Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just love my PM!!!

My PM has got to be THE BEST PM in all the area if not the southeast!!

He has moved up our pre-settlement walk-thru to the 20th with closing on July 22nd!!! He is most awesome!!

Apparently he tried to send me an update on Friday, and I never got it. =( So he re-sent it! He is so knowledgeable and friendly!! I think my Rep and PM will definitely be getting 10's at this point! =D I could not be more thrilled!!

Ok..enough of bragging about J. Here is what we have on the schedule for this week:

Mon: HVAC starts followed by electricians
Wed. we meet with Guardian
Thurs. Guardian does the wiring

When the electricians have completed their work they will begin on the siding!! =) (I'm assuming this means next week)

Next Wed. is our pre-drywall!!!! It's also my little girl's 6th birthday! =) He suggested our inspector come out Friday or this weekend to look around and get his report together so we can discuss it at the pre-drywall meeting. =) So I'm guessing this means that by this Friday, all our inside stuff will be done! (again why I'm thinking next week will be siding).

Now our super Awesome PM, J., will be out of town starting next Thursday through the weekend. So no update next Friday on the following week. Maybe he'll have a few ideas on Wed. But he did leave us a name to contact if we had any questions. =) Always looking out for us!

SO pretty soon, I'll have outside pics that look pretty! lol

I'm so excited! Still waiting on the loan news, but it's all good. =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Walked through today and took some pics. Some of it is the damage I talked about before and then just other stuff.

WARNING: ROCKY...there is a pic of your house, so if you haven't seen it this weekend, don't look under the last section about our roof!

These bowed boards were all over the house

I am glad our super PM J. has already marked them! =)

Here are the broken windows
This one is the little decorative window in the front

This one is one of the windows in our Mstr Bdrom. The inside pane is fine. Notice the tint! =)

This is my middle girl in the fireplace. lol I love her. She'll be six in 10 days!

I think it was BD who asked if the stairs were temporary or the real deal...here is a pic

Here is some of the damage to the one stair

You can tell from the pics the front of the stair is splintered off, but what you can't tell is that the crack you see above the splinter is rather large and extends past the photo edges. This is the board I am going to talk to our PM about replacing. I can see it being a problem in a few years. Must be pine, not oak. lol

Does anyone know why they do this?


You can see the little bit of road next to our house and how the rest of it isn't there yet. We think that will be next phase of the development. Down past our house.

Our PM usually gets in touch with me on Fridays. But I haven't heard from him yet. I figure it's a holiday weekend, and expect to hear from him on Tuesday about what's next. I have our meeting with Guardian on Wed., and they are scheduled to do the work Thursday. I have to do this meeting by myself. My husband can't make it. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ok, so I did a drive by this morning, not really expecting much since we had storms all day yesterday for the most part. SURPRISE!!! I had a roof!! Like shingles!! =) Wish I would have brought my camera. lol

So I managed to go in a take a quick look around. The plumbing now has a deep purple on parts of it. So plumbers where there too.

The things I weren't so impressed with were:

1. Someone busted a window in our Master Bedroom from the outside (inside pane still in tacked). I'm thinking it was a roofer with their ladder. =( So that needs replaced.

2. Our stairs. The rounded edge on the front of the stairs... 2 stairs are splintered off. One VERY badly. I'm not happy about that either and will be mentioning this to my PM. I know stuff happens. I just want to make sure the boards are REPLACED and not just glued. Like I said, I wish I had my camera with me. I'll go back later and take the pics of the damage.

Other than that, I was really impressed. Some of the storms were bad! And yet, I have shingles!! =) These workers just amaze me.

Friday, May 27, 2011

the loan....tick tock tick tock

So DH talked to our loan officer. Processing has our paperwork. (duh) Once they get to it, it will only take 24-48 hours. But we are yet delayed some more. They have HAD our paperwork...but it's the end of the month, on a month that also ends in a major holiday. So underwriting has been CRAZY backed up and busy getting things ready for the closings they are trying to fit in before the holiday weekend. SO our file is on someone's desk somewhere, waiting to be looked at. Closings come first. *sigh* More delays. Oh well. *shrugs* No use worrying over it. You know? So now we are told hopefully sometime next week and that it IS a priority. But they have to get all these closings done first. I understand that.

We also found out that they have ALL our paperwork and will not be requiring anything before closing at all. =) YAY!! No more calls about "we need this or that", no more paycheck stubs, bank statements, NOTHING!!! YAY!! They got it all together to begin with. YAY!! (We asked and she said this was it). I think DH said they will pull our credit once more before closing to make sure we haven't screwed anything up (lol), but that was all!

So we are STILL playing the waiting the game. But, I'm getting better at it!! lol Again we are told we "should" know next week. It does kinda feel like we may not know until closing. Which would REALLY suck for my Mom and sister, since they apparently have no faith in this. But that's their problem. I'm not even going to mention to this to my family anymore. I have decided it's just not worth it. I will answer whatever questions they ask, but I am no longer volunteering any information that way. If they can't be happy for us and have faith in us and the process, well then... I am NOT going to subject myself to their pessimistic attitudes anymore. I am not trying to sound b*tchy. Really. I am just done with the wrong attitudes. I need support not doubting debbies. I still love them all dearly!! =) And when we do get the loan, I'll let them know. But all they have done so far is complain about the whole thing. So why bother volunteering the information? You know?

Sorry...didn't mean to go on a tare like that. They are good people promise. And I do love them.

So anyway...MAYBE next week... I am still holding out for Wed. But let's face it, if they don't look at it til Tues. (they are closed on Mon) that would make it at least Thursday. And there is no guarantee when we will be looked at. So it could go until the week after that.

I am ok with it. I am hoping for my "yes" and believing in it and going on with my life as if I already have it! =)

So that's the loan update! As long as they come back with a Yes...they can take another week. I'm okay with it. lol ;)

Understanding Your Window Ratings!


U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping. The rate of heat loss is indicated in terms of the U-factor (U-value) of a window assembly. U-Factor ratings generally fall between 0.20 and 1.20. The lower the U-value, the greater a window's resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

So this window is way good!! =) (.30 US measurement)

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight. The SHGC is the fraction of incident solar radiation admitted through a window (both directly transmitted and absorbed) and subsequently released inward. SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The lower a window's solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits in the house.

Visible Transmittance

Visible Transmittance (VT) measures how much light comes through a product. The visible transmittance is an optical property that indicates the amount of visible light transmitted. VT is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The higher the VT, the more light is transmitted.

So far it would seem this window lets in pretty good light and yet still saves energy. I am really happy about the energy thing! =)

STC Rating

This is the sound proof ratings. It starts at 26 and goes to 54 (being sound proof). 26-28 is the for normal range single pane glass (average of 27) and the range for double pane glass is 26-33 (with an average of 28).

Personally if the average of double pane glass is 28, I'm good with 26 for a single. I wouldn't think it would be that much difference. lol

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Front Door Debate!! Time to Weigh In!!

Ok...here is our front door:

The Great Debate

Pretty right? I think so. It'll look even better black! We are both super happy the center is blurred so you can't see in the house. PLUS!! However...my hubby doesn't like that the side windows aren't the same way. Here is where there are differences of opinion on how to fix that. Which do you think is best? Do you have another option?

1. Storm door ~ Putting a storm door up will both protect the door and make it harder to see through the second panes of glass on the actual door. More expensive but also protects the door.

2. Putting the sticky laminate window film over the entire glass that smokes it all out. Much less expensive.

Which option would you choose? Which option do you think works best? Do you have another option?

PS: please see other post for updated pics on the house.

long post...lots of pics

Went out to the house tonight. I took the two older kids in one at time to look around. No one was there tonight. Good for them! They were amazed! It was so exciting to see them so excited. And I was really blown away at my middle girl. She knew which rooms were where, where closets were, without being told. They were so excited, and it warmed my heart to see it.

Afterward we went to my mom's and told her my sister about it. The looks I got said it all. The "Why in the WORLD would you take them and let them get excited about something that isn't final yet?" They don't have any faith in this, or us, or this loan it seems. I couldn't wait to share it all with them, and I left so disappointed. My mother had a short conversation with me. She pretty much said she wasn't going to the house until approval came through. She'd get excited then. Broke my heart. I wanted so bad for them to be excited WITH us. My MIL was excited and prayed over it. At least someone in my family is on my side. I know they are just worried about us. They are wanting to protect themselves from the disappointment they feel we are going to get. In a way I understand wanting to protect yourself, but in another way I am hurt by their lack of faith in us or this, and their apparent poor attitude about it all.

Oh well...silver lining....ok... When this approval comes through, I'll have to think of a clever way to show my mom and tell her out at the house. I'd love to get her out there and give her the good news. I have a few ideas.... But am open to more! Ideas anyone?

Anyway...here are the pics. I do have a some questions...


Ok...what is this?
I know another blogger had pictures of this in their garage too...what is it exactly??

Window Ratings!! You bet I'll be googling this!! lol

Our plans and stuff!

Girl's upstairs hall bath tub!! And plumbing. =)

My Eldest chillin in her room

Master bath!! The seat is in the shower ladies and gentlemen!! =D

The back of the house

So that's the updates! I'll discuss the door issue in another post soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I took him

I took my hubby to the house tonight. He hasn't been there since the pre-con meeting and has lived vicariously through my photos. We drove up and had a roof, windows, doors, and a big ole' SOLD sign in the window (my favorite part!) Unfortunately, I forgot the SD card in the computer. SO when I grabbed the camera before we left, it did us no good. So no pics. We also had stairs today as well! =) We didn't venture up them because they were STILL WORKING in the house!! NO LIE!

My hubby was cute. He was worried about us being there. He was worried we should tell our Rep we were there. I told him she already knows all the people come "after hours" to see the houses and we start letting her know when we needed the keys. I just waved at the workers, admired my windows and such, did a quick walk-about on the first floor and exited. He walked around back and checked it out and slowly meandered in and came out the front door. That is going to cause a fight now, I can see it. I'll go into the issue btwn us and the front door when I get a good picture of it this weekend, so you'll understand.

DH did say that he liked the house and wanted pics of all the inside walls before drywall goes up. I told him that we would do that at the pre-dry wall meeting. He also had a question about something in the garage. I told him I think it had to do with the door, but he said he thought it was structural. I'll post a pic of that and ask ya'll about it too. Maybe my e-neighbors can help us on that one.

I was amazed at Rocky's house and all the progress there (my soon-to-be next door neighbor). And they were still working on his too. =) My plan is to go back out Friday. I may have to go Saturday if my mom wants to go. Not like I'd mind! lol My FIL wants to see it too. Hubby thinks maybe on Sunday we'll take him.

So no visit tomorrow. I am sticking by that one. Besides, with the workers there so late, I'd rather not anyway. I'll wait until this weekend when they are off work. lol I don't want to be in the way. And I can get some good pics then, so be prepared. =)

HEEHEE Hubby snapped this on his cell on our way out. No shingles but a black roof!

New home builders starting the process, this is for you

Man, the blogs have been SSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW lately. There use to be several posts a day. Now we are lucky if we have one some days. So depressing.

That being said, I thought I would write a little something for those just starting the home building process.

First of all, welcome to the process of building your home!! =) Excited yet?

A few pointers, or advice, or maybe it's just me being bored and needing to do something other than clean. Either way, I thought I would share what I have learned.

This process will be one of the most exciting, exhilarating, stressful, hopeful, beat-your-head-against-the-wall experiences of your life!

Maybe you've found that home that is perfect for you, and you have already begun daydreaming of what it will be like to live there. Maybe you are still in the process of narrowing down the models. No matter what, you are probably soaring on high right now that is also eclipsed with a bit of stress. Yes? We've all been there.

All of your daydreams of your home, hold on to those. You'll need them. I suggest getting a 3 ring binder to keep all your paperwork in, your pictures in, and any notes you take from reading the blogs. Have it all in one place.

Have you picked a lot yet? Hair pulling experience!! You want just the right one and sometimes it's hard to imagine the house on it, how big your yard will be, and how close the neighbors will be. But you'll get there!

Your Ryan Rep is there to help you. They don't mind meeting over and over or answering ANY of your questions. They WANT to help you. You are not an inconvenience to them. So don't ever be afraid to call them up, or email them. They will be your new best friend for the next couple of weeks.

First comes the loan process. This can take anywhere from weeks to months (trust me). They'll want paperwork ASAP and you'll hurry to get them, just wait some more. Be prepared! This process alone is enough to stress ANYONE out. I suggest getting a pre-approval before hand if you can. It will help speed the process along. It's not a must by any means, but it helps. (we didn't get a pre-approval until after we found our home).

Then there are all the options!! If you aren't a decisive person, this can be more of a headache than fun. But believe me, it IS fun.

I suggest sitting down with the Ryan Rep and getting a list of all the upgrades. Take some time to look it over and add as many as you can to your house first thing. Get the final price, and then make an offer. Trust me, they accept offers. The more you can get in the offer, the better. But yes, you can add things later. Do you you know you want molding? Upgraded carpet pads? Wood flooring? Upgraded cabinets or lighting? Granite? Add it now if you can. Again, it just makes it easier later.

Picking out the colors for you home may not be as easy as you'd like it to be. There really aren't any real photos of the houses with those color schemes. Just color swatches on a piece of paper, and little pieces of siding and shutter colors. If you are building in an established neighborhood, feel free to drive around and look at the colors on the houses and see if there is one you like. If it's not so established, see if Ryan has another community close by you can drive through. But please note, just because one community has the colors, yours may not. But it's a good place to start. Take pictures! I HIGHLY recommend this!!

We had a heck of a time choosing our colors. We finally picked what we though we'd like. Then I drove around and found our model house with the colors. And even though it was beautiful, it wasn't what we were hoping for. So back to the colors drawing board again it was. We finally picked another set of colors. And after an extensive online search, I was lucky enough to find our house with the colors online and we loved it!! I suggest bringing a camera and taking a picture of your final selections. So when you have that first twinge of doubt, you can look back on it and either re-assure yourself, or know you need to go back to the drawing the board.

Flooring!!! This meeting I dreaded. I was afraid of all the choices they may have. And we got there, and yes...there were more choices than I ever dreamed. BUT, it was so easy and fun!! And the sales rep was friendly and not pushy at all! And from what I have read in other blogs, this is the case all around. We even took our 18 month old toddler at the time. And we still had a good time.

Things to consider when going to this meeting are:

1. Are you on a crawl or a slab? This may effect the carpet padding you get
2. Your cabinet choices (no worries...they have them there)
3. Ask as many questions as you can about warranties and durability of things. Especially when considering upgrading. Doing this helped us decide on carpet upgrades and what to do for flooring in our entry way.

Again, take your camera. Get pictures of all your options together. You are going to wish you had them later if you don't. And believe me, they sales reps are use to people with cameras. =)

Now you thought the "hurry up and wait" process was just for the loan. Wrong!! You are now going to have to wait for your meeting with Guardian (wiring). Here is the link to my Guardian entry for pricing and kinda what to expect:http://themills-noey814.blogspot.com/2011/04/guardian-meeting-and-pricing.html . They are going to talk to you about cable, phones, surround sound, security, and such.

Then you have to wait for pre-construction meeting. By this time you'll be so anxious to start the process you may feel like this meeting is taking forever to get too. No worries. It'll get to you! This meeting is to meet your PM (Project Manager...kind like the super superintendent for your house). he will be your GO-TO person now. You will also go over every option you picked and over the lay out of the house, as well as visit your lot! =) At this meeting you will get the project break-ground date. Finally a sigh of relief and the start of high expectations. lol Don't be afraid to ask your PM for weekly updates!

This is the part of the process that's the most fun. I am lucky enough to live close by and can drive by almost daily to check the progress. If you live close by, do this!! I know gas isn't cheap, but you'll be amazed at how quickly it all happens and the transformations that take place.

You'll have the prettiest pile of dirt ever!! You don't think you'll be excited about dirt? Trust me, you will be by this point! Then you have stakes in the ground and then an outline. Then plumbing, then before you know it you have either your slab or crawl space going! And then the framing begins. They work so hard!! Visit as much as you can. Because once you are under roof and have cabinets in, you'll need to get your Ryan Rep to let you in. The house will be locked!

After you are framed and under roof, it's all inside stuff for a while. More plumbing, Hvac, inspections, pre-drywall, insulation, wiring, dry-wall up, flooring, painting, cabniets, ect. (not necessarily in this order). So enjoy the outside drive-by's while you can. =)

At this point, we are almost done framing and wrapping our house. And I look back on my list of options and pictures from time to time. You will too. You won't be able to wait to see them in your brand new home!

Before the framing starts, it's a long process of waiting. But hold on to your dreams and your pictures. They will help keep you excited and motivated and hopeful. Consider blogging about your process. Many of us do and it helps us. =) And we love being here to help encourage others.

Just remember (and this is what I keep having to remind myself) that this process in the end, will seemed like it flew by really. And in the end, you will have the big beautiful home to call your own. It WILL get here!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



This was about 6:15 tonight (the time on the camera is wrong...I'm still working on trying to fix that) and they were still working!! I couldn't believe it! God bless these wonderful men!! Do you think they ever stop to think that they are dream builders? They are building people's dreams? I still am in awe at how hard they were still working! I pray God pour out of measure of his goodness upon them and their families.

My husband has been unable to get out to the site at all since the pre-con meeting (I told ya'll he works ALL THE TIME). When I told him we were under roof he couldn't believe it! He can't wait to see the pics. I am hoping to drag him out there Friday. =) My kids squealed the whole way down the road as soon as they saw they house!

And... I got to meet another potential neighbor. =) She was very nice and had a son in 1st grade!! I loved her outfit! lol There are only 3 lots left where we are and she is trying to decide which one is for her. There is rumor someone maybe moving lots, which would open up the lot we first wanted. I hope she finds what she needs and is happy. Picking a lot is hard work. Especially when there are only 3 left!!

I didn't go in the house. Buzz saws were still going and I didn't want to get in the way. But I'm super excited!! And to see our windows and doors there too! *contented sigh* I love our front door!! (it will be black eventually).

So that's my update!!!

Going to try to stay away until Friday...hopefully I can make it! lol

PM's news (not so good and good)

I heard back from our most awesome PM, J. He said right now closing is scheduled for the 27th. I had to take a deep breath. We have to be out before Aug. 1. My husband HAS TO work July 29 and 30...bell to bell ... 8:30 am until at least 9 pm. So that would give us 1 day to move, and get the carpets cleaned here, get this place deep cleaned and the walls touched up/re-painted.

At first we were told the 25th, then the 22nd, now the 27th. Confusing! lol

I know we need to work on some of this stuff ahead of time, but he only get's 3 days off a month right now. That's it. So between now and closing we are looking at 5-6 total days. I can't do it by myself. I can't. We have a large family and a lot of stuff to pack. Not to mention everything needs to be out to clean all the carpets. And until you have tried to do day-to-day cleaning with 3 kids, well lets just a say a deep clean with them in the house is NOT going to happen. lol

Panic started to set in. HOWEVER... J being THE MOST AWESOME PM IN THE WORLD did say this:

Pre-settlement is scheduled for the 21st. He can make the 22nd closing work, but he would like to have at least 2 days to "finish up". Isn't he great!! I explained the situation to him and told him any day he could give us before the 27th would be a grand blessing!!!

Keep us in your prayers. I praying for a miracle. That we can close 22nd and that pre-settlement can moved up and things just fall into place where it's not stressful for ANYONE!! We need some of God's crazy favor!! Because as much as we need closing to be no later than the 22nd, I don't want to ask anyone to put themselves out or go out of their way. You know?

Anyway, that's my update for now. Thank you for your continued prayers. I hope to have some pics to download tonight! =)

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok...so I emailed both our Ryan Rep and our PM just a few minutes ago explaining that it would be nice to make sure the around July 22 date to close would be close and why we needed to know (for his work). I already got an email back!! She's right on it! C. IS AWESOME!!!!!

I said this in a comment on my last blog, but I wanted to put it here officially. I'm sorry for being a Debbie Downer. I have had a lot on my plate and I haven't slept through the night in MONTHS!! Most of you are aware of some the things we are facing in our personal lives. It's been crazy. I guess I'm in a funk. And this house is a great source of joy for us. And when I drove by earlier, I got disappointed. Who knows...they could have been on a late lunch.

I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I am MOST grateful for both this opportunity and that closing doesn't seem to be any later. No matter what, at the end of this, we will have a beautiful home to raise our girls in and give them a good life. And that is what is most important.

I promise to work hard to get out of this funk and find my sunnier side again! =)

Bummer =/

So my darling husband (DH) leaves some papers for work at home this morning. I go and run them up to him and since I'm up that way anyway, I take care of an errand he usually runs, for him. What do I get for that? A ticket. Yup. A $168 ticket for an expired tag. BLAH

I had to make two of my girls dr. appts for tomorrow. They aren't feeling well.

And...of course...I drove by the house. I was so sad. At first I thought "NO PROGRESS!! WHAT!" And then I realized a few things.

1. They did "some" work. They laid big beams across the top of the first floor. I would venture to call them supports for the second floor. That was it. That's all they did. It was 2:15 and they had all gone home. Except...

2. There was guy napping? Resting? In my house!! I think he was one of the workers on the Naples next door. They were putting it's brick up.

Now it is like 92 degrees today and humid. I understand taking a break and needing shade. Maybe he was sun sick. Who knows. I waved. He waved back and went right back to laying down. Really dude? Hope you feel better.

Man, they threw that Naples up in 2 days!! Tons of workers there after 5 both days. My house...I get 3 workers (have seen them) and they apparently only work until noon and quit. =/ This frustrates the TAR out of me.

I know they have until Thursday to get it all done but....

We REALLY need closing moved up a week if possible. My husband's work is complicated and getting the time off to move AND get our rental cleaned up is going to take time he doesn't have. The end of the month is a no no for him to take off of work. We really need to close a week before they are saying.

So when I saw they were working over the weekend, I was stoked! I thought we'd start being ahead of schedule and I can't tell you how much that thrilled me! I also thought they only worked 1/2 days b/c it was the weekend. Apparently not. I want the Naples workers. And no. I'm not kidding. No "lol" here. I want people who will work until the job is done. Just like I saw the Naples workers doing. Just like I am seeing workers on another house contracted after us doing. They are also there until around 5 every day.

How come we have the lazy workers?

I'm sorry. Getting a ticket and have 2 of my 3 kids sick has bummed me a bit. And I guess I'm taking it out on the poor workers. If I don't have a second story tomorrow, I may flip out. Needless to say I WILL be going by tomorrow afternoon to see what's going on. If they take a 1/2 day again, I am going to call my PM and see if this is the norm.

I'm just bummed today I guess. I feel like at this rate, Rocky's (my neighbor!!!) Milan will be finished before mine. That would be bad. Not for him. I bet he'd love it. lol But I sure wouldn't lol

Oh well. I guess it will be what it will be. I'm just bummed.

2 half days!

So I went BACK over to the site last night and got a few pics of what they were able to do in two days worth of work and leaving before lunch. This is what I got:

Dining Room Window

Looking into Morning Room

Too bad this won't always be our view out the morning room...but it should be for probably at least the next 6 months!

Back of house (love the windows!)

Bar in kitchen overlooking den (you can see the morning room behind it)


Side entry with kitchen windows (we didn't opt to pay for extra window in the Morning Room. Hope we don't regret that. We have something we want to put on that wall inside....)

So ... there it is. So far...so good. Hopefully by Friday I can pics of it under roof! =)

Oh, and sorry about all the pictures.... Can you tell I love pictures and am very excited! lol

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ok Milan builders.....FYI

I went back out to home site today. I wasn't planning on it, but...let's just say I needed a pick-a-me-up.

I was surprised to see that they practically finished the downstairs!! They seem to working 1/2 days right now on the weekend. Which is fine by me!! They weren't even scheduled to start until tomorrow!! And now they are about 1/2 done! I am impressed. I tried to get pictures, but my camera's batteries died. =/

ANYWAY...I took a look at the milan next me. Just walked over the property line and peaked. They have the moisture barrier down. And it appears that 1. they have the fireplace the same place I do, and 2. It also looks as if they may get the same patio as us. We'll see.

So here is my thing to you Milan owners...

With the back of my house all framed and what have you, I realized I liked the length of the patio, but wished it went out away from the house into the yard more. =( So I guess I wish it was wider. Something to think about...seriously!!

I guess I will definitely need to save up for my friends hubby to come out and do some work. I would like some nice stone work to come off the patio I guess and have either a fire pit or a corner fireplace. We'll see. So that's always an option too. =)

Anyway...seriously consider making it wider! The length of the house is great, but it should be a little wider. Minimum of 3 ft wider I would think. Just my thoughts though!

If my Milan neighbors read this, this is for you:

Great house! Great ideas! Can't wait to see what your's looks out (outside). I did not go onto your property and will NOT without your permission. No worries!! It did look like they should be probably pouring the foundation in the next day or two and then start framing. You aren't far behind us at all!! If you read this, consider blogging...Would love to say hello!

Sealing Concrete??

Ok...another blogger mentioned sealing their concrete patio. A few more had previously talked of sealing their driveways.

Why? Is it because you are up north and the weather there is awful? Is everyone suppose to do this? Because down here in the south, I have never really ever heard of it?

My grandparents did decide to put some kind of sealer on their drive way and walk way. That was a HUGE mistake. Now it's more slippery than ever when it rains. It all beads up and sits on top of it vs. the concrete absorbing it. They thought it would help, and it made it worse for them. (elderly..slippery surface..falling)

Again, I have never really heard of anyone down here doing it. What's the "411" (lol I had too...)on sealing concrete?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are you building in the Charlotte, NC area? If so....

A friend of mine's hubby does stone work. Patios, stairs, columns, grills, fire pits, fire places, ... you name it!!!

Here is a fb link to some of his work. If you decide you want him, let me know I'll give you contact info!!


Look what I have!

Looky what they did:

FIREPLACE!! But I have NO idea why there is a gap to the right of it. Any thoughts?

That's the morning room!!

I was excited they started today. I will try and wait until Tues or Wed to go back...TRY. lol

Friday, May 20, 2011

Check out my wood!! =P

Today's progress:

I got great wood!

Best wood EVAH!!! Hard to believe...all this is my house.

Roof!! This is going to be my roof.

Morning Room =) I can already see my kitchen table in there!

PATIO Enough room for grill, fire pit, and seating! =) And yes, the fireplace is there. Still plenty of room. =)

Garage, front stoop, house

Framing scheduled to start Monday, but PM said they might start tomorrow. By Friday I hope to have roofers and plumbers there! =) And DH called our PM about the scare another blogger had with plumbing. He wants to make sure it's done right. Should be an exciting week ahead!