Sunday, September 18, 2011

Using what you got!

So my hubby and I have wanted a fire pit for a while now.  However, finances are a bit tight right now.  Our first month here and we had to pay the final bills on the rental, the new bills here, buy school supplies for two children and throw a bridal shower.  So a fire pit right now is not in the budget.  Not right now anyway....

We have had cooler set in though, and we have realized how badly we want one and think we'd really enjoy it.  So, I decided to use what's around to build our own.  My girls and I gather rocks from behind our house and a few from my sister's lot they are digging out for her house.  We got my DH to dig the hole and we got the rocks and stacked them.  It's not pretty by any means.  But, we now got a temporary fire pit for free!! 

The kids also found this wood behind the house.  We
won't burn the plastic.

It's not perfect or grand, but we'll be able to enjoy it. We can roast marsh mellows with the kids, and then enjoy some adult beverages while starring up at the stars. The night sky over the back field and forest is amazing!


  1. If you can start the fire by rubbing two of those sticks together, I'll buy you the firepit : P

  2. Looks good noey! And very resourceful!

  3. Love it and love the idea of using what you got. It will come in real handy on these cooler evenings. Mmmmm....smores!!!!

  4. I actually think it is beautiful!!!! Camp fires are my absolute favorite, bring on the smores!

  5. Thanks guys! =D My kids are very proud of it and we can't wait to use it!

  6. Great firepit!! But be careful none of the wood you are burning is treated... very bad for the lungs, especially for kids.