Tuesday, January 24, 2012

HOA Uproar: Update (if you live in the neighbor, you may want to read this)

So we made some calls once we calmed down.

The HOA company never received any of the funds from closing.  HMMM

So we called the attorney's office that handled closing and had several questions.

We got this wonderful blue book at closing:

This book has ALL our closing information in it, our paperwork, our everything!  On one page, it stated we gave $500.00 as an HOA contribution.  Uh...what?  Contract said we were suppose to pay nothing.

This is where we got upset.  At closing, the attorney's office told us to take this up Ryan.  They were charging it.  Ryan said we'd get a refund or a credit with HOA management company.  Something wasn't adding up.  We know we didn't get the refund, we never got the check.  So where was our credit at?

However, in a plastic sleeve insert inside this book, is our actual receipt for closing (settlement statement).  The book is made up ahead of time.  So any changes made prior to signing paperwork, are not reflected.  The paper receipt in the sleeve is actually printed up just before leaving closing.  It is accurate.

On the bottom of 2nd page (settlement) it said we actually gave just less than $250 to the HOA contribution/assessment.  Ok, bettter.  At least it's not $500.  But whatever happened to that money?

Answer:  NOTHING!  The attorney's office still has it. We called.   >=/     Really guys?   It's been 6 months.  So a paralegal is speaking with an attorney and we are waiting for another call.  Either they will forward that money over to the HOA management company and we'll be credited it, or we will receive check in the mail.  They are suppose to let us know something in the next 24 hours.

So that money was just sitting there.  My advice to anyone living in this neighborhood:  Look at the bottom of your settlement papers, see what you paid.  And then if you got a bill from the HOA management company, call the attorney's office and find out where YOUR money is.

I'm just glad to know that one way or the other, it's being taken care of.

If it does just get forwarded to the HOA management company, we will be calling to make sure they credit us and not take it for granted.  That's for certain.


  1. UPDATE: Just heard from the closing attorney's office, we will be receiving a check in the mail! SHEW! Glad that's taken care of.

    Now I'm off to write a check to the HOA!

  2. wow, I got a headache just reading that! glad to see you are getting to the bottom of it.

  3. Glad it was taken care of. We had to $500 to the HOA at closing, but it was a capital contribution deal that the developer/RH/and the community had. Sucks for us since we already lived in an existing part of the neighborhood, but since the new house is in a new part of the neighborhood and not technically part of the existing neighborhood, they wanted extra money. So we get stuck with paying it. We also had about 1-1/2 months of HOA dues we paid up front. Hope they get credited. Right now I just want my trash and recycling cans. The rest I'll worry about when it is time to use the pool!