Monday, October 10, 2011


Disappointed on two fronts really.

I just had to make a service request through Ryan Homes Customer Service sight ( We just closed on our house July 22nd of this year, and already our upgraded kitchen floor is starting to pull apart at a seam. Not real thrilled with this at all. We'll see what happens.

We contacted our PM just after they finished all the 30 day work to tell him about this and he said we now had to go through the Customer Service Care line. Either by phone or internet. I chose online. With 3 kids, it's easier for me not to try to hold a phone conversation. lol We'll see how long it takes to hear from them.

Our PM did drop by last week to see if I had made the call to center yet, and I had not. I had too much going on with my sister's wedding to worry about it last week. But I was impressed he came to check up on it.

The other disappointment is due to my sister's lot. She has a foundation now and Wood was delivered last Thursday. We're all anxious for them to start framing. But nothing yet. GRRR But the worst part is, the projected delivery date now is once again the day before our family from out of the country arrives. I'm still not thrilled they said they could have all this done by the first week in December and now we are the 16th. Neither are they. They really wanted to be settled in the house (blinds, lights, fans, ect. in) before company came to stay with them. This house is bigger and would accommodate all of them much better.

However, since Ryan can't seem to make up their minds or keep to any decent schedule, my sister is talking about pushing off closing until the end of January now, after the first semester finally ends. It would make it easier to transfer her daughter's school then. She just has to check on a few things first.

We are all very disappointed in this news. Our PM worked hard to get us into our house by the time we said we needed to be. But it just doesn't seem to be going the same way with them at all. And now with bad weather coming in, I'm not sure they'll frame at all this week. Wonder how far behind that will put closing now. >=/

On top of all this, by sister paid extra money for 50 ft of back yard to be cleared. She only got 40 feet. So Ryan owes her some money!! I'm hoping she can get a few of the extra's she wanted that she was told it was too late for. Either that or they fix the price of the house or put the money toward closing. They can't clear any more land as it dead ends on the property line right now. I'm not sure if the they just surveyed it wrong or didn't place the house right, or what the issue is/was. We'll see what happens there.

On a good note... They are FINALLY starting to work on paving next to my house. We'll see how long this takes. It was only suppose to be started back in July. =/

Now a question for you bloggers who have settled into your homes already: Is your HVAC loud? Like noises in the ducts in the walls? Ours is. NOT happy about that either. It works great. Just a lot louder than any other home I have ever lived in. And I have lived in 6 in my adult life thus far. So I was just curious about how the rest of you are doing with the HVACS.


  1. 1. Can the family stay at your house--including your sister and her family? :P

    2. What kind of noises are you hearing? Bangs and rattles or air sounds?

    3. Did you get any response from the customer service line to indicate someone is coming out?

  2. LOL

    1. That would put 9 extra people in my house and several more dogs. My house is not that big. I don't have the room. lol I only have 4 bedrooms that house 5 people here already. lol

    2. Bangs and rattles

    3. I emailed them this afternoon and got an auto reply email from them stating someone would contact us shortly. I gave them my husbands name and number so he could set it up while he is home. I had horrible experiences in the past with strangers in my house while my husband wasn't home. I won't be home by myself again while people are in the house.

  3. I've give the noises a little more time, it could be the ducts expanding and contracting---breaking themselves in.

  4. Does the family know that this may be an inconvenience for your sister? Why did they pick right before closing to visit? I know it may sound rude, but why would they pick right before closing to come? maybe they should visit a few months later after they are settled in? or stay at a hotel close by? Dogs are coming also? yikes.I wouldn't want to deal with that stress.:(

  5. Anon:

    My family was scheduled to visit before contract was signed. Ryan knew the house needed to be finished the end of November/1st week of December because of this and said "no problem". My sister wasn't going to sign contract other wise. Since then, it's been pushed back and pushed back.

    They are coming because they haven't been in here in several years (do you know how expensive it is to take and entire family to another country for 3 weeks?) They can't afford to do it but every few years. My sister just got married, and my grandfather has Alzheimer's and Lung Cancer. His Alzheimer's is getting worse and we don't know if we have another Christmas with him. So our family is coming to spend what we know will be their last Christmas with him, and possibly everyone's.

    Like I said, this was all decided before any contracts were signed. Ryan promised to deliver and now can't. The family over seas already has their tickets bought.

    A hotel is out. I don't anyone, outside of millionaires, who can afford to travel with their entire family to another country for 3 weeks and stay in a hotel. And honestly, they should stay with family. Our family is actual very close.

    Hope this answers your questions.

  6. R & E: Thanks makes a lot of sense! Thanks!

  7. Oh goodness. Well, since they got the tickets before the contract was signed,now I understand. Geez, Ryan should stick with the date they originally said then. Oh well. Hope it all works out for all of them then. Yes, the family should be together with your grandfather since I just read that he is doing so bad.:( sorry. Get with it Ryan!

  8. Just starting the process of building with Ryan, getting a lot of great advice from all of you bloggers.. sorry to hear of all of this though. What floor did you upgrade to? Is it a high traffic area part thats pulling?

  9. Yes it is. The floor in the kitchen is vinyl but it was 2 grades up from the basic I think.

    It's in the one place you have to go to get to the sink.