Sunday, September 4, 2011

Battling It Out....

So...  By now ya'll know my sister has contracted to build in here too.  (YAY!!!)

I swear though....  She is NOT having the same good experience I have had.

Before signing contract she got the Rep to verbally agree to have the house done no later than the 1st week of December.  End of November being ideal.  She was told "No Problem".  So they signed.

Then they were given a date in Mid January to close.  Um.... No.  Then they moved the date up to Dec. 16th.  Again, Um...NO!  Company coming from Germany for several weeks arrives on the 17th.  Not happening.

So they finally move it up to Dec. 8th as a tentative close date.  Okay, better.   Still cutting it super close, but better.  Why promise an end of Novemeber/First of December date if you couldn't deliver?  They would have NEVER signed otherwise.

Okay, well since the date is closer, things seemed smoothed over.  They were told last week they were going to have their pre-construction meeting this week coming up.  Now they are being told they have to wait one more week.  Um..wouldn't that push the house closing back to the week of the 16th?  So again, HELL NO!

I swear, sometimes it seems like they are getting the run around.  Like our Rep has NO interest in even trying to deliver on the promise she made to them as to when the house would be ready.  My sister is torn on moving anyway.  She has lived in the house she is in since we moved here when we just young girls.  She's raised her family there.  Something new would be nice, but it's an extremely emotional journey.  I can tell ya'll right now, Ryan is NOT helping her in thinking they have made the right decision, or making this any easier for her.

There have been times where I have truly thought they should just walk away.  She is also having the same problem I did with having the Reps get back to us in a timely fashion.  I wonder if everyone else in here had the problem?  I know for a fact one of my neighbors also did.   If Ryan strives for 10's, I can tell you our Rep did not get a 10 from us, and I'm pretty sure from our neighbor either.  On top of that, it would take some major changes for my sister to give the Rep a 10 now too.  I wonder how many non 10's it takes before you lose your job?  Not that I wish on the Rep at all.  Personally, the Rep is wonderful!  Great personality!  Love the Rep to death, personally.  But professionally, not the best.

I feel like the Rep helped us out a lot.  And when she was slack on communication, she did try and make up for it.  But I hate how my sister is being done.   This whole process has been nothing but telling them one thing, and then them getting another.  I have actually told her to pull out of contract several times already.  I hate seeing them so torn up over this.  I hate seeing the emotional struggle this for them.  It would be easier if things with Ryan were going smoothly, but they aren't.

What do you do?

I love my sister.  I just want them to be happy.  I think they could be very happy in the new house.  But I know they'd continue being happy where they are.  Why put yourself through the stress and headache and emotional struggles?  To me, it just doesn't seem worth it.  I feel like they have been sold a bunch of bologna.  I REALLY hope Ryan can turn this around for them.  It's so hard to see this when we had a good experience.



  1. awwee **hugs** to you & your sister!!! i can def now see from having my own experiences and now reading your blog; reading a few other peoples blogs and see just how crazy it is from one person to the next how some people just end up being the lemons in the bunch with the building, promises, customer services, approvals, etc... i hate that and it def. isn't the right way about things, because it's harder on us as the customers of all people..

    biig hugs to you guys because i know it is very difficult and i hope things work out & they will all for the best... keep us updated :) xx

  2. Im so sorry to hear about your sisters experience, although not surprising. Did they get it in writing that they would be in by December? Its so hard to know what to say in passing and what to stop and say "hey lets get this is writing before we move on" because its just our word against them :(

    Hugs to you and your family and hoping everything works out.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's situation! I am currently in the exact same situation with my contract. I was really considering backing out, but I am afraid of losing all that deposit money and wasting all that stress and hard work that has already gone into it. My dates situation is exactly the same as your sister's ... rep promised to get us in end of November, and gave us a tentative date of December 7, saying that it would be really easy to change. Well so far nothing has changed, and we told her that if they can't do November we would really rather move in and settle in mid January instead... but they won't do that because it is not in this calendar year, and I am guessing these sales affect their end of year bonuses..

    I am so mad at times, and then other times I just don't care, and figure if schedules are the only things that go wrong in this journey, I will come out OK in the end... but it will make for a very stressful holiday season, for sure!!

    Anyway, good luck to your sister, and keep us posted on what happens there.
    Hope everything is going OK for you in the new house :)

  4. We are building the Milan floor plan and we have definitely had an interesting experience with Ryan Homes. Let's just say that I will be one happy girl once the house is completed and we can't get here fast enough! Jennifer

  5. Sorry to hear your sister is having such a rough time. I will throw this out there...the sales rep and the PM have very little to do with the actual ground breaking...that is totally controled by the main office and it is also impacted by getting all the permits to actually break ground. There is always room in the schedule to pull things in, but again, these buffers are built in to deal with getting inspections done and having to fix things that fail inspection and have to get re-inspected.

    Hopefully, things turn out okay. You as well as anyone know how stressful building a house can be.

  6. TERRIBLE! I can understand a few weeks plus or minus but not months. Are they at least giving reasons for the delay? If its a single family home, there shouldn't be any sales barriers that would prevent them working on their home. I doubt they are building one home at a time.

    I would have her talk to your PM to see if this can get straightened out.

  7. Well.... Here's the thing.

    They wanted a 100 ft lot. Currently you have choice of 60 or 80 ft. They asked if they could get one of the 100 ft lots. SURE!! No problem!

    Can we get the lot, the house, and have it by end of NOV., beginning of Dec.? Sure! No problem.

    Well... PROBLEM. The bank hadn't released the 100 ft lots to Ryan yet. And they drug feet in doing so. Thus delaying them.

    Now, on one hand, I can see BD's point here. Ryan had no control on how long it would take the bank to release those lots. But on the other hand.....

    The Rep should not have made promises she wasn't sure they could keep. She knew those lots weren't released yet. She was NOT forth coming on that as far as know. Wouldn't it have been easier to say, "Yes you can have the lot. However, technically they aren't ours yet. We have to get them from the bank, and I'm not sure how long that will take. It shouldn't take long, and if I had to guess, I'd say it shouldn't be a problem, but honestly, I'm just not sure. It's kinda a gamble for your time line." ? That would have been MUCH better than "no problem".

  8. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that your sister is having some troubles with building. I hope they get this worked out soon!! I agree with you...why not just be honest instead? At least then they'd be able to make an informed decision about when and where to build...

  9. They knew what they were doing.

  10. Anon: I think so too. They were very aware that my sister was also looking at building with another builder also.

  11. I agree with the recent comments....

    "Why promise an end of Novemeber/First of December date if you couldn't deliver? They would have NEVER signed otherwise"

    You answered your own question. Remember, its sales.

  12. I'm sorry that your sister is having such a difficult time, but I just want to point out that we had a great experience with the sales rep. She did EVERYTHING she could for us. She'll certainly be getting a 10 from us. We did encounter a minor speed bump in our building process, that rested on her shoulders, however she did whatever she could to fix it. I think she is wonderful and I am sure that she will try and do everything she can to make it right for your sister. I think the reason for a lot of the issues is the fact that they're are so many people that you have to go through when starting this process. So she may have been told at one point that is was a go-ahead, but when they started processing, they found out differently. I hope that everything works out for your sister and I hope that from here on out she has a better experience, (better experiences do exist- and I hope theirs turn to that path.)

  13. Anon: I'm so happy for you! Our Rep did some amazing stuff for us. Our biggest complaint was just the time it took sometimes to hear back from her. Other than that...

    I think at this point we're all just frustrated with the whole experience my sister has had. But, they have their pre-con next week. We're all hoping it turns around from here. =) We went from frustration to finally starting to get excited! We're hopeful there will better days ahead~!

  14. What a coincidence!!!! I got a call and I am also having my pre-con next week. Lol.. if I didn't know any better, I would've thought your sis and I are the same person. LOL

    Glad to hear things are looking up, and yes I am also being told that the materials order and delivery will determine our settlement date, so apparently there is still hope! :)

  15. Hi Noey,
    We are building the same house as your sister but we chose Laurel Park over the Mills (my hubby's work is only 2 miles away from LP). We have had a totally different experience with Ryan. Our sales rep, Patrick, has been amazing! He responds to us quickly and is always available. I am sorry your sister hasn't had an easy time with her rep.

    I know this is an old post, but when is her projected closing date? We flipped our contract in mid-October. They had already gotten the permit and ordered the materials before we ever signed so everything was ready to go immediately. We are getting ready to go to the pre-drywall meeting on Wednesday. Do you think that our house could be done by Christmas? When we signed on, they were looking to build 10 houses by year end. I am skeptical but our house went up in 12 short days (with 1 weekend where they didn't do anything). It's all going super fast! We had plumbing done last Thursday and the roof is getting shingled today or tomorrow. I would love to be in it by year end, but I am trying to be practical.

    What phase is your sister's house in now? Is her PM Seth? If so, we love him!!

  16. Hello!

    Great model house! Her PM is not Seth, but a really great guy.

    They had their pre-drywall I think last week (maybe week before) and they are now set to close Around Dec. 9th. So if you meeting is this week, you have a chance of closing before January. Your PM will tell you let you know at the pre-drywall. After that expect a letter in the mail from Ryan stating the date and time of closing. =)

    It seems like minus a few bumps in the road, both the Rep and PM have worked hard to make things all good. Things are really moving fast now for them and everyone is really excited.

    They just had siding put up and drywall. This week I think is cabinets, and flooring, and such. The locks go on this week.

    Patrick is great! Can you email me? I have a question for you concerning the Dorsey...


  17. Thanks for your response!! Yes, I will send you an email. :)

  18. My email to that address bounced back. Is it correct?

  19. OH NO!! It's The "1" wasn't there. I'm sorry!