Thursday, December 29, 2011

Water Heater Information

Gas or tankless?  Wonder what the differences are?

I do not have a tankless water heater.  I have gas.  And I can tell you from my experience, I LOVE IT!!   The water gets hot quickly and stays there for quite some time.  We can run the dishwasher, the washing machine, and have a shower going all at once.  It's nice. 

I know someone with a tankless water heater.  When they've visited my place, they comment about how hot my water is and how quickly it gets there.  I also found out they were told that before they run their dishwasher, they have to run the kitchen faucet on hot first, in order to get hot water running for the dishwasher.  Having gas, I do not need to do this.

So do your homework.  Ask questions.  Do research.  Find out all you can about all your options before committing to one.  That's the best advice I can give you.  For some, tankless is the best option.  For others, Gas is.  Only you can answer what the best option for you is, once do you all your research.  So don't be afraid to use google and talk to you PMs.

Happy Building!


  1. you're spot on about Tankless. They have a great place, but only if one understands the trade-offs.
    I will differ in the "running of the tap before you run the dishwasher" statement. It doesn't matter if you have tankless, gas, or electric, the water sitting in the plumbing (from the heating source) is no longer being heated and would require any tap to run a moment before hot water hits.

  2. Was the tankless turned on? The ones I've seen spew hot lava!

  3. I only can only speak of what I know. And I know my water heats up extremely hot, extremely fast. I know that the person/people who have the tankless that I know, say my water gets hotter, faster than theirs. This is all I know. I am just sharing what I have come across in my life experience. That's why I said that others should do their homework.

    "Anon" who clicks sorry: Nice to see you again. you do I have tracker on this blog, right?

  4. This is well timed. We did our pre drywall walk through today to find a much smaller water heater than we were told we would get. We were told we were getting an 80 gallon water heater and it's 50 gallon. Not cool.

    We're going to be researching the heck out of this.