Friday, October 14, 2011


Well, I emailed Ryan's Customer site on Monday. They called and left messages with my husband Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday he called them back (finally). We have an appt. Tuesday for them come fix the floor in the kitchen. =) YAY! They gave us a 2 hour window they could show up in. Fine by me! Better than the 4 hours you get with all the utility people. =) I'll let you all know how it turns out. So far it's been easy, and very professional. It's funny, during our building process I had a dream. In it, our kitchen floor was messed up and something of a personal nature happened with one of the Ryan Reps. Ends up both came true.

My sister's house is coming right along. They have started framing. =) Very exciting stuff. We measured her backyard to be 10 ft short. We measured twice using one of those ticker things you just push along the ground. But our PM says it's right. He probably had a better way of measuring it.

I'm going to ask my husband to ask his uncle (who inspected our home) to see if he will inspect theirs at pre-drywall for them. =) We'll see.

Everything is on schedule to be delivered on the 16th. Which still makes all of our stomachs turn a bit. But at least it's not later. =) I think we are all trying to adopt the "It will be what it will be" attitude and trying to roll with the punches now. We can't help when the house will be done. No one is happy with the situation at all. But dwelling on it is not going to help it or fix it. We all will do our best to get them settled and moved in as quickly as possible. Honestly, we are trying to come up with a few different scenarios. Still crossing our fingers the PM will work magic and have it done sooner than the projected date. Every day sooner he might could get it, would be a blessing. But in the mean time, time to come up with other plans. =)

We know that in the end, they will have a beautiful house. That is what we all keep trying to stay focused on. Well that, and on New Year's Eve, at one Rockin' party, I will be able walk home!! =) lol

In yet OTHER news... I have some other family who might be looking to build in here too. Crazy huh? Right now all options are open to them. We'll see what happens there.

I drive around our developing neighborhood at least once a week. I am in complete awe at how many houses are going up. It's amazing! They work fast, and from the street they all look so pretty. There are not many available lots left anymore I don't think. Don't get me wrong, there are lots. Nice ones! But from where we started at when we were looking back in Feb., a lot has been done! So from that perspective, not much left.

I'll let ya'll know how the fixing thing goes! Happy Building Ya'll!


  1. "something of a personal nature happened with one of the Ryan Reps" You have to know you've caught your fans' attention with that comment! LOL Someone call TMZ!

    Interesting about the yard size...I can't imagine that you and the PM are off by 10ft. Maybe a length vs.width type thing.

    Sounds like you're going to have a great neighborhood with all your family moving in. You can make a heck of a powerplay to takeover/control the HOA! POWER TO THE NOEYS! POWER TO THE NOEYS!

  2. lol Well we have a few Reps over this way. But it's not my news to tell. Darn it. lol Wanted to try to keep some privacy for them. You know?

    I am just going by what I was told as far as the backyard goes. My sis says it's suppose to be measured from the back of the morning room. She took one of those gadgets you push along the ground, and measured it...twice. 40 ft. I think may go back and re-measure this weekend sometime. We'll see.

    Hmmm...The HOA does start up in January... lol I have a feeling some of the families that were stuck here for a few years by themselves have their eyes on HOA seats. But you never know I could be wrong. Who knows what others are thinking of doing.

    Interesting though! lol