Saturday, September 10, 2011

Morning Room Information

Hello again!  I hope everyone is doing well.  We have the big bridal shower here tomorrow, and while cleaning the morning room (again), I realized there were probably some things I should let you guys in on.

1.  The very first light switching going into the morning room will work a half-hot.  Half-hots are plugs you plug something (ex. a light) into.  Ryan installs them upside down so you know which plugs are half-hots.  Every room has them.  Anyway, no matter if you have an overhead light or fan, or not, the first switch will always work the half-hot.  We mentioned to this to our PM at our 30 day, and he said that the plans have it that way.  So be prepared if you get a light or fan.

2.  Morning Rooms do NOT come with ANY kind of overhead lighting at all.  You have to pay extra.  We paid $150 for a light.

3.  Given the choice now, I would have opted of a fan.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our light!  But with the door and all the windows in there, that little room heats up fast!!  There is a noticeable difference in temperature when the window blinds are open, and we walk into the M.R.  Just something for ya'll building to think about.

In other news, our street is booming!  Only one lot left.  The house across the street was a slab one morning.  And by the next evening it was a 2 story framed house, wrapped and roofed.  Crazy huh?  They work here from about 7:30 in the morning to about 8/8:15 at night.  Two more lots have cleared, another one is about to be, leaving just one lot left.  I hope all our new neighbors are as wonderful as our current ones.    I really do love it here and everyone I have met.

So anyway, back on track, I hope this gives ya'll something to think about!  GL!  Happy Building!


  1. Were you able to specify which of your outlets were the half-hots in each room? I have this recurring nightmare that every half-hot we get will be where I want a TV to be or something.

  2. I'm not really a fan of half hots, but I guess we have no choice. Good to know about the fan in the morning room. We were between a light and fan rough in and went with the fan.

  3. SCJ: We never thought about asking. Unfortunately one of the half hots is where we had the internet set up to be, thus our desk top. =/ Wish someone would have warned us about that one at the pre-drywall meeting. We fixed the issue by getting a surge protector and plugging it into the part that was NOT connected to the light switch and plugged everything into it. So there are ways around it. But I would suggest EVERYONE ask where the Half-hots are.

    Kay and Jay: Great choice!!! =)

  4. It is rare...rare...rare that you would ever find a good use for a switched outlet...first thought is great for a bedroom...walk in the door, flick the switch on, light beside the bed comes on...great...but now you are in you think you get our of bed and walk across the room to turn the light off....nope...reach up and turn the light you have defeated the purpose of the switched outlet....go figure...we didn't really concern ourselves with the switched outlets since we got fan rough ins for just about every room. Had I thought about it then I might have asked them to not do the switched outlets, but something tells me it has to be a code requirement otherwise why would they do it at all.

    For those debating a ceiling fan vs a light rough in, go with the fan rough get a separate switch for the fan and the light so you can always do either or later can still accomplish the same thing with a light rough in as well...just get a fan with a remote control.

  5. Thanks for the info on the half hots, as we would've never thought about it. As for the M.R. we went with fan rough-ins in every room, to give us the flexibility to do a light or a ceiling fan particularly in the Morning Room. After reading this we are definitely getting a lighted ceiling fan for this space.

  6. After spending an afternoon purchasing ceiling fans I would advise waiting till your house at least has the heating and AC will find that different rooms will have different needs and paying attention to the CFMs of each ceiling fan is important...2 almost identical fans can have dramatically different airflow capabilities and if you have a room that you need help cooling but don't get one with a high CFM you will find it not doing what you wanted it to do...might look really nice, but thats about it!!!