Thursday, August 11, 2011

Couldn't believe my eyes!!

So there is another Milan going up in the neighborhood.  I couldn't believe my eyes!

They started framing yesterday.  Today it is done!  Windows and all!!  Now why is this such a big deal?  We had one heck of storm come through today.  Crazy wind and sideways rain!  (which stings when it hits you!!!)  It last a while.  Everyone around commented on how bad it was, and we've had some doozies. 

Well, guess who was out working in the rain to complete the house?  Ryan's builders/"worker bees" (as some bloggers have dubbed them).  I cannot believe they were out in that mess!!  HORRIBLE!!!

I had just gotten home from dropping my van off and getting a rental.  My air compressor went out.  Not good when you're in the south for the summer.  YUCK!!  My van is programmed to my garage door.  So when I got home with the rental, guess who had to make a mad dash to the front door to unlock it, go through the house soaking wet, open the garage, then pull the rental into the garage so my kids (& nieces) could get out someplace dry and not crazy?  That's right...ME!  That's how I know how the rain stung.  It was horrible.  I just don't know how those workers did it.

I know it wasn't my house they were working on.  But I was amazed to see them working on it in that mess none the less.  God bless those poor men!


  1. OMG! Dedication at it's best! When you say your van is programmed to your garage, what do you mean by that? I was under the impression that we would have little remotes that we could remove from our cars and bring them with us in another car if needed? Did you get yours through Ryan? Just curious!! THANKS!

  2. We put our own garage door motor/opener in. We did not pay Ryan to do it.

    We got a Chamberlane 3/4 hp whisper drive. SUPER QUIET! It came with a key pad and also has motion light technology (no more turning on the garage light to walk out and get something).

    It came with remotes. My husband has one, and we the other one was given to a family member. My van has it to wear I program up to 3 different things to it. One of them is my garage door. I just hit the button and viola! No more fumbling or loosing my remote. It's great! Except when something like this comes up. lol

  3. LOL...gotta love technology...I have had that option in 2 of my vehicles and it never worked with my garage door openers...maybe the openers are too old.