Monday, August 22, 2011

Potential Milan Owners....

Did you know there was an option to add yet ANOTHER bedroom to your house?  YUP! 

I know that you can turn the loft into a 4th bedroom (we did that).  That is an option.  But that is NOT what I'm talking about.  After talking with some of our neighbors, we found out you can put a master bedroom downstairs!

Someone in the area has an elderly relative living with them.  In order to accommodate them, this is what they had done:

Instead of living room/study, hall closet, and dining room; they made that whole area a down stairs master bedroom complete with closet and private bath!   Now I'm not sure of costs.  But I do know it was done.  =) 

I thought I would pass this little tid bit along, in case any of you were considering the Milan, but needed a bedroom on the main level, I wanted you to know it can be done.  =)

Happy Building!


  1. Wow ... I would think most people interested in that wouldn't be looking at the 2-story options in the first place (aka the Ranch model) We have a few of them in our neighborhood and that's everything on one floor. Interesting though! I'm sure they've got alternate plans for all kind of needs.

    I wanted to get the cantilever hot tub off the owners bedroom, but they wouldn't do it! What gives!?

  2. You'd be surprised!

    My sister is building a Dorsey Hall with a bedroom on the first floor with full bath. Eventually, as my mother gets older, they'll have a place for her to come and live with them. She and her family will still have all their bedrooms upstairs, but this was a way to ensure my mom would have a place when the time came. You know? And with a family of 4 already, they did NOT want a ranch. They tend to be only 3 bedrooms for the most part. Hard to find a 5 bedroom ranch. lol

  3. That's great news. I think all of us may have need for first floor living spaces in the future. I've done elder care in a 2 story home, and everything was so much more difficult with the steps. If we ever need it, we can use the office in our Ravenna as a bedroom, and expand the powder room with a tub. But, I didn't want to do it now and make it TOO easy for anyone to move in there!

    Ryan is now also offering the Ravenna with a full bath and bedroom downstairs, instead of just a powder room and office. I was glad to see this offered as a standard option - great for everyone with elderly parents, and my friends with kids who have physical disabilities.

  4. We took the option in the Avalon to convert the first floor study to a bedroom and the powder room to a full bath. We then customized the bedroom to configure it back to the study and change the door to a 15-Lite door. The bathtub we also converted to a walkin shower with a seat. This will make things easier when my MIL visits or if something happens to one of us old folks...remember, we are not spring chickens anymore!!!