Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Neighborhood News

Well, from I'm told, most of the lots in here that were open and for sale have now sold.  The next section they are going to "open" up will be right behind me.  I'm going to lose my beautiful view.  =(  

We knew we would.  We knew that eventually, a house would be right behind us.  We were just hoping it would take a bit longer. 

I'm not sure when they will open up this section for sale.  The road isn't even there yet.  There are tire tracks from hunters that go back in there to hunt dear, but that's about it.  So I'm assuming they'll be paving and putting in drains and curbs.  But than again, I may be assuming too much.  You never know.  I would think that a road with drains would be on the top of the list, so people could drive back there and pick lots.  We'll see.  If that is what needs to happen, it may be later in the spring when they open it up.  Who knows.  A girl can hope!  We were hoping for a year with nothing going on back there (that would put it in July).   It will be what it will be.  We'll see what happens.  It'd be nice if they finished the sidewalk beside my yard that has been a mud hole since NOVEMBER!  Maybe they are waiting to do it and the curb for soon-to-road all at once.  I just wish someone would tell us something.  I have a dog and 3 kids.  Muddy yard is NOT good.  Especially when the original plan was to have all this done back at the end of July/beginning of August.  I think we've been patient.  I guess I'll have to shoot the PM a email.

The lots behind me are smaller (50-55 ft lots I believe).  I'm not sure how they are going to fit these 2200+ sq ft homes on those sites.  That will be interesting.  I'll have to check the bi-laws.  They may be able to build smaller homes (ex. Sienna or Florence).   It will be interesting to see what happens.  As of right now, my street is all 60 ft lots.  And the only houses really being built are the Venice, Milan, and Naples.  No one wants to put the Rome on one of these smaller lots.  (The Rome is the biggest house allowed on these smaller lots.  We do have a section of 80 ft lots.  You can build the Milan, Naples, Rome, Verona, Dorsey Hall, James Joice, and few others on those lots, but like I said, they are almost out of lots).

I suppose it's a good thing we have so much going on in here.  The prices for the size of these homes are low.  Interest rates are crazy low.  So now is a great time to buy.  And the more homes we get, the closer we get (hopefully) to getting that pool put in.

I'm still not happy about that.  We were told in the beginning we'd have pool THIS summer, that the funds were there and put aside for it.  But I suppose something changed, because most of the people after us were told "hopefully 2013".  I'm guessing that they want enough homes in here to pay for it.  That makes sense, right?  But again, I'm only guessing.  It could be that the bank developing the property has decided NOT to do the pool since they are hoping to sell to a new developer (something they have been trying to do for a while a now).  Who knows.  I guess when construction starts up there, we'll know.

It's hard to believe they aren't going to open up some more of the bigger lots first.  Those are selling like hotcakes!  And the road is already paved and everything up that way.  But, I suppose they have plan.  Maybe they are wanting another builder to come in and build on those lots.  *shrugs*  It'll be interesting to see what happens. 

Over all, it seems like we'll have a pretty full neighborhood soon enough. 


  1. Wow. Sounds like you have a lot of unanswered questions. We are lucky that our neighborhood was an add on to an existing neighborhood (if you can call 6400 homes a neighborhood). So we have access to all the amenities for the larger neighborhood. Which is great for us since we were already living in the bigger part of the neighborhood. We only have a few lots left - a couple of the small lots for houses with the garage in back and then one large lot on our street which can supposedly fit up to an Oberlin or Victoria Falls, but so far out of the 5 available lots, 4 of us have Romes. I would hope the last person picks a Rome, too, otherwise the house will look out of place.

    Good luck. Hope you can get some of your questions answered.

  2. Congrat's on your Milan! We build ours last summer in upstate NYand LOVE it! I didn't know how to post a question so I hope you don't mind if I do it here...I am having trouble with my 1/2 downstairs and bedroom above garage being VERY cold. THey are coming to add a heat vent to the 1/2 bath I was told the plans changed and now there is on. My question is do you have a heat vent in the 1/2 bath? They are also going to check if insulation was put in (like it was supposed it be) on the garage interior walls! Thanks so much and congrat's again :-)

  3. Thanks! We love it!

    Funny you mention this. My neighbor and I were talking about this too (they also have a Milan).

    Our bath DOES have a vent! But it's still colder than the rest of the house. As well as the bedroom above the garage AND the largest bedroom other than the master.

    I think the garage is what keeps the 1/2 bath and the bedroom above it so cold. IMO, (and my neighbor's it would seem) the garage needs better insulation.

    DO you notice that the largest bedroom in the front corner is cooler too? I think it's because it so large, has 2 windows, and only one vent. It should probably have a second vent too, maybe.

    Let me know what they say about your place! I'm curious!

    1. I just got a phone call today and the service department told me they forgot to run a vent to the 1/2 bath and someone is coming Thurday to add it. However, they gave me a choice (with a little push from me)...because I did not want it in the bathroom I wanted it next to the fire door that goes to the garage so it would keep that whole area warmer (I hope). Fingers crossed that helps!

      The man from the heating and ac company actually brought me into my garage during the day and turned off the lights so that I could see all of the sun light coming through the garage...there was a lot! He them told me it was because Ryan do not do a good job insulating the garage door area and he was going to talk to someone...I've gotten no word on that yet! He's also going to come out and look to make sure the insulation is done correctly or at all on the 2 interior garage walls and ceiling.

      About the 3rd bedroom I have noticed that it is much colder than the master. I also noticed that the vents in the model home are in a different spot in that room. My heat vent is under the smaller window...where is yours? In the model it is near the closet! Kind of strange and tricky how they move the vents to "better" spots in the model!

      Also,do you have a fire alarm in your arage? We do not! This was a concern of mine...what if a fire starts in the garage and goes up to my daughters room before an alarm goes off! Kind of scary...

      Thank you so much for getting back to milan owners need to stick together!!! I'm so sorry about my horrible spelling I know why I don't blog!!!!

  4. We have a side entry garage, so we two windows that let in a lot of light! lol That test wouldn't work so well with us. Although the entry door from the garage into the mudroom does let in light. I need to make a call about that. hmmm =/

    Our vent in that bedroom is directly above the larger window, the one in the front of the house. Now a neighbor did something interesting and I wonder if it makes a difference?

    Instead of having the walk in closet in the actual master bedroom (not the one in the bathroom), they had it reversed to be the closet in that other big bedroom. Now, here, we have vent in that closet. So I wonder if having the 2 vents in that rooms makes a difference when you do that?

    We do NOT have a fire alarm in the garage. But I guess we could pick one up pretty easy, right?

    No worries about your spelling. I'm a horrible speller. And now that my backspace key is broken.... =( lol

  5. Well they came and my hubby was home so they talked him out of installing a heat vent! I was not happy :( They did put a new blower on the furnace but it has not helped one bit infact it's colder in here now! So I need to call on Monday!

    I don't think I could give up one of my closets in the master...I love having all that space to myself and my hubby has his own! lol! I do agree that room should have 2 vent it is also colder than my master.

    I don't know how easy it would be to add an alarm because they are hard wired together...I really want to look into that!

    Enjoy your Sunday!