream kitchen for me. A kitchen I can't wait to cook in!!

Man, what will I make first?  London Broil, mashed potatoes and gravy?  Pot Roast?  Chicken and broccoli and cheese stuffed croissants?  A pasta?  Meatloaf?  I have NO idea what our celebratory dinner will be yet.  If we had a grill, it would be steak!  With asparagus and a salad!  Mmmmm  (we have delish way of cooking it the asparagus!)  Something else for me to plan.  lol  I think I'm leaning toward the London Broil....  We'll see.

Man... I can't wait to use the kitchen!  I'm not sure what my favorite room will be..... Our kitchen or our bedroom.  It's a close call for sure!  lol

Friday, July 15, 2011

It pays to ask! Update on sealing our granite *UPDATE*

A few days ago, I asked our rep for who installed our granite.  When she got me the information, I looked them up online and emailed them.  And guess what?  They can "can come out and put a lifetime sealer your granite for $250."

Really?  LIFETIME?  My husband is going to call them and ask a few more questions, but it looks like we're going to do it.  I have bought a granite cleaner that also has a bit of sealer in it, so every time you use it you are protecting the sealer.  We will save money in long run, and more importantly, our time.

I'll keep ya'll posted!

So my Dh called and talk to the Rep.  The sealer they do lasts for 15 years.  0.0  AND....get this.  There is already a temp sealer on it that should last up to year!  GET OUT!!  She told us to test it and see.  I knew how to test it from watching a TON of videos on youtube, but here is how you test if for those of you who don't know:

Put some water on your granite.  If it beads up (sits on top), it's sealed.  If the stone starts to absorb it, it's not.  ONLY USE WATER!!!  Granite is very porous and absorbs whatever is in contact with it.  If it absorbs water, the spot will get darker, but the water will evaporate out of it.  Anything else will stain it.  (my youtube education there.  lol)

Now, I plan on going over this weekend to check to see if it's sealed.  =)  They also told us to call them back before the year is up to come out to do the 15 yr/lifetime seal if we want it.  They strip everything off it and start from scratch.  But then you don't have to worry about it for 15 years!  SOOO WORTH IT!  If it's already sealed right now, we have time.  =) 

Again guys, never be afraid to ask questions!!  Because we asked, we found out we may not need to seal it after all!  (at least right away)  And we can get it done professionally for a good price and it will last a good long time.  =)  I'm so excited that instead of sealing things on Friday, we can actually START moving!  =)

Now I have to craigslist this bulletproof sealer I bought.  2 quarts, plus S&H, plus tax...$90 later....  I have to try and recoup some of my loss here.  (and it's suppose to last 3-5 see where the $250 for 15 years is a deal?)

Looking forward to her call on Monday to see about sealing our grout in both upstairs bathrooms....

# 7 The Kitchen Sink

I love my kitchen sink!!  We opted for the 60/40 split sink because I have some rather large skillets (I do have a husband and 3 kids.  lol).  The bigger side of the sink will help with the washing of them.  =)  Right now the standard size sink just doesn't quite cut it.  It's one big mess trying to hand wash some of those skillets.
I also love how the nozzle is also the sprayer.  It looks so much cleaner up there without several different things all sticking up.  =)  I love that it's an under-mounted sink too.  =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I figured it out!! (I think)

It's been soooo hard to even imagine what life is going to be like in our new home.  I don't know if it's because all we've been through or if it just seems way to good to be true.  Perhaps a bit of both.  Maybe I'm in denial that is really happening for us.  Or maybe my energies have been spent too much on packing and trying to keep my girls lives as normal as possible before the move to really put much thought into it.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  And wondering why I literally cannot imagine life in this house.  And honestly, I think it's a few things.   Yes, I think most of it falls on all the aforementioned things.  But I think a little part of it is something else.

Ok, now this is going to sound completely crazy, so don't say I didn't warn you!!  But....

I think another part (a smaller part, but a part none the less) is because I HAVE been to the house so much.  And I have yet to see it in "live-in" condition.  LOL  (all a part of the process, I know)      Something is always getting worked on, or fixed.  The hall, even after they took the protective covering off, still need cleaned.  It's hard to imagine living somewhere that isn't clean.  lol

See... I told you it sound completely crazy!!!  lol

I know they are working hard to finish up odds and ends.  And I also know that everything WILL BE cleaned by closing.  But not seeing it that way yet has had impact on me.  I know.  I'm weird.  lol

I'm trying to stay away until Wednesday.  That's our pre-settlement walk-through.  I'd LOVE to be surprised!!  However, I am wanting to take my MIL (an ordained minister) over the house so we can pray over it.  Not sure that one is going to wait until Wednesday.  It may have to be this weekend or one day next week after she gets off work.  We won't move in until we've all prayed over the house.

So that's it.  I'm officially stating how whacky I am on the world wide web.  lol  *sigh*

online article about the award

NVR, Inc. Built More ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Than Any Other Homebuilder in 2010 and has Been Named a 2011 'ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year'

* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.
Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:30pm EDT

NVR, Inc. Built More ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Than Any Other Homebuilder in 2010 and has Been Named a 2011 'ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year'

PR Newswire
RESTON, Va., March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NVR, Inc. (NYSE: NVR), one of the nation's largest homebuilding and mortgage banking companies, announced that the Environmental Protection Agency has named NVR a 2011 "ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year."  NVR builds under the Ryan Homes, NVHomes, Fox Ridge Homes and Rymarc Homes brand names.  This award is granted to builders that demonstrate excellence and innovation in building and promoting ENERGY STAR qualified homes.
At the beginning of 2010, NVR began qualifying every home to the ENERGY STAR standards established by the EPA.  NVR built more ENERGY STAR qualified homes than any other homebuilder in 2010 and has, to date, built more than 10,000 ENERGY STAR homes.  ENERGY STAR qualified homes are 20-30% more energy efficient than standard homes.
"Partners like NVR that build homes that earn the ENERGY STAR qualification are helping American home buyers find more comfortable homes that also save money on energy bills and protect the environment," said Elizabeth Craig, Acting Director of EPA's Office of Atmospheric Programs.  "Home builders such as NVR are building an energy-efficient future for America's families that will continue to deliver savings for years to come."
ENERGY STAR was introduced by the EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with energy use.  Today, the ENERGY STAR label can be found on more than 60 kinds of products as well as new homes and buildings.  Last year alone, Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved $18 billion on their utility bills and prevented greenhouse gas equivalent to those of 34 million cars.  Products, homes and buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR prevent emissions by meeting strict energy-efficient specifications established by the EPA.  For more information, go to
About NVR
NVR, Inc. operates in two business segments:  homebuilding and mortgage banking.  The homebuilding unit sells and builds homes under the Ryan Homes, NVHomes, Rymarc Homes and Fox Ridge Homes trade names, and operates in twenty-five metropolitan areas in fourteen states.  For more information about NVR, Inc. and its brands, see,,,, and

the link I got this from was:


My family has put in an offer on a house.  I'm not saying which one yet.  We're all waiting to see what happens.  I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat all over again...waiting.  lol

To give you some perspective of where my sister and her family will live, here is a photo of my front yard.  I have marked 2 areas, A and B.   (A, being behind that house shown)   I'm not sure which lot was the one they wanted again, but it's one of those two.  My kids would be SOOO stoked to have their cousins that close!   Snow days would be a lot more fun.  lol

I'm so excited.  I hope this works out for them.  But you never can tell.....

#16 ENERGY STAR continued....a better entry for it.

Every Ryan home is Energy Star Certified.   What does this mean exactly?

It means every home Ryan builds must pass several inspections in order to get this certification.  Why is this certification such a big deal?  Because it can save you 20-30% on your bills!  Who doesn't want that!

This means the windows must pass inspection, the roof, the insulation,  the wrap of the house, the appliances too. They also seal up the house tight and do a compression test before closing to get the final certification.  This test allows them to see how well the house is sealed.  If there is air escaping, it shows where, so the can fix it.  =)

Did you also know that Ryan Homes is the 2011 Energy Star partner of the year winner?  Google it!  =)

In some states there may be tax cuts/credits for having such a green home!  I know there are special mortgages you can get, called green mortgages, for homes like this too.  =)

Hurray for Energy Star and Savings!!

# 8 Corner Lot!

I'm so excited to have a corner lot!!  There are many reasons behind this.  Here are some in no particular order:

1.  Less Neighbors:  I'm sorry but if you only knew some the crazy stuff that went on where we live now (and yup, I'm on a corner here too), you'd understand why I'm a bit hesitant to live around too many people.  lol 

2.  I may have a tiny lot (.18 acre, 60 ft lot), but being on the corner gives the illusion of a bigger yard

3.  I like to have family over.  Just about my entire family lives in the area.  Same with my husband's side of the family.  I now have AMPLE parking being on a corner (my driveway, front street and side street).  lol  My kids had to have 2 separate birthday parties for years.  One for my side of the family, one for his, simply because there is no room in the house we have now.  Now my home is not only big enough, but I'll have enough parking too.  I'm even throwing my sister's bridal shower less than 2 months after we move.  Talk about getting it together fast!  lol

4.  I got more sod in my yard.  lol  An apparently, and extra tree!  Woohoo!  lol

5.  It allowed us the side entry garage.  Which we love!   The side entry helps our house look a little different than the Milan 3 lots down from me with our same elevation.   And it gives the illusion of a bigger house.  lol  I may have to be little careful parking my van in it now (length wise) but having it this way gives us more room to open our doors and store things on the side.  =)

6.  I love Christmas and I love decorating for it.  It'll take a year or two before I know exactly how and what I want to do to decorate our house (more than likely), but now I have a nice big yard to decorate with!  (no worries neighbors, I don't do the blow-up Christmas stuff.  Or least I have never found any that I like well enough to put in the yard).  We do have a white wooden nativity scene complete with shepherds, wisemen and sheep.  It's big!  And now we have a yard big enough to display it.  (no worries, it's not tacky.  I hate tacky).  Our old neighborhood's HOA use to have a Christmas Lights Decorating contest.  We won every year.   (can you tell I love Christmas?  lol  And NO!!!  My name has nothing to do with it (if you know it).  In fact, I was born in August!) 

Yeah.... I'm really excited about corner lot!  =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On the way to a friend's house this afternoon, we drove by the house (it was on the way).

To our surprise, we had workers and blue tap.  We didn't stay in long!  But we also got another surprise...A YARD!!!

Here are some pictures from today's quick visit:
a yard!

a tree


all fixed

turned the correct way

not sure it's in the middle of the kitchen, but
I'm pretty happy it's turned.  It helped.

Our laundry light.  It gives off pleanty of light

What an "unfinished" garage looks like
We just have to do this section to complete it.
Is it worth the price Ryan charges for you to have them do it?

My mailbox out at the street

Soon-to-be Home Sweet Home!!

Oh, that reminds me!!  One more thing....  My family put in an offer for a house!!  I'm excited!!  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I wonder why it's different? And we think we got someone to seal our granite!

I was looking through the blog of another blogger who closed recently on a Milan (same model as me)

Here is a picture of their laundry light:

In my house the laundry light is the exact same as the little bulb kitchen light  (that we are replacing at closing) that is over the sink, seen here:
I wonder why we get two totally different kinds of lights? Maybe they had a lighting upgrade?  Some of the lights in the house are different (the dining light), but all the others are the same (except the one they picked out special for their daughter's room that Ryan installed for them...which my middle girl wants in her room now too.  lol)  *shrugs*  =(

My BIL also knows someone who does granite work and is talking to him about possibly sealing our granite for us!  OH HAPPY DAY!!! 

OH...and we are NO longer moving our tv in on Friday night.  I do NOT like the aspect of it being in the house with no one staying there over night.  I'm just asking for it to be stolen.  You know?   Now we'll be moving it first thing on Saturday.  =)  This way it is NEVER in the house over night without someone there.  Glad my brain finally kicked in here.  lol

Countdown #11, 10, and 9.


We went from looking a foreclosed homes, to "used" homes, to building  a brand new home.  Why buy a "used" home (foreclosed or not) for the exact same amount we could a bigger, nicer, brand new home for?  One where everything in it was designed by us and one where everything in it has a warranty and will need fixed or replaced for a long time?  Yeah, no brainer!! 

Then there are Ryan's warranties:

1 yr warranty that covers workmanship and materials on everything but:
Painting, caulking grouting;
cuts, scrapes, nicks (we do those just by living there)
exterior brass

2 yr mechanical Warranty
covers the installation of concealed systems:
plumbing, electrical and HVAC

10 year structural warranty
this covers the structural integrity of
load bearing framing
roof trusses

5 yr compressor motor warranty 
Manufacturers' warranty, providing unit is serviced annually

Why even bother to look at a "used" home?  Or anywhere else for that matter.  Add all this and their energy star ratings....WOOHOO!!!

#10  New appliances

I am thrilled about getting new appliances.  We personally just got a new washer/dryer (LG and I LOVE THEM!!)  My FIL is assisting us in getting  a new fridge (LG too).  But I am super excited about all my new kitchen appliances!

The range we are getting is nice.  One of the burners you can decide the size to heat up.  One of the options is very large to help heat up my large skillets evenly, faster!  =D  HURRAY!!

The microwave seems nice too.  The one in the house I am in right now is the cheapest on the market.  blah.

Then there is dishwasher!!  OH MY!!  An Energy Star, quieter dishwasher!!  WOOHOO!!!  Are you kidding me?  I'm soooo looking forward to that!!  Energy saving AND quiet!  =)  How can you beat that?


I am excited about this feature (that seems to be in most of the Ryan Homes house plans).  I know that the size of the mudroom varies depending on which model home you are building.  And ours is one of the smaller ones, but it's nice to know you aren't just walking into a room.  (remember my hall post)

I like that we have this separate little area to hang things on hooks (such as coats, backpacks, ect.), a place to put the dog bowl, and a place to take off our shoes if need be.  Our mudroom even has closet!  =D  (our vacuum's new home.  lol) 

I, personally, think it's a great feature to have on a house.  MUDROOMS!

new e-neighbor ya'll!!

We have a new neighbor on our block!  =)  Welcome Robert!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

News, more news, and countdown catch-up

First my countdown catch-up.  BD said he read it, and when I glanced back over the stats, they were getting I'll continue.

#13  Ryan's follow-ups!

I am so impressed with "follow-ups" and such Ryan has.

Our first big meeting after we signed our contract and picked all our options and colors was our Pre-construction meeting.  We saw the blueprints, and went over EVERY SINGLE OPTION we picked to make sure everything was right before they actually started the house.  Then we went down to the lot and were able to see the stakes of how the house would sit on the lot.  NICE!

Then we had our Pre-drywall meeting.  This is where you get to look through the house before all the drywall goes up, ask questions, voice concerns.

Then there is your Pre-Settlement walk-through.  Your PM has a 2-4 meeting with you.  You look over every nook and cranny in you home.  You make sure everything is the way it needs to be, or it gets fixed before closing.  Your PM also shows you how to work everything and goes over how to care for it all.  VERY NICE!!

Then, there is your 30 day follow-up.  A month after closing, Ryan wants to know how things are going.  Does a door stick?  Floor squeak?  Something bothering you or not up to par?  You get to tell them now and they'll fix it!  =)

Then there is your 10 month follow-up!!  Yup!  Just about a year after closing, they check in on you again!!!  How awesome is that?  A lot of builders hand you the keys at closing and you're on your own.  Some builders in my area started to follow Ryan's lead here, but then some cut it back out.  Hmmmm....wonder why?  Ryan really takes care of their people.  IMPRESSIVE!!  We we're mighty impressed by this!!

# 12  My Patio!!

I am thrilled that I got to customized my paito!  It runs the length of the house from the morning room on, and is as wide as the morning room itself!  I'm excited to one day be able to entertain here!  =)

I'm also excited that I'm not having a deck to have to stain, replace boards on eventually, termite treat, try and mow under....yadda yadda yadda.  So much less work with a patio!

I'll do a few more tomorrow to catch up some more.

Some news:  One blogger's blog page had a comment that said her blog was on Ryan's website.  Really?  Interesting....  Wonder how that happened?  I'm not sure if it's at or some other Ryan site.  But Congrats to the blogger!  Neat!  Not why we do it, but neat none the less.  We all blog to share our experience with Ryan AS IT HAPPENS...honestly.  And we blog to share and get support from others going through the building the process (who else is going to be excited about egress windows and piles of wood?  lol  Those of us living it too!!   That's who!)

So if anyone knows where this site is the person was talking about, please let me know!  I'd love to check out who's there and what they're all saying.  lol  I'm so nosy.  lol

Other news:   My family may decide NOT to build in my neighborhood after all.  =(   They were very upfront from the beginning with Ryan and the other builder they are looking at.  They were torn between the 2 builders and neighborhoods.  Communication seems to be a bit faster with the other builder so it's easier for them to make decisions and come to final answer there.  But, we'll see.  Hoping it gets better!  I would love to have them as neighbors!!  =)   I'll keep ya'll posted.

I haven't gone by the house today.  I'm showing restraint!  lol  Hope too on Wed. though.

So that's it.  Those are my updates!  Ta ta for now!

You never know unless you try

I remembered that while I was trying to research how our kitchen might look before it was installed, I ran across a picture of the back splash behind the sink.  It's electrical outlet covers were granite! (well...doubtful, but they matched the granite!).  I loved the look of it.

So, I emailed our Rep to find out who installed our granite.  I wanted to check to see if they had matching outlet covers.  She was happy to pass along the information.

So, I emailed them.  And while I was at it, I decided to ask if they had any tips for us sealing our granite or even if they could do it.  And if so, what would their price be?  I figured, you never know unless you try....

Now we wait for answers.  lol

But if anyone out there has granite, don't be afraid to ask your Rep for who does it so you can ask for tips and help.

I LITERALLY have nightmares about the sealing process.  I'll gladly pay someone to do it, as long as it isn't too expensive.  lol  We bought a good sealer, I just don't want to "paint" it on.  =(  I don't even know if we bought enough.  (only 2 quarts).

Wish us luck!  No matter how this turns out.  lol

Update on fridge question

We made a decision!!!

Model # 2!!!

We found the exact same model in a 28 cu. ft (which is why it was more.  For the same price as Model #1 we would have gotten the 25 cu ft one.  Either way....we are happy).

Model  #2 had features we loved, better appearance and a MUCH better warranty.  The ice maker is in the door and still has door storage, freeing up more inside space too.  It had a larger area for ice and water and did come with an ice tray on the bottom.  (I'm sorry...but if the thing cost more than $2000, you should get an ice tray.  You should not have to purchase it separate.  That's just the company being cheap...which makes you wonder...)The reviews were really good too!

Model #1 was nice, but not as nice.  It did have a feature #2 didn't, but it wasn't something on our "must have" list. All the model #1's had the same broken handle on the bottom freezer at the store.  It didn't have as good of a warranty.  The reviews were good, but said it had a noisy ice maker (one guy said it woke him up at night).  The ice and water were not in the door but in the fridge part, taking up more space.  And honestly, it wasn't as pretty to look at either.  It had NO ice tray.  lol Not a big deal...but at the same time....I just can't get passed a company being that darn cheap.

So model #2  it is!!  Thanks guys!

I have laid off my countdown because I don't think anyone was interested in it.  I just didn't want ya'll to think I forgot.  I just don't want to waste anyones time, or mine for that matter, writing something no one reads.

This week  is more packing because next week we close! 

Have a good one!  =)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

refrigerator question for the masses

Ok , so we think we know the refrigerator we would like to have.  It came down to 2 models.

Model #1:
Pros:  Cheaper price
          Fan fav.
Cons:  No ice tray in the bottom
         Has been said to have a very noisy ice maker.
          Most of the models at the store had the SAME broke pieces on it (which does worry me a bit)

Model #2:
Pros:   Looks nicer
          Has ice tray on the bottom
          better warranty
Cons:  Tiny bit more expensive
          A few reviews say some of the ice makers can clog sometimes.

I know which one I like.  But Given this information, which would you choose?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The "plum" wall issue is now fixed



THE DOOR again

Still needs a good cleaning.  lol