Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home Part 1

SOME of you bloggers have been asking for pictures.  So I snapped a few tonight.   I was forced to unpack the dreaded box (ok...I didn't unpack so much as I did just open it) to find our pool bags.  lol  So I grabbed the camera bag while I was in there.  I hope to unpack it tomorrow.  Before viewing the photos....

Please please try and remember a few things:

1.  Our stuff is OLD!!

2.  We're still unpacking and settling in some

3.  Yes, I know we need curtains. 

4.  Please excuse the blue card table in the kitchen corner.  It's our staging area for now.  It will go.  And eventually we'll find something nice for the corner.  A plant.  Corner shelves or cabinet.  We have time.

5.  These were taken tonight, not long ago.  So no sunlight.  Sorry.

6.  We're still decorating.  It's going to take time.

I guess that's enough with the disclaimers.  I can't believe I'm going to do this.....  Here we go:

Going to add curtains, a tree in the corner on left, and something pretty over fireplace
The boxes next to the tv have our gaming systems in it.

front hall
Please ignore the picture on the floor in the dining room  lol

Our ugly bar stools!!  We are currently shopping for
prettier ones.  =)

Coming in from Morning Room

I LOVE my Kitchen
Soon we'll be able sit at the island and enjoy a
movie at the same time.  lol 
No more food in the den!

Hubby's cake and birthday cards are on the island. 
It's his bday today and he won't be home until midnight.

The first one says:  FAITH is being sure of what you for
and certain of you do not see
Hebrews 11:1
the second one says:  BELIEVE...
All things are possible if you believe
Mark 9:23
Kinds sums up our journey
Also, we will have bar stools under the island on the left soon.  =)

Pink Dora chair is still trying to find a permanent home  lol
That blue table in the back would be that staging table
I was warning you about.  It's not permanent.  Something pretty
some day  will go there.  Until then, the table will go and it will
remain empty.

We seriously need a picture up there.  lol

above our picture table in the hall.  It reads:
I know the plans I have for you...
They are plans for GOOD and not evil,
to give you a FUTURE and a HOPE.

Our Hunter Fan in the Den.  We love it!  And we have it in white
in our bedroom.

So that's it guys.  At least for tonight.  I'll try and get morning room pics, dining room pics and bedroom pics soon.  I hope this will do.  Please don't laugh at my stuff.  =(  I know we need new stuff .  Eventually we'll fill this home with all the decor we hope to get it.  But for now, it's filled with love.  And that is what is most important to us.   ♥  =)


  1. We love your house, it has a great layout. And your "stuff" as you call it, looks just fine. Our fear is that we won't have enough 'stuff' for our new house and until our current house sells, our new house is going to be a little bare. But we agree with what you said, our house will be filled full of love and all of the other things is just 'stuff'.

    Thanks for sharing and we look forward to seeing more pics.

  2. Oh by the way, we currently have a Hunter ceiling fan in our current bedroom and LOVE IT!!! We plan to buy only Hunter ceiling fans for our new house.

  3. Noey your house and family are both beautiful. Who cares if your "stuff" is 100 years old...that's not what is important! You're in a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood, with a loving family. What more could you need! And I agree with HW, I think it all looks fine too! If you are unhappy with those barstools...the DIYer in me is thinking a coat of white paint (and a coat of glaze for easy cleaning) will make a huge difference for a quick, cheap update rather than rushing out to get new. There are also methods you can do to give them a distressed look to match your cabinets.
    And I think the Dora chair needs to stay put, exactly where it is! Nothing makes a house more of a home than seeing the signs of little kids all around. :) Thanks for posting pictures!
    I don't know much about fans, but need a Hunter a good brand to get?

  4. Exactly....It's just stuff. The house is full of love and happiness. =) We are very happy. =)

    And these Hunter fans rock! =)

    Praying your house sells soon hon.

    And to whomever hit need to be sorry. We're very happy. ♥

  5. Becky: From my understanding Hunter fans are of good quality and last a long time. =)

    And thanks! Our toddler loves her chair! She has a little purple chair in her room. So for now, the chair is there. She loves it. Eventually it will go somewhere else. But for's in the corner. lol

  6. Noey I think EVERYTHING looks fantastic...Becky is absolutely are in a beautiful house in a safe neighborhood with a loving family...nothing else matters!!!

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  8. I'm really jealous, quite frankly. The "stuff" you have apologized like crazy for looks way better than our stuff. When I get to the point of taking pictures of the house with our stuff in it, I'm going to Photoshop all the ugly stuff out!

  9. It's a beautiful house Noelle. I love the cabinet at the base of the stairs and your kitchen is a dream! Love the color choice and style of counter top.
    If I may make a suggestion? Auctions are a great place to find some beautiful furniture pieces and accessories. As for the mantle.... You take such gorgeous pictures you should have one enlarged and framed.

  10. Noey ~ I think your home looks BEAUTIFUL! Don't think for a second all my "stuff" is new! We've been in our house since Dec. and don't have all our curtains and pictures hung yet! It takes time. You have a family at home to worry about and I don't! My darn kids went and grew up and flew the coup!!


  11. Noey everything thing looks beautiful. It doesn't matter that you don't have new "stuff". It's your home, enjoy it!

  12. Noey I think your house is coming along very nicely! Thank you for posting pictures! the reason why most people haven't posted is probably the same reason you are a little doubtfull! lol, our house is gonna be kinda empty lol...We only have a 2 bedroom town home and I do not forsee us filling all the rooms immediately, the only thing that will be new furniture wise is our bed and agree with Becky, I think those bar stools would look great if you sand them and then paint them off white and do the distressed look! Check out HGTV if you haven't already! Oh yeah and some of your wood pieces are very nice. Your home looks like a home. I love it! Thanks again for sharing, because sharing is caring... :)

  13. Oh yeah...and maybe until you get a picture for the mantle, add some flowers in those vases...and pop some more pillows on the couch to get a new look....I plan to redecorate with my current furniture and just accessorize and do a few DIY projects...I can't wait to get creative. The new season of design star just began...GL again...sorry for the dobule messages.. :)

  14. Thanks everyone!

    Chelly: Funny you mention that! I have both fall decor and winter that go in those on the fireplace. =) Just nothing spring/summer yet. I have wreath for Christmas too. ;)

  15. I was looking for info on the Milan and stumbled upon your blog. I have to say your blog has some great information and I was so excited to see how awesome your kitchen cabinets look because that's what we chose too.

    We just signed 2 weeks ago and after checking out a bunch of the blogs I started my own,

    Thanks for all of the helpful info! -Casey

  16. Welcome to our Ryan E-Neighborhood Casey! =) Congrats on your house! You'll love it! We do! =)