Wednesday, September 7, 2011

=D Good news!

I'm so happy!!  And I have learned a few things.  =)

I'm having my first big get-together this weekend, my baby sister's bridal shower.  Twenty-seven people will be here.  I'm excited.  Finally a house big enough to do this kind of thing.  A house I'm proud of!  I'm just about done decorating!

Also, I have news about my other sister's house.

Her pre-con is next week.  Our Rep explained that it WILL NOT push her projected close date back.  In fact, did you know you technically could have a pre-construction meeting AFTER you  break ground?  I'm not sure how good an idea that would be...  lol   But the point was that it won't hurt the projected close date.

You see, apparently your projected close date is based on when the materials are ordered for you house.  NOT on when the meeting is.  =)  Just a little FYI for you.  So if your materials are ordered BEFORE your meeting, the date shouldn't be pushed back.  =)  I am assuming they went ahead and ordered the materials so that they could move up the closing date as much as they could to help out.  AWESOME!!   The Rep and PM are on top of it!!!  (things already turning around!)

They've staked her lot.  I can't wait for them to begin digging it out! 

Emotions are high and good right now.

Thank you Ryan for my beautiful home!  And thank you for doing all you can to help out my sister!


  1. That makes sense. Ryan Homes pushes you to make your final decisions at an early stage, particularly structural decisions, so that they can order materials in advance.

    During our pre-construction meeting, we learned that our sales manager has accidentally selected the wrong fireplace for our family room; however, since the lumber had not yet been ordered, it was easy for the selection to be put right. I joked at the time that if the lumber had been ordered, I would've expected Ryan Homes to offer me a price reduction to keep the wrong fireplace.

  2. Hey tell you sister to get her own blog!