Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 day review fixes

So yesterday morning, at 9 a.m., our PM shows up with his head guy in charge, and a ton of people to fix what needed to be addressed.  We really didn't have any major issues, so that was good.  He arrived with electricians, flooring people, paint people, landscaping people.  We had quite a crew.  By 10:30 a.m. everyone was gone but the head guy who stayed to finished some of the drywall and paint we needed done.

We were VERY impressed with everyone.  They were very polite, and worked efficiently.  I have to clean now again today though.  lol  When drywall is involved, you have sanding and mudding, and painting.  Guess where the sanded wall pieces go?  DOWN!  lol  So be prepared for that if you have drywall issues that need addressed at your 30 day (our issues weren't nail pops, that's at the 10 month.  I think we did have maybe 3 nail pops that they did go ahead and fix already....  how nice of them!!  But our issues weren't really nail pops.  More like bad seems, a crack, indentions and such).  Nothing major.

One guys still has to come back and finish up some of the painting.  You have to wait for the mud to dry before you can paint.  lol  But that's okay with us.  Like I said, Ryan is on top of everything and the people are just wonderful.

I suggest laying a covering over any area you have work to be done at.  We had our light fixtures in our bath room that needed a little something and we should have covered our sinks.  We weren't thinking that it would cause a mess.  We ended up having to run our tooth brushes through the dishwasher.  lol

Our PM said they would all show up first thing and knock everything on the punch list out at once.  He was right.  No making appointments for several days for different tradesmen.  I am impressed.  I wish I would have thought to get donuts for everyone.....  that would have been nice.  =/

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