Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An option NOT on your option list (& really guys?)

First things first. The option. Did you know you could recessed lighting on your front porch? YUP!! You sure can. And it's NOT on your options list. Two houses in my neighborhood have it and it's AWESOME!! So if you are building a house with a front porch elevation, you might want to check on this one. It's custom, but they do it!!

Second... I'm sitting here, minding my own business with my sick little girl when this light comes blaring in from the front of the house. "What in the world!?"

I go to see what's up. Well, about 5 minutes ago, the guys working on the house were finally packing it in. NO LIE. They were dropping cords with lit spotlights out of the front windows onto the ground. Thus bright lights shining into my house.

I cannot believe workers were working until after 9:30 at night. It's chilly here now. And DARK! Way to go workers! Way to commit!


  1. Working late could mean two things. #1 They are behind and have to catch up! #2 They get a bonus for finishing early.

    Either way the homeowner benefits.

  2. Those worker bees amaze me! It's been pretty rainy here over the past few weeks and it doesn't seem to slow them down one bit!
    Re: porch lighting - we were pleasantly surprised to learn that our porch came standard with recessed lighting. Maybe some floorplans/elevations come with it and others do not?? We found ours on the first floor electrical plan.

  3. My mini-porch thing has a recessed light in it. We only had 3 elevations to pick from, there was no full-frontal porch option, that would be awesome!

  4. Wow, 9.30 and chilly is no joke. Those workers are surely working hard.
    By the way your's was the first blog that I came across while doing research on RH before making the decision. Lots of info. and good insight. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. We will just have a front stoop and when we asked about the lighting, we were told there would be a recessed light in the roof of the porch. Wonder if it's something newer or if it's just available with certain elevations?

  6. I have a stoop with a recessed light too. =) But some of the elevations here with full front porches don't come with the recessed lights. They come with lights mounted by the front the door instead. You can get the recessed if you ask for it (and pay for it).

    Now each area is different. Some neighborhoods in other areas have to have certain garage doors, so some may come with the recessed lights on a full porch automatically. You never know.

    The thing is, when building a home, NEVER assume it comes with anything. Always ask. And then make sure the Rep actually looks it up and double checks. =)