Monday, October 17, 2011

Want a GORGEOUS house with all the perks for practically nothing? $25,000 free!

Then consider living by me!! lol

Ryan has an Awesome incentive right now! Included in the price of every house you get the following for free:


Up to $25,000 of Incentives INCLUDED Now through October 31!*

*Incentives include retail value of:
• Architecturally appealing elevations with stone or brick
• Designer kitchen with granite counter tops, 42” Timberlake maple cabinets with crown molding
• Kitchen Island
• Hardwood foyer
• Luxury Owner’s bath with separate tub and shower and double sink vanities
• Tankless water heater
• GE appliances with smooth top range and microwave
• Patio or deck
• Energy Star Qualification
• And More! Visit our neighborhood for a complete list of features.
• PLUS Ryan Homes Pays up to $2,000 in Closing Costs* ‡

See what I mean? If you are thinking about buying a new home, now is the time! NO JOKE!! Man...Where were these when I signed? lol I was told, but it is NOT confirmed, that you may also get a Morning Room and recessed lights. Not sure on that one though. It's not on the website. I got that info word-of-mouth. But as you can see the website does say "And more!". So maybe?!

Anyway, I just wanted to get the information out there for anyone following in my area who might be considering purchasing. This is October's incentive. No one knows if it will be around in November. In order to get it, you must sign a contract before Nov. 1.

Happy Building!


  1. "Man...Where were these when I signed?" Ditto.... LOL

  2. Dear Anon:

    Get your facts straight.

    1. These are the incentives for the month according to the website. I copied and pasted. It says on the website to sign before October 31. Also, again, other family looking to buy here, I do hear things. But you're right, the website could be wrong. After all, it does say there is house available in here that my family was told they would not build in here. *shrugs* So I know it can be misleading.

    2. I got the information about the HOA starting in Jan. from my sister who heard it from the Rep. She was told that the management company would start collecting dues in Jan.

    Again, the Rep told someone I know that at one point a developer was around at one point.

    3. What accusations am I making? I have no idea what you're talking about.

    4. I have not looked in anyone's home that has been closed on. My sister was looking at several models in here. The rep let us into a few under construction at a time. She wanted feed back and asked me to go.

    I have also not been in a home that's been closed on. Ever. If you you'd like to discuss what you think you know about that, I am more than willing to discuss it with you.

    Any information I have given about my sister's experience she knows about. I get it from her.

    She is thinking of starting her own blog. =) I hope she does.

    As for the one post about the neighbor, I did edit it, as I took your advice.

    You don't have to follow me if I enrage you so much. Apparently you know who I am. If you would like to talk, I'd be happy to talk to you. You know where to find me, as it sounds like you are in the neighborhood.

    You have a lot of hostility toward me and don't even know me. I have no idea who you are at all. I don't mind talking at all. I'd love to clear the air.

    If you heard something about me, you are telling me that you would just assume it's true without knowing me? Or asking me? Instead you just throw out words like "idiot", along with anger, without double checking your stories.

    If you'd like to talk, you know where I am. If you'd rather not meet, feel free to email me:

    I'm sorry I upset you so much. Whoever you are.

  3. WOW Noey....wth? It looks like they deleted the comment....and obviously for the better. Im sorry hun :( Just block them...if you can.

  4. Wow - sorry that they dropped all that on you. I agree - block them if you can. You don't deserve that kind of drama when you should be happy about your new house.

    The incentives sound awesome. Our incentive was finished basement, gourmet kitchen, and $7000 towards closing - pick 2 of them. So we did kitchen and closing since we couldn't agree on finishing the basement the way we wanted it. And, since they really want to close out the neighborhood, she threw in a few things to help us out since our ratios are tight carrying our current house and the new one.

  5. Those incentives sound AMAZING! Man that is pretty awesome for anyone looking to sign a purchase agreement this month. With our townhouse we got a free kitchen upgrade which definitely helped, but I can't imagine what else we could have done with $25,000 of incentives. Me = JEALOUS

  6. Sorry guys. I had to block an Anonymous comments from my blog. And I deleted the comment.

    It's one thing to take issue with something and handle it properly. But someone hiding behind Anon is not going to use this blog to personally attack me, my lifestyle, and call me names. I hate they had to ruin it for others, but I don't have time for that and I shouldn't have to deal with it. If any of what they had said had any validity, it would have stayed.

    If that person choices to talk to me like an adult and really find out what's going on, I'll unblock all Anon posts. But for now, I have someone out there who truly dislikes me for reasons uknown to me, and apparently follows this just waiting to rip me a new one. At least that is how it appeared. There are right and wrong ways to handle things. You know?

    I do apologize.

  7. Wow is RH paying you now? I need to get in on that : )

  8. Me? lol NO!! lol

    I just thought it was a sweet deal. And if I were out there following and considering building, I'd want to know about this. lol That's all. =) Just trying to help.

  9. Wow! Those incentives are amazing! I've never seen anything like that in the Pittsburgh area. The best deal I ever noticed was a free morning room with the purchae of $20,000 in options. And regarding anon: Boo. That just stinks that someone has to be like that on what is suppose to be an informational and supportive network. Yuck!

  10. You let anon off easy. Keep posting, your blog is a fun read.

  11. Thank Lt.

    If this particular Anon wants to talk or discuss anything they can email me. I am working on tweaking a few things before I open the blog back up to Anon. posters in general. I'm not going to let some bully who's purpose in life is not to like me ruin it for others.