Monday, August 1, 2011

The fence thing, and other updates

We have learned that HOA is going to start up in January.   And as much as I would LOVE to think that it would mean money to be put aside for the pool.  I'm thinking it's going to go to care for the berms, sidewalks, and such.  We'll see.

Since the HOA is starting up, we have to abide by the current HOA rules.  (now if a developer takes over, they can change them)  So the person in our development that has the 6 ft privacy fence is going to be told they have to either take off 2 feet of fence, or take down the fence.  YIKES!  So for now, we must stick with the current rule of no fences higher than 4 ft tall.

There are currently no real limitations on what kind of fence it has to be though.  Just not a chain link one.  So you can split rail, wood, wrought iron, ect.  There is also no current covenant in place about sheds.  So if you want one, I suggest you get it to match your house.

I know where my camera is now (The last box I haven't unpacked.  It's a huge vacuum box.  lol)  I will be taking some pictures this week.  Just please remember my furniture is far from new and we still have a lot of decorating to do. 

We had a dinner party here last night in honor of my Dh's birthday today.  It was nice to host for a change.  =)

We have a list going of things to bring up at our 30 day inspection.  Nothing too major really.  However we do need our hall floor fixed (wood laminate).  It's bubbled up in one section.  And our shower isn't sealed properly.  Water flows outside the glass wall into the tub area.  Those are our 2 major things. 

We are currently re-wiring the bathrooms.  Who wants to flip on the fan when you first enter it?  You want it to be light.  My BIL come over to show us how.  He said it was just pure laziness on the work of the electricians who did the house.  I am inclined to agree.  But it's not hard fix.  =)

Otherwise, we are settling and very happy.  =)  Half of the lots in our neighborhood are now sold!  Less than 6 months ago, we were the 2nd to contract.  It's booming!!

I'm off to go return our rental keys!  We're finally done!  =)


  1. Wow I hope everything gets worked out soon with all of that HOA business, That really sucks for your neighbor that already has his fence up. :( Really sucks. Fences are not cheap!

  2. Agree with Chelly...that's unfortunate for the people who put the fence up already. Glad to see you're settling in well, and I cannot wait to see pictures. :)

  3. I'm really glad that you are settled in and getting unpacked and that you've found only minor things wrong with the house so far. I miss your daily posts!!