Monday, August 22, 2011

For Tasha: Speakers

For my other readers, Tasha had a question concerning her surround sound speakers.  You can view her blog here:

I wanted to post a picture of my speakers to show her what I was talking about.
You can see 2 of the three speakers on the wall.  One
is behind the tree.  lol 

ceiling speaker behind couch but before kitchen

Other ceiling speaker (again, please ignore all the
floral stuff.  I am preparing for my sister's
bridal shower.  I'll have to post regular pictures after the shower.  lol)

Another view of wall speakers
I know that wall speakers aren't for everyone.  But after speaking with several people in the business, and not wanting to pay for the upgraded directional ceiling speakers, this was the option for us.

I love being able to sit at my island, blog, and cook dinner.  *contented sigh*


  1. i wanted surround sound OH SO badly... and this will be a MUST want/have in my next new place (house) but for my first place, it was a cut back unfortunately.. I am building a townhome with ryan (blog hasnt started up yet... ive just been wway super busy to be able to start it yet im sorry) and then i guess i felt that the space just wasnt large enough for it... that a large enough tv would be more than enough for sound... maybe i am wrong on this but i guess what's done is done now :/ but i do love the ceiling speakers.. the wall speakers are not bad at all!

  2. Noey,

    Just noticed something about your house that I didn't realize would be different than our Milan. On the 1st floor, all of the air vents are on the floor, because we have a basement to run the ducts through. I guess with the concrete slab, they have to run them in between floors.

    Useless observation. Thank you all.

  3. Thanks meds!

    Gregg: LOL Yeah...the ONE thing I dislike is vents in the ceiling. Oh well though. I love the house! =) If that's the only thing i don't like, I can live with it! =D

  4. We have all our speakers in the ceiling. We upgraded to the middle value speakers so we could do that. Our Guardian sales rep actually said the upgrade to the high end was not worth the price...not that big a difference from the middle value ones. Being able to directionally adjust the ceiling speakers will come in handy in our family room since the perfect center was right where a ceiling joist was sitting.

  5. Noey, Have you heard from Kristine any more?

    I'm curious to see how everything has worked out, but she hasn't updated in a long time.:(

  6. I haven't heard from her Anon. I'm sorry. I was wondering that too.

    BD: There you are!!! I was just wondering where you've been. You been a bit quiet lately. Hope all is well.