Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coach Light Update

Hello Bloggers and Readers!  I hope you all are doing well!

In my last entry I talked about our garage coach light issue.  My rep had told us we got two but when we went to pre-settlement, we only had one.  PM said we only got one, yet we knew the Rep had said two.  I was willing to pay for a 2nd one.  This was something that gnawed at us and gnawed at us.

When the garage is side entry, you don't get that added bonus of porch light to help light the way.  The one garage coach light does not do a good enough job of keeping things lit.  So anyway, while going through emails, I found the email from our Rep stating we got both lights and forwarded it to her to see what could be done.

A few weeks later, and guess what?  We are suppose to get the 2nd coach light tomorrow!!  WOOHOO!  I'm so happy.  And I'm so glad I found email.  And I'm thankful our Rep went to bat for us again and got it fixed.  For future reference:  If you get a side entry, you only get one garage coach light (light outside the garage) unless you pay for the 2nd light.  There was some confusion in the begining and now we are getting what we originally asked for.  YAY!   I'm so happy Ryan is making this right.  =) 

Thank you Rep for all you've done!!  We'll miss you while you're away.  And Congratulations!  ;-) 

If you live in my neck of the woods, here is the latest update:

The next phase of the neighborhood to open is behind me (the big field).  Supposedly, a portion of each homes sales will be put aside to finish the club house and pool.  I certainly hope so!  With any luck, we'll have pool by next summer!  =)  WOOHOO!!

So that's life over this way.   I can't wait for our 10 month so we can paint!!   That should take place sometime in May I think.  We will put in a service call for it the end of April.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying their new homes, or the process of getting their new home.  =)  Take Care!


  1. Hello there! We are building a Ryan home in The Mills and are super excited! Sounds like you've had a very good experience with this company. We are having the Rome built and construction should start soon (within the next week or so). We should be meeting with our Project Manager next week and also with Rite Rug. Any advice?

  2. Hi there! YAY!! New neighbors!

    I think everyone we've talked too has had a great experience with Ryan in here. =) Congrats on the house!

    The PM is great! Very friendly and knows his stuff! Ask for weekly updates and he'll either email you or call you with what's going to be on the schedule for the following week. He's great like that! Once you have your Pre-drywall meeting, the PM can give you your closing date and you can lock in your rate with the mortgage company.

    Rite Rug: Take a camera!! You are going to want to show others what you picked. And if you have doubts or questions, you can go back and look at your choices. We had a wonderful experience with them too. We had to bring our then 1 yr old and they were very understanding. They have a TON of samples. They have all the cabinet colors there. So you will be able to hold up tile, granite, flooring, ect. to decide what all goes best with what you are getting. Don't be afraid to ask what the cost and warranty is on things. It will help aid in your decision.
    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! GL! And congrats!

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting all our new neighbors soon!

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood mkrucker80!!! Hi Noey...thx for the neighborhood updates :)

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood mkrucker80!!! Hi Noey...thx for the neighborhood updates :)