Friday, February 25, 2011

Decision Made

We went and looked at our top 4 houses today (was gonna be three, but just couldn't cut one from the list). We walked away more convinced than ever that building is the thing to do. Or at least taking the next the step in the process to see if it's the thing to do.

We are going to go back on Sunday and haggle. If we can get the prices right, we'll make an offer.

It's contingent on a few things of course. But, we need to be moved before school starts in August and it takes 4 months to build a home. The sooner the better here.

It came back that property qualified for the loan. And we are pre-qualified, so to speak. Can't officially apply for it until April 15th. Ryan homes has offered to start building the home immediately if we put a "good faith" deposit down. The amount is truly yet to be determined. My hubby has a figure in mind, but I'm not so sure of it. Should this loan fall through, there is always the FHA loan.

So anyway, we're off to the model again. To take some measurements and see about a few things. We want to make sure this is what we really want. We believe it is. But we have to keep checking our i's and t's, so to speak. We don't want any regrets.

So, we're taking the next step in the building option. I know some people are happy for us. Others aren't. Honestly, I could give a crap what anyone else thinks. This is our lives. We will make the decisions from here on out. I'm done talking to people about it. If you can't be happy for us, please kindly smile, nod, and keep your mouth shut.


  1. I'm just jealous! I want a new home either down there by you or in Pittsburgh! I hate living here. Truly, truly hate it. And each day I am separated from my family, I hate it a bit more. Gee, I didn't realize I am such a hater!! :) Good luck to you guys. You deserve to have a wish or two come through and a dream or two come true.

  2. Wheeeee! Happy for you and Wes and your girls. I hope everything falls into place for you. You guys sure do deserve it!

  3. Thank you both so much!! It's all a numbers game now. See if we can get them right. If so, =D. If not, =( .

    Mary: You would not believe the deals in this neighborhood right now!! Up to $10,000 off in upgrades, on top of the $20,000 they have already discounted the homes to try to get people there. Plus they are willing to negotiate price beyond that!

    After the neighborhood gets built up some, they are going to add shops and stores!! =) Just case you wanted to move down here. LOL

    You aren't a hater. And I still love ya!