Thursday, September 22, 2011

Continuing to be impressed by Ryan Homes

The houses around here are really starting to fly up! It's amazing how quickly this neighborhood is coming together! One one lot left on my street from my understanding.

And it's no wonder they are flying up! It rained yesterday, is currently raining now, and is suppose to rain tomorrow too. Well, despite the rain, the framers are still framing two doors down. They worked and got the first floor done yesterday, and they are out in the rain again framing. Poor guys! Make you want to make them soup.

Before the rain came down hard and heavy yesterday (light steady rain), they were also continuing to dig my sister's lot. Couldn't believe it!! They were originally scheduled to be done yesterday and put in the footers. Unfortunately they still have 30 feet of digging to do. =( Maybe if on the nice days they didn't quite before 4 pm they would already be done. But, they seem to be making up for it by working in the rain.... We'll see. Sister is upset this will push back closing. We'll see. Our PM is pretty awesome... I told her not to give up hope on him yet.

Speaking of our awesome PM.....

My sister has some outlets that will be in the floor in the den. Our PM has told them this won't happen until their 30 day post settlement meeting. WHY??? Because he wants to give them time to get settled, and make sure the furniture is EXACTLY where they need it to be before installing the floor outlets. Once those outlets are in, they don't want to rip up flooring to re-position them. Smart if you ask me!

Yup.... RH still continues to impress me.


  1. We rode out to see our home yesterday and I am amazed how much fast things are moving along! I am so ready to get moved in and settled....hoping the next two months fly by! Jennifer

  2. I'm curious as to why there would be floor outlets? I had them in my townhouse, but that's because one of the walls was a firewall (guess you can't run wires through the firewall). I had no idea they would put them in a single family home...

  3. YAY Jennifer!! It flies by once framing is done! I wish I knew which one was yours! I think my sister is going to be behind you. lol

    RR: They have a very open floor plan from the kitchen to the den (can see the floor plan here: ) So they are adding a floor outlet between the kitchen and den so they can put a table and lamp there. =)

  4. We had them put a floor outlet in our family room (sectional is not against any walls and we wanted to have lamps on the end tables). If we had waited the positioning would be different...I am impressed that the PM suggested this since it's more work for them, but it is a great idea.

  5. Hi Noey! Congratulations on your beautiful new home! My husband and I have been following your blog along with several others for a few months now and recently decided to take the plunge with RH. THANK YOU for sharing your experience! We started our own blog to help those who may be starting the process as well. We hope you and your family are getting settled and look forward to seeing more photos!

  6. Hey hun....Can I email you or can you email me... I have a question for you