Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For Romero and Esmeralda

Thanks for asking!

My holidays were a whirlwind of wonderful!!

My Sister moved up the street two weeks before Christmas.  A week later (the week before Christmas) our family from Germany arrived.  After that it was all family all the time!

We had the most wonderful Christmas Eve celebration at my sister's house.  The doctor's have told us it was my Grandfather's last Christmas.  His cancer has spread.  They have upped his pain meds as much as they can.  From what I have been told, the next step is morphine.  The doc's want the family to call in hospice.  He is doing REALLY well considering how bad off he is.  Everyone knew the situation, so we all made sure to make this a wonderful Christmas for him, and it was.  I don't know if I have ever seen him smile so much.  =)

His Alzheimer's is acting up some too though.  He kept calling my husband by my deceased dad's name.  That was a little hard on my husband and I both.  But he has always told me how much my husband reminded him of my dad, and how fond he was of both them.  So...

Christmas Day we did Christmas with children, and then hosted a Christmas lunch for my husband's side of the family.  Then we went up the street to my sister's for dinner, and then to my aunts for dessert.  I was exhausted by 8 o'clock.  lol

We also had an amazing New Year's Eve party up at my sister's too.  =)

If we weren't at home entertaining, we were shopping or visiting family.  My daughter and our next door neighbor's daughter are in the same class at school.  And they only got to play once in the 2 weeks they had off school.  =(  We stayed that busy.  But it really was amazing.  And it was wonderful to spend our first Christmas in our new home.  We made memories.  =)

And my family from Germany is still here through Saturday.  So we still continue to stay busy.  =)  We only seem them about once every 5 years so, we try to make it count.  One of my German relatives is about my eldest's age.  She wanted to know what school was like over here in America.  So we just got everything cleared todayfor her to go to school Thrusday with my daughter, for the entire day.  They are both VERY excited.

My holidays were magical.  Thank you for asking.  How were yours?  How is everything going?


  1. So happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed your first Christmas in your new home and that your sister got moved in. We enjoyed our Christmas in our new home and hosted 4 Christmas parties and a great New Years party! We need to plan something so that we can meet your family and your sisters too!

  2. Sorry! That post was from me....Jennifer S.

  3. Did you have a fire pit going on your back porch New Year's Eve? We were the party behind you if so! That's my sister's place! Did you see the fireworks?

    I'm down the street from you, through the intersection. That one street of houses where the PM's office/trailer is. I'm on the corner.

    Hope we can meet soon! I'm the one with three crazy girls. lol I'm so glad you had a great holiday season too! =)

  4. Yes, that was us! Hope we were not too loud! We did see the fireworks! Jennifer S.

  5. lol Not at all! It was a relief to know that some of the neighbors like to have fun too! =)

  6. Apologies for the late response. We just noticed this post just for us!

    Sounds like you had a memorable xmas. I think it's a blessing to know this could--notice I said could--be the the last holiday. I wish I had the option on love ones I've lost.

    Our holidays were good we drove up and down the east coast visiting family from Canada to NY to PA to VA to GA.

    Our condo is almost done and we locked in our rate last week so we are within 60 days from closing! RH is saying the we will likely settle by the end of the month or mid-Feb at the latest. Seems a little surreal.