Monday, September 12, 2011


Someone at the shower yesterday asked me if I was worried about living in here.  It's a wonderful neighborhood, but we are pretty far pushed back off the beaten path, so to speak.  you can't see the neighborhood from the main road at all.  And with it just starting to get established, I guess maybe they were perhaps worried about crime being easy back here maybe?  And since I know a few people who are building and others who are considering building in here read this, I thought I would tell you my answer.

I told her NO.  We have police come and patrol regularly.  I have seen them a few times.  I hadn't seen them in a little bit though, but then again, I'm not out front looking for them either.

Well tonight, while putting my kids to bed, there was a flashing outside the window.  I opened the blind and wouldn't you know it...the police had someone pulled over.  I don't know if it was for speeding, or just to check up on them, or what.  But they are in here patrolling.  Keep us all who live off the beaten path safe.  =)

That being said, I have felt safer here than in any other place I have lived in my adult life.  There is real sense of community here.  Everyone is very friendly, but not nosey.  It's wonderful!


  1. That's great!

    In my experience the most unsafe areas were nearby the police station. I live literally across the stress from the police station and my house and car were broken into regularly. I would call the police and they would give me the, "there's nothing we can do now" speech.

    Also I would keep my eye on that "friend" who asked about crime.

  2. That's great! The neighborhood we are building our Milan in is off of the main road too....wondering if it's in the same neighborhood as you?! Jennifer

  3. Anon Jennifer: In NC? I'm in The Mills....

  4. Yes...that's where we are building! We are closing in November and cannot wait! So happy to hear that you love it out there, we are excited!

  5. OMGosh!! Are you the ones with the front porch? You aren't far me if so!! =)

    It's so great out here!! It's quiet!! No booming cars and loud people. Peaceful. The people here are amazing! Very friendly.

    There is neighborhood yard sale on the 24th! =)

    You'll love the neighborhood and your house! =)

  6. Yes! There are 2 milans being built side by side but with different elevations and both have side load garages and front porches! Hopefully we will meet soon! Jennifer

  7. Awesome! My milan is next to another Milan too...different elevations. =) Can't wait!