Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tomorrow is our 30 day...wish us luck.

We don't have a lot wrong but we do some things fixed.

Things like our warped front door (it wasn't locking right at first.  Now it locks, but the top is bowed)., bowing of the floor in the hall, one whole kitchen wall without electricity, switch plates in the den that are "caved in" looking.  They need replaced and more than likely, the box needs pulled forward.  There are some of drywall issues we will bring up, but I'm not sure what is done now and what is done at 10 months.  And now our dishwasher makes a funny noise too.  *sigh*  All and all, not major fixes.

I'll let ya'll know how it goes.  I know no home is perfect.  And I'm so thankful Ryan comes back after 30 days to fix this stuff (well, set up the tradesman to fix this stuff).  I'll keep ya'll posted!


  1. is a very nice service that Ryan Homes provides...most builders give you your keys and say goodbuy. The caved-in look is caused by one of two things: It could just be that the screw that holds the plate on is screwed down too tight or the box needs to be pulled forward...that will be an easy fix. Regarding the kitchen wall without power, did you check your circuit breaker box...could be one is tripped. Did it ever work?

    The only problems I have heard from others regarding the 30-day is that a few have had trouble getting them to come out, but those that have actually had their 30-day have not had problems getting things fixed. I will warn you to expect them to show up ready to do the work...not for you to just show them what is wrong.

    Good Luck...Keep us posted.

  2. Hope they fix the things that need fixed for you!

    We had to have the garage, side entry door replaced! It was leaking when it rained and they tried to fix it twice and finally just ordered a new door. It's fine now.

    BD is right, they come ready to work! I thought I was just going to tell them what was wrong that day! LOL Our 10 month is coming up in Oct.! DH and I have been making a list, nothing major so far!

    Good luck!


  3. I don't think you should have any issues with the fixes except maybe the drywall. Unless there are major problems and not normal settling, they only do one drywall repair and the recommendation is to wait closer to 10-12 months because more settling will occur. We had them rehang the door to our son's bedroom because it was off alignment a bit...would sometimes stick, etc. The other big thing was that a nail pop had come through the back of our stairs (where the oak is exposed). They fixed that since it wasn't really drywall and I complained it was really an eysore. Otherwise we are starting to have a fair number of nail pops - especially in the walls along our back stairs and basement stairs - that we will just have to live with for the next few months.