Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drywall headache and regrets (and a question to milan owners)

We've been in our new home over a year now.  Our 11 month drywall was scheduled, but then the company packed up and went under without telling anyone.  So Ryan had to find another contractor.  We FINALLY got someone out here to look around...and ....

We do have a few nail pops.  No biggie.  But the mud and tape job is horrible.  So bad, the supervisor of the new contractor company came out because she didn't believe all my husband was telling her.  She came out and couldn't believe how bad it was either.  This was over a week ago.  We are both still waiting on Ryan to approve what needs to be done.  It's been over a week.  Ryan is starting to drag their feet.  We are not happy about this at all.

Speaking of not being happy.......

We do love our floor plan and neighborhood. sounds like an 80 year old house upstairs!!  Whenever anyone is walking around up there (even the kids) you can hear every step and the creaks badly.  We have taken this issue up twice with Ryan.  Once with the PM (who gave us an excuse that wood heats and contracts and these things happen.  As if this was the very first house we have ever lived in, in our entire lives.  My brand new house should not sound like it's 80 years old.  We aren't stupid.).  The other with a supervisor who told us it had something to do with floating joints or walls or something.  She also informed us that this is a common problem with this floor plan.  Really?   Because my neighbors have this floor plan and they don't have this issue.  Several others here in the neighborhood have this floor plan and do have this issue.  If you own a Milan, do you have this issue?

I keep flashing back to last summer when I walked into the house to get some measurements while it was still under construction, and one of the workers said he wouldn't dare live in this house.  The one next door he would, but not ours.  (the house next door is a Milan too).  He said this while trying to fix a wall.  (there is a blog post about this somewhere).  Maybe this is what he was talking about. 

At this point, we are trying to figure out what our options are to getting the floor fixed.  My husband is not opposed to getting an attorney if need be and having ryan rip out our entire 2nd floor.  But that's my husband for you.

We are still waiting to hear about drywall, and we are super unsatisfied with the answers Ryan has given us as to why our home sounds so dang old (btw...the model doesn't make these sounds either).   We had planned on living here for many many decades.  Now we just want to be able to sell it and get our money out of it.  Our next home will not be a Ryan home at this point.  They have cut corners and are not helpful into fixing them.  They are now dragging their feet and giving excuses.  


  1. So sorry to hear this!! Just curious though, if you were to sell your home would the floor pass inspection and if it doesn't will RH repair the floor and if RH repairs the floor would you stay in the home? I would definitely bring in a lawyer, maybe this would inspire RH to repair the floor and I would get information about passing inspection because the future owner may ask this to be repaired before purchasing. Lastly, Did you ever ask the guy why he wouldn't live in the home? What was his feedback? And why did they move forward with building a faulty house?

  2. Sorry to hear about your floors but you are not alone. We have been in our home since Jan of this year and have horrible floor issues. We have creaks on all levels of the home, some areas have dips where you can noticeably feel the dip. Other areas have gaps in the sub floors and some areas have golf ball sized knots underneath the carpet (I'm guessing they carpeted over debris or nails are popping on the floors).

    We too have been very displeased with the quality of Ryan Homes and the issues we have had. I know many bloggers have been pleased with their PM and home but this was never the case in our situation. Our PM was horrible.

    We have scheduled for Ryan Homes to fix the creaks and just today in a casual conversation with my neighborhood she stated that she had bad creaks and similar issues with the subfloors that they had to redo her floors.

    Hopefully they will fix your floors and the drywall so that you can enjoy your home for decades to come.

    Oh and we have a Zachary

  3. They carpeted over several nails and debris here too. We already had to have them fix that! I'm sure that's what it is with you too!

    Thanks for your input JW.

    R&N: We went straight to our PM when that happened. We were told this one worker had an issue doing the work and had a bad attitude and it seemed as if he had a grievance to the PM, although that was not out right stated. I wish I could go back in time.... so badly.

  4. Our Milan has noisy floors as well, I remember reading on a blog that you needed to upgrade the padding which would help with this problem, I wonder if that would help.

    1. It might have been here you read that. I was hoping that would help. The supervisor lady told us that it wouldn't help, it is in the construction of this particular model.

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    3. Hi, we have a Milan in Maryland, nine months, and have the same issue with our upstairs M.B. floors creaking as well. We did get the most expensive padding that was available, so the answer to that is no, it does not help... We were told that that area where the creaking is is where the HVAC is and they would have to tear out the entire bedroom floor in order for them to try to fix it. That was not a guarantee though that it would help. Sorry so many of us are having the same issue, and in different States, that should tell us all something about the product and workmanship of Ryan Homes...

  5. Ugh. That's horrible. I just today heard about an older (5 years) RH that is having insane floor squeaks. In this case the culprit is a engineered hardwood floor. Good luck!

  6. Sorry to hear the bad news....I hope it all gets fixed very soon

  7. Oh no, that's terrible. I hope they will step up and get everything fixed. It is so bad to have these things wrong with a brand new house.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this blog. We are considering a Ryan home in summers walk (Davidson, nc) and comments like these give me pause. Do you know what subs Ryan uses in the Charlotte area? Are your issues common or a rarity?

    If you had to do it again, what builder would you have chosen?

  9. Anon- We are also in the greater Charlotte area but I don't know who the subs are. I think they may change and there are certainly several used in the area even for the same trade.
    We have been in our Rome a year this month and have had no issues with the house itself. There were minor things, but they were fixed at our 10 month.
    HOWEVER, we have had issues with our grading/landscaping. Ours was done by Lucas Lawn & Landscaping but we are on the Matthews/Monroe side of Charlotte so probably not the same that handles Davidson. Overall, we have been happy.

    That being said...
    Noey, I'm sorry to hear about your issues and hope that Ryan steps up. My advise: be calm but very persistant and don't give up. Our last house was a Lennar (bought as foreclosure at about 1 yr old) and we had MAJOR foundation issues. Our slab was split in 2 places and basically the back corner (kitchen) of our house was falling away from the rest of the house. After A YEAR of my wife being very persistant, yet calm and firm, they repaired it and the engineer/contractor that oversaw the project said it was a $30-35,000 job. They even paid for our food and hotel for the 2 days that it was unsafe for us to live there. The whole job was about 2 weeks.

    Remember who's in control of it all anyway.

  10. I WILL ADMIT: This post was written during a day a period of full out frustration with many many thing.

    We do love the house!! We just really hate how you hear everyone walking around upstairs (mainly in the master bedroom). Ryan does know about the problem. They told us it is common in the Milan model. The best (and seemingly only) thing we can do is fill out our paper work with suggestions and put in the complaint about the flooring. That's what we were told. We were also told we could try upgrading the padding, but if it helped at all, they didn't think it would be by much. I have to admit, at least they were being honest with us.

    Just know, if you chose this model home, you will most likely have to deal with that. And as annoying as it is to have a 1 yr old house that can sound like it's 80 yrs old when someone is walking around up there, it could be so much worse. It is a nice home.

    Learn from us, when you tour a house, make sure someone is downstairs while someone walks around upstairs....just in case. lol

  11. I'm sorry to hear of your issues. You are not alone. Ryan Homes is truthful that the issue is related to the house design; or more to the point the clear span between rooms. In the large Renaisance plans you get amazing square footage for the price, but that is by maximizing the span. The floors deflect a lot more than is ideal and over time the subfloor lossens up and 'squeaks'. My house, the 'Sorrento' is the smallest possible floor plan, with only a 14' span and even my 7 month old house squeaks, has too much movement in the floor when people walk on it, has soft spots where the floor dips when you walk on it, etc.

    Oh, by the way, while I only have a few dozen nail pops, I also have a very poor mud and tape job. Many corners in my house are tearing away and will need to be re-taped. It remains to be seen if RH will pay the subcontractor to properly fix this or if I will have to foot the bill-or do it myself.

    These are not amazing houses, but I really like my floorplan and the price was fairly 'cheap' for new construction. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' is indeed very true!

    1. oh..our mud and tape job is just awful! We have the same problems! When we tried to schedule it with new contractor, they had to send out the supervisor because they didn't quite believe us. We were still awaiting approval when this was posted to see if Ryan would fix it all. They have been in contact with my husband, and it's my understanding that Ryan is going to fix it. (I hope that's right)

      I do hope they fix yours as well.

  12. I think I may hire an inspector before I speak with Ryan I will let him tell me if the floor can be repaired. I have come across some things on the web as to what needs to be done to alleviate the problem.

  13. Oh no! We are building with RH in he Charlotte area as well & your story scares me. Like you, this is the house we plan to spend many, many years in so I worry about my decision :/

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  15. "We do have a few nail pops. No biggie. But the mud and tape job is horrible. So bad, the supervisor of the new contractor company came out because she didn't believe all my husband was telling her. She came out and couldn't believe how bad it was either. "

    Any updates on this? We have a few nailpops in our place. How long did the repair take?