Friday, August 19, 2011


Since starting the blogging process, I have noticed that driveways vary just as much as our houses do.  Some are asphalt, other cement.  Some need sealed, others do not.  I thought I would shoot some pics of our drive (and other random stuff, sorry) to share what ours is like.

I am going to put a little flower garden under the morning room
windows I think.

Our driveway
we have built in sections and joints

The joints/seams are built in for Cracking.  Any cracking of
our driveway should take place in these seams as the
years go by.  We'll see.

sidewalk made the same way

flower in my front flower bed

Home sweet home

new wreath

So anyway, that's that.  Some random pics and driveway pics.  If people down here pour driveways with seams and joints made to do all the cracking over time, I don't understand why other cement companies don't do the same thing?  Huh.  Different regions, different ways of doing it I guess.  I do know since I'm in the south, we don't seal driveways down here.  No real reason for it when you only get one winter storm a year.  lol

Anyway, that's my updates.  Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing Noey, we have asphalt driveways. Im not sure what our side walks look like....

  2. So do we..asphalt. And our sidewalks are cement...and ours are sealed.

  3. We have brick pavers as a standard for walkways and driveways. Have NO idea what kinda maintenance they need. Probably weed kill for the in betweens.

    I think we have cement sidwalk.

  4. Noey - the seams in the concrete are for expansion and contraction...all driveways and sidewalks have these. These seams do NOT prevent cracking. Just as your house can settle and cause nail pops or cracks between drywall panels or worse yet, a crack right thru a panel, so can concrete pads settle or shift over time. The resulting quality of the poured pad is also effected by the temperature and weather when the pad is poured...too hot or too cold is not good...follow this link for an excellent description of what happens when concrete is curing and why temperature is so important to the final product.

    We are like Mike and Heather...our driveway is asphalt and our sidewalk and area where the driveway meets the street is concrete.

  5. Thanks BD! Our PM just told us that if we see cracking outside those seams to let him know and they'd take care of it. =)

  6. I'm confused. Why is there no sod in the back? Why is there hay? Did they even seed it? I assumed if you get sod, you get the whole property worth of sod.

  7. Gregg: NOPE! We got the front done for free. If we wanted the back done then I'd have to pay through the nose for it. No thanks. They did seed it. However birds got to some it. =/

    The did do the side too, but not where it meets the street. They are waiting to finish the road first. Then they'll finish the sidewalk and sod it there too then I think.