Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We have barstools and greenery! =)

My husband's birthday was the first and mine is this weekend. So my mom & sisters went in together to get us a joint birthday/house warming gift.... BARSTOOLS!! We love them!!

Dh and I also went out to A.C. Moore yesterday and got some greenery for the house! What a difference it makes! (I have been shopping around and they had a good selection on clearance!)

Here are some updated pics for you.



Please excuse the mantel.  I'm preparing for
my sister's bridal shower

a total of 5!  =)

more bridal shower decor  lol

close up of vertical blinds in morning room
Can you tell they have an ivy design?

morning room

apparently kids have scooted the table some  =/
Excuse the top of the hutch, again, bridal shower decor
staging area.  Notice our table matches our kitchen.

light my daughter picked out vs. a fan

master bedroom

we can put the treadmill down and use it now!

the dreaded book case we couldn't find a place for
told ya'll it was big.  I know the rocker is a bit old and
ugly now too.  But I have rocked all three of my babies
in this chair.  It's not going anywhere anytime soon.  lol

study/playroom doors down on the end

I love these stools!  We all do!

I know we still need curtains. But that's going to have to wait a little bit. We have my sister's shower and wedding. Then my eldest's 10th bday, and then the holidays. It'll probably next year before we have curtains. But I'm okay with that. At least we have blinds! lol

So that's my big update.  Not much I know.

Building has picked up.  We're excited.  We only have 2-3 lots left on our street for now.  =)

So that's it guys.  Happy building!


  1. Great pictures Noey! Everything looks fabulous, love those bar stools, they look perfect in there! I have NO idea where to begin with curtains, but we did get blinds up at least too. :)

  2. I have no idea for curtains either! lol I figure after the first we'll look at JcPenney, Bed Bath % Beyond,, Amazon, ect. Slowly but surely! lol

    We're here for the next 30 yrs or so. We have our blinds up for privacy. So the details in the house may take some time doing, but we'll get there. I'm just thrilled to be here!

  3. looks good - you're ahead of me because I still haven't found barstools! Curtains are going to be a while too...I took care of my son's room so he'd sleep and our master for privacy, but the rest of the house will wait.

  4. Noey ~ EVERYTHING looks great! You have inspired me to add some greenery! We don't have curtains in every room yet and we have been in our house since Dec. so don't feel bad! LOL We have the same blinds as you! So glad you are enjoying your home!


  5. GS: My MIL came over and said the plants make it feel more warm and inviting. =) I tend to agree. lol

    Loving our Levlor blinds! =) We got the Basic Blindz for the garage. They were cheaper, I mean it's a garage, right? Guess which was easier to install? NOT the garage ones! lol

    Thanks hon. We love it here! Great house. Great neighbors. Great neighborhood. NO DRAMA! lol

  6. Noey everything is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I am dreading what to do about privacy. I guess I need to go measure the windows so DH can at least put something up for the time being. The bar stools look really good in the kitchen and your morning room is looking good too. We still need bedroom furniture. We bought a mattress set but still do not have a set. Boy there sure are a lot purchases that need to be made! We need to get some part time jobs! lol

  7. Looks great noey!!! If your looking for really cute cushions for the stools, Ballard Designs has really cute farmhouse cushions that would fit them and you can pick the fabric...heres the site...

  8. Chelly hon, you'll get there! One thing at time! That's what we keep saying.

    Each of us has different things we need and different things that are a priority. Can't compare. Just do what you can for you, you know? And in the mean time, be happy for them,knowing you'll get there too.

    Before you know it, we'll all be settled into our homes. I wonder what we'll all do then?

  9. It's so beautiful Noey! I cannot wait until I see my house transform into a home like yours has already! I love the barstools especially. They are the perfect size! We still need to measure our windows too, Chelly! I keep forgetting each time we go. It'll be moving day and I won't have any blinds! Ut oh!

  10. I LOVE the barstools. Where did they come from? They would go great with our table and chair set in the morning room. We just have one in the kitchen that I got from bed, bath and beyond and it's falling apart already. Sometimes it doesn't pay to go cheap. Everything looks great! You have inspired me to do some more with greenery. Need some big plants for empty spots.


    =) Typing in BARSTOOL15 at checkout in the promo code area to save even more! They offer free shipping too. TONS of barstools to choice from

  12. 24" stools for counters/islands
    29-30" for bars

  13. Hey everyone you can use Redishades they come in blackout and light filtering fabric & paper. I'm going to order them as soon as my house is done. Building in Glen Burnie Md.