Monday, September 12, 2011

eating crow =(

Time for me to eat some crow.  YUCK!  lol

In a previous post I had stated that our Rep never showed us the upgrades sheet for our home.  After talking to someone, I did remember something, and I wanted to fix what I said.

We were never given the upgrades sheet to see until we signed contract.  Then she did give it to us to sign.  We opted NOT to look it over at that point because at that point everything was picked out and we had settled on a price and did not want to add anything else.  So technically we were given the upgrades sheet, but not before negotiating price.  It was during the final signing of stuff.  But she DID give it to us.  We could have looked at it then, but chose not too.  OUR CHOICE.

It's been bothering me that I said she didn't do it at all, on the web. I wanted to correct my error.  I am not fond of eating crow, but when I'm wrong I do try and make it right.

She was a good rep.  She is very friendly and out going.   And she did work hard to help us out with some things.  To anyone building in here, she is wonderful.  Our only real complaint was that it took her longer than expected to get back to us on some things.  She currently has 18 houses under construction and is probably working on more contracts.  She stays busy.  But she is a good Rep.

So to my Rep.:  I am sorry.


  1. It is nice of you to put the record straight, but I think I'd be wishing I'd seen the upgrades sheet earlier in the process. Just sayin'.

  2. @SCJ - I agree completely that it would have been nice to see the list before signing the contract. There are so many options that we didn't know we had available and now we have lots of change orders to do.

  3. Would have it have been nice? Yes. But in the end we got just about everything we wanted. =) And we are happy.

    We were on a time schedule and trying to stay within a certain budget. So maybe the Rep was trying to help us do that? They did JUST open and they were still getting things together (remember, we were 2nd contract signed)so things were a bit hectic.

    Either way...bottom line...we're happy. =)