Saturday, August 20, 2011

Neighborhood News

Good Saturday to you all!!

I gotta tell you, I REALLY love my house and my neighborhood.  I love living here!   And the fact that one of my sisters is moving just up the street now makes it even better!!

My baby sister may not live here, but she likes to ride her horse over this way.  She was a big hit last Saturday.  On of my neighbors had a large cookout, another one had some kind of get together as well, and of course I was having a small one for the first pre-season NFL game of the season!  lol

So when she showed up on her horse with her dog, all the kids swarmed!  lol  Her horse is HUGE.  And beautiful.  Great Grandson of Seattle Slue.  =)  He's tall and gorgeous.  lol  But do to an approaching storm, she had to hustle back, breaking the children's hearts.  lol  I had to explain that she'd be back another day for a visit.  I love that I will have one sister up the street and another that can visit when she is with her horse.  =)  We even keep carrots here now for him.  lol

My kids loving playing with the kids on our street too.  They seem to be feeling at home now too.  =)   They love that they have friends now.

In neighborhood news, construction is going on like crazy!  A Naples is going in across from me.  That will make my street almost all Naples and Milans.  lol 

The Naples and Rome seem to be the most popular models to build in here right now as far as I can see. Followed by the Milan. We do have 2 Dorsey Halls and my sister's will make 3.  We also have one Verona, a Raveena, and a Canterbury.   Our neighborhood offers 12 different models total.  Lots of variety to chose from.  I am amazed no one has built a Venice yet!

Also in neighborhood news, there may be an issue with the new developer according to rumors.  Something about the developer wanting to hike the prices up on the lots.  And both WF and Ryan do NOT want that.  So whether or not they continue to be the developer, or everything goes back on the bidding block remains to be seen. 

My little stretch of road where my driveway is was suppose to get paved.  Remember that?  Well, it's still crush and run.  =/  I emailed our PM and he said the company who was suppose to do it has pulled out.  >=/  So now they have another company in talks with them and bidding it out.  He is hoping it will get done soon.  We'll see.

The people we've met so far have been incredibly nice.  I'm looking forward to meeting more.  =)

So that's what's going on over here.  Hope ya'll are doing well.

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  1. Sounds like you are settling in nicely. So happy for you and your family!!!