Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Great Paint Wars (Milan owners, PLEASE weigh in)

I have seen so many blogs lately of bloggers showing off their pretty painted rooms.  They are all so beautiful!

My husband wants to wait until after the 10 month drywall to paint.  So that puts us in the vicinity of end of May/beginning of June.  The waiting is hard, but at least the walls are not stark white.  They are a nice creamy color.  Still bland, but not white.  So that helps.  Thanks Ryan!  I can't wait to paint!  But here's the kicker, I have NO idea what colors I want!

The Milan's Morning Room is behind a wall and a totally separate room for the most part.  It is in NO way open to the rest of the house. The mud room is also connected to the kitchen in much the same fashion.  My first delima:  Do I paint all three the same color?  Or not?  I think the Morning Room would be okay a different color.  But our mudroom has a little hall way that attaches it to the kitchen.  So would those all be the same the color as the kitchen?  If the Mudroom is a separate color, what color to we do the little hall way?  the kitchen color or the the mudroom color?  (yes, I over think things sometimes).

I am leaning toward the kitchen, hall, and mudroom being all the same color.  At least for now.

The downstairs bath is going to be one of 2 colors that I've narrowed it down too.  =)

I'm lost for kitchen color though.  TOTALLY.  I have three different thoughts in my head.  And my DH (darling husband) doesn't even want to begin help narrowing down anything yet.  =/  But the color of the kitchen will decide the color of the den and morning room.  So it's kinda a big deal.  You know?

We have support beam that runs across the den.  What in the world do we do when it's time to paint that?  I thought about just doing an accent wall on the back wall of the den.  Between the support the beams and our speakers for surround sound, it may be best.  But DH wants to paint all the walls.  *face palm*  I think WW III is going to start over paint at my house.  lol

I know I want my dining room a nice dark blue.  Or maybe a light gray?  *bangs head against wall*  I'm going to wait on this one.  I want at least a chair rail up first.  Maybe some wainscoting.  Then I'll decide.

My two eldest girls know what colors they want their rooms.  So that's good.  Again, our bedroom is another story.

Milan Owners:  How are you deciding to paint?  I need some ideas as far as the kitchen/den/mudroom.

If you aren't a Milan Owner, still feel free to weigh in as well.  =)


morning room entry
see how it dead ends

Morning room behind this wall
Mudroom/hall into kitchen

Because of the speakers on the wall, and the support beam up
on the left, one of my thoughts is to paint the wall with the fireplace
and the wall UNDER the beam the same colors as accent walls.  This
would leave the beam and tv wall the colors they are, and the wall the
bar is on would remain the same as the tv wall.  Thoughts? 
(Please ignore my daughter's purple chair.  It's going to her
room as soon as we finish it)

wall as accent wall?  Waiting on curtains until we decide paint color
You can see the placement of the bar wall here too, behind the couch

this is little wall and bar would remain the color you see here.  This
is behind the couch across from the tv. 


  1. Noey, I think you can paint all three different colors if you want. In our previous home, we had a pantry/laundry room hallway similar to your mudroom hall and I painted it a slightly different shade of the same color - same paint chip but two darker. I liked the way that flowed but was still different.

    I also believe that you can paint the covers for the in wall speakers if that is a concern for you. You have to take them off the wall but it can be done.

    No painting here yet...we're waiting until after the nail pops are fixed and then it will be summer so it will probably be next fall before I choose colors.

  2. Noey...if you buy a $75 Sherwin Williams gift card, they will send an interior designer to your home. We did this and she was SO helpful. We then used the gift card towards paint. SW paint can be expensive so we took the color swatches to Lowes and bought the rest of the paint there. Good luck! I've painted and repainted so many times...better luck to you in choosing the right colors :-)

  3. I have just one piece of advice...though it looks really nice, DO NOT paint your kitchen red. I found out recently this is why I am fat. The color red makes you hungry! I'm sure you will figure it all out and it will be beautiful!

  4. LOL @ Mary! I thought it was because we like to drink and are emotional eaters... =P

    No. I have a shade of green (soft), Yellow (also soft), and a light (soft) blue. If the kitchen gets the soft sage green, then my den may go into a wine color though.....

  5. I think the morning room can definitely be a different color. We don't have a morning room, but I think I'm going to paint the kitchen, mud room, family room and front hallway the same color (because I really really like it).

    I'm not sure what we're going to do with the bump. From what I've seen in the models, the part parallel to the wall gets the wall color, and the part parallel to the ceiling gets the ceiling color. We'll probably do this because it will look best with the crown molding and it will make the bump blend in with the other ceiling it connects to.

    Most of the models I've seen have accent walls painted on the first floor and I really like that too.

  6. I have thought the same thing about when we do decide to paint (which will be a while). Can't wait to see what you decide to do! Jennifer S.

  7. It may sound a bit unadventurous, but we are currently planning to paint our entire house the same color (Behr "Milky Way Galaxy", a pale cream). We've done this before with great success, because we use furniture and window treatments to add color. It is entirely possible we'll change our minds somewhere between now and painting time, but that's the plan at the moment.

  8. Just found your blog :) We've been our Ryan (Jefferson) for one year this month. A tip on the painting...wait until AFTER your 10 month/1 year drywall repair! I know you mentioned your husband wants to wait, and I'm guessing that's why. We wound up painting one room, and an accent wall. Neither needed major repairs, so we didn't have to worry about much touch-up.

    Oh, and we wound up doing the paint package. It's nice because we didn't have to worry about all white walls, but the paint is flat and sucks in that regard. We always say that it scuffs if you look at it wrong. So we will wind up repainting everything, slowly!

    I highly recommend getting the paint swatch book from Sherwin Williams (regardless of if you use their paint). Also, sample paints on any tricky colors! we wanted to be slightly adventurous, and wound up with 3 different colors on our accent wall before finally sticking with a really beautiful (but dark) blue. It's the fireplace wall, and we LOVE it! But it also took us 3 different colors to get there :)