Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rumor has it......

So, we know that there only 34 lots left, at this point, that are not under contract yet.  Crazy!  I can't believe they have sold so many lots in less than 6 months time.  =)

We also know that the HOA is starting up in January.  They are keeping with the current HOA rules.  No fences above 4 ft high folks!

And rumor has it, that a new developer is now under contract!  =)  HOPING this means a pool by next summer.  Ryan was hoping to have more lots opened up to them.  We'll see!

I have an email in to the Rep to confirm.

I make the statement about the pool because back when we started our process (in Feb.) we were told the funds were already there and put aside for the pool to be complete (not necessarily the club house though), but that Ryan was not finishing the pool, and the current developer didn't want to do it.  They were looking for a new developer to come and in and finish it.  So....  we'll see.

Other than that...  I had another neighbor move in over the weekend.  Very nice people.  And it looks like another one may have started the move, but not sure. 

For those following, living in here, stay tuned to this post and I'll let you know when/if I get confirmation.


  1. Noey, have you decided what you will do since you have a dog? Will the 4 ft fence be high enough, or will you get an electrical fence? Glad to hear you are enjoying your new home/neighbors. Good luck!

  2. We will eventually get a 4 ft fence. Probably in 2013. It's not for him so much as for the kids. lol When we let him out, he doesn't leave the yard. Never has (except to chase cats, but then he comes right back). With neighbors now moving in, we keep an eye on him, just to make sure.

    We had originally wanted the privacy fence for privacy. We're thinking for putting up some trees now. Who knows. lol

  3. Pine trees grow fast for privacy!

    In our neighborhod, you can change the HOA if the majority votes. They were just petioning to change the rule of no above ground pools. I know they had to hire a lawyer.

    Hope you get a pool!


  4. Is another builder other than Ryan homes coming in, or is Wells Fargo getting released as the developer? Thank you for all the good information, we are still trying to decide between this neighborhood and one other, that pool is a huge factor for us!

  5. Suzi: Ryan is the builder, not the developer. As far as I know, Ryan is going to continue to be here. The new developer may bring in another builder eventually as well. Don't know yet. But WF has been trying to get someone else to to develop the property and it looks they have that now. Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you! Look forward to keep hearing your updates!