Monday, November 28, 2011

Clearing the Air

Apparently it is widely believed that anyone blogging about their building experience with Ryan is getting paid or compensated by Ryan. Someone even told me about a lawsuit in another state about this very thing.

When we decided to build with Ryan, I went online for research and ran across Thrifty Amy's blog. She vowed to blog honestly, good or bad. I thought that was an excellent idea, so that is what I did too. I blogged about the good and the bad. I blogged about my feelings as well.

This blog is all mine. Always has been. I decide what goes into it and what doesn't. NO ONE, not Ryan, not ANYONE, has paid more or compensated me in any way. EVER! I have never even so much as gotten an offer for that.

This blog was about MY experience. It was meant to be PERSONAL. If along the way I shared anything that helped, great! =) But again, it was about my experience with building. Period. It was not meant to promote Ryan, or anyone else. It was meant to document my experience from beginning to end. That's all.

I just wanted to set the record straight.


  1. Dag, I wish I was getting paid! Maybe I should trash them more...

  2. You should be compensated for all the awesome details you give on your blog! Ryan is lucky to have a good blogger detailing their building process. I have appreciated all the effort you have put into it and I never once thought that you were being paid. If you were, you wouldn't have said any negative stuff and you did. What a crock! Maybe I should ask them to pay me? I haven't said anything bad, yet. lol

  3. It is more common for people to advertise their emotions when things are going wrong. That's why a lot of feedback on the internet regarding any company or service is widely negative. Personally I like to emphasize the positive. It is so easy to complain and it is much more of a challenge sometimes to focus on the good things. So I'm sure a lot of people can confuse positivity with a marketing scheme of some kind because in their brains they can't conceive why someone would write positive posts on their own accord if they weren't receiving compensation. Most of my posts are sugar sweet, I realize. And any trashing I do usually regards my current living situation. I wouldn't worry about the skeptics. Write what you want to write.

  4. I agree 100%.
    1) Ryan can contact me for compensation, I could use the cash
    2) I sold cars for years and know for a fact that the percentage of people complaining of a bad experience FAR OUTWEIGHS those that will compliment a good experience/product
    3) Ryan can pay me if they like
    4) I started blogging for the same reasons, I saw Thrifty Amy's and decided that I should do the same, kind of like a "pay it forward" thing.
    5) Who do I contact about getting paid?

  5. NEVER doubted you once, Noey! {{{HUGS}}} In fact, I think you told the good AND bad experiences you had!! Ignore the naysayers!!


  6. I'm actually a pretty active blogger, so it seemed like a logical thing to do. My blog has plenty of negative stuff in it (just look at my timeline), but actually my experience has been mostly positive.

  7. I guess I can cancel this month's payment...

  8. Not getting paid either. I just wanted a way to track our journey and have our friends follow along. But if Ryan wants to pay, I won't say no - ;) We need decorating money.

  9. Do people really think with as many homes as Ryan builds that there aren't people out there who want to share their experiences? That something as momentous as buying a home and watching it be built is something that NO ONE in the blogosphere would bother to document? That's like saying all the wedding blogs were created by the wedding industry.

  10. It always amazes me that when people search for honest opinions - they doubt the answers they see. When I started my blogging journey with "Building With Ryan" there wasn't a single blog out there on this topic. Now that there's over 60, how can the validity really be doubted anymore?