Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As if I needed another reason....

As if I needed yet another reason to rejoice about our new home and location......

A friend from the old neighborhood and I chatted some via FB this morning.  The bus stop my kids went too there (just outside my house) is apparently one of the only bus stops now in the neighborhood.  It went from a handful of children to over 20.  And, on top of that, there are fist fights between the kids there.  *sigh*   SOOO GLAD WE MOVED!!!!  Just in time!   Thank you Ryan Homes!!!  Thank you Rep for helping us and getting us in when we needed to be!

And, I also hear the the new bus driver they have screams at the kids constantly and apparently cannot make the turns in the neighborhood without driving up on curbs.  Really?

again....SO GLAD WE MOVED!!!


  1. EEK...doesn't sound like a good situation at all. What a relief it must be to be in a much more peaceful neighborhood. :)

  2. After our Pre-construction Meeting, I don't think I said 2-words to our sales rep. With the exception of the random price-change addendum all of our interaction was with our Project Manager. It sounds like you interacted with your sales rep throughout construction.

  3. @Noey - learn from your past, but keep looking forward - it's a much nicer view!!!! :)

    @G - We interact with our sales rep all the time...the sales office is only 1 block from our house and we usually will stop in a couple of times a week to chat and take care of business.