Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Info for you

So I had heard that Energy Star certified homes are so good at being air tight, it was suggested you get a few plants for the indoors to help improve indoor air quality.  Hmmm....

So I have set out to scour the internet and see if this is true.

I first started at Ryan's Website.  Interesting....

Check that out.  Scroll over the numbers to see how Ryan makes their homes energy star efficient.  I was a little surprised by a few of them.  The paint and carpet especially.  It didn't really answer my question, but it is neat information there.

Here is another cool link:   http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=new_homes_partners.locator
Use this link to find incentives in your area for having an energy star certified home.  For example, in my area, once I get my Energy Star Certified certificate in the mail (approx. 45 days after closing), I can send a copy to my power company and get a discount on my bills on top of the already lower prices of having an energy star home.  WOOHOO!!

However, I am unable to either substantiate or dismiss the plant vs. air quality  debate.  I have found several sites that suggest a plant or 2 (or more) in any home to help improve air quality no matter the type of home you have.  I could research this thing for hours and hours more, and possibly come up with it.  But I have been at this a while already and am tired.  lol  So I'll leave it up to ya'll to decide if you want plants or not.  However, a few in the Morning Rooms may be nice.....

Went with my sister to see our Rep today.  Our neighbor officially re-opened this past February after several years of nothing.  (Developer went bankrupt and the 8 or so houses/families in here were just abandoned for a few years until this past February when Wells Fargo took over development).  Now there are officially only 34 lots left available.  0.0  SNAP!!  I know some of you out there are building in neighborhoods that may only have 34 lots or less.  But they have officially sold exactly half of all their available lots from mid February to the end of July.  I asked if this was normal and she said NO!  They don't normally sell this fast.  WOW! 

So if anyone out in cyber land is considering buying in here, you might want make up your mind soon.  Just a thought.

So that's my info for the day.  I was going to take more pictures, but my hubby took the camera this morning.  So, soon.... 

Until next time!



  1. I just bought a few house plants for my morning room today! :) Our PM mentioned to us that if we have the windows closed because we are running AC or heater, and aren't really opening the doors a lot, that we should run the bathroom fan 4 hours a day to circulate in fresh air because of the tightness of the house. Just another thing to consider!

  2. Great info. My PM mentioned many of the energy star qualities including the paint. It was one of the reasons I decided to wait before painting, so I can compare the rates.

    My thumb has not been green over the past years. Guess its time to give it another try.

  3. I'm thinking of getting a hanging basket for one corner and maybe some nice corner shelving for that space in my kitchen where our "staging" table is for now, and putting some plants on it.

    I too have never really had a green thumb, but I'll try again! Can't hurt. Someone had mentioned a kind of lily that was suppose to be very good for air quality. (I love lilies. And daisies. And tulips. I'm not really a rose kinda gal. Anyway...off topic...sorry). I'll see if I can't find out what kind that was and let ya'll know.

  4. This information is so helpful. I just saw that in NJ we have incentives, as well. I wonder how I find out which power company we are going to go with though? There are two companies that have incentives. Thanks so much!!

  5. Newbies: Call your Rep. They should be able to tell you who the utilities for your neighborhood are under. =)