Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Bash

This is a re-post from my personal blog.  But since the house played a part in it, I thought I'd share:

So today was my birthday. =) And it was an amazing day. I got phone calls, texts, and I am still reeling over how many FB "happy birthday" messages I got today! I didn't realize I knew that many people, let alone that many cared. I am floored!

My hubby got the kids out of the house this morning so I could sleep in. Ahhhhh..... When I did finally arise, I had flowers, balloons, cards, and Dukin Donuts coffee and donuts! =)

My kids did not fus, fight are argue all day! That was amazing! My youngest isn't feeling well, she's a bit off. Not like her. But still, a great day! My hubby even swept and mopped the kitchen floor for me and changed every diaper today. I literally didn't have to do a thing a today. Wow. =D

I got to relax today. Only did a little laundry (b/c if I didn't, I'd feel bad for not doing a thing) and even got a shower by myself!! I have only had one of those since moving in. lol My youngest likes to walk into the shower with me. She loves it, and there's more than enough room. lol So getting one alone again was nice too. =)

We went over to my mom's tonight for dinner. Both my sisters and their families were there. She made my favorite meal. =) My sister made me my favorite cake. The kids all played wonderfully. *contented sigh*

Oh, and the best part....I got play with adults tonight!! My mom watched Bean (our nickname for our youngest) for us, and my husband, me, both my sisters and their husbands (husband-to-be in one case) all sat around and play Scattagories. We all laughed so hard!! I can't remember the last time I sat around with adults and played a game, let alone one with family.

Good food, good wine, good times. =) Loved it!

We got home tonight as a huge storm was starting up. We were under a warning with large hail and winds 60-70 mph. We put the kids to bed, shut off all the lights, opened the blinds in the morning room, and watched the storm over the field and trees behind our house. It was PERFECT. I love a good thunder storm. More and more lately. It was great.

I know it doesn't seem like much in the way of birthdays to some. But to me, it was all I ever wanted. It was a perfect day. Surrounded by people that I love. An easy, do nothing, relaxing, wonderful day. This, to me, is what life is about. Good times with good people. Today was perfect.

A big thanks to everyone who helped make it so special; from phone calls, to texts, to facebooking, to ... all of it!!! Thank you!


  1. Sounds fantastic! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It sounded like a wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, that sounds perfect :)

  4. Happy Birthday Noey. Sounds like a perfect day to me! :)

  5. I'm a day late, but wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! So glad you enjoyed your day!!


  6. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a perfect day! :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Noey! I hope your blessed with many many more!