Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm nervous. We have an appointment in a few hours to pick out our colors. We have an appointment on Friday morning for flooring. And hubby is going to make the Guardian appointment later for day for either Friday afternoon or next week.

This is normally the time people get excited. I am hesitant. Very hesitant. We have NO word on the loan. I'm so afraid to go through will all of this and then have it fall through. But the Reps from both Guardian and the flooring company are pushing us. The flooring company said they HAD to see us this week. Friday at the latest. Really?

Here is the really fun part: We get to take our 21 month old with us to each appointment. FUN!!! She is wild! She doesn't sit or stand still for more than a few seconds unless she's eating or sleeping. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Anyone who knows us will tell you, she is EXTREMELY active. So, this should be interesting. lol

From what our attorney said, we have NO foreclosure or even (from my understanding) a deed-in-lieu (because our home was not in danger of foreclosure when we b/k it. We had made all our payments up until then. It is a bankrupted loan). But, because there is no case-law on it, it is up the lender's discretion. My husband is sick and tired of us being turned down because 1. No one understands bankruptcy and 2. people are too afraid (or busy) to look into it. He has decided if we get turned down one more time, we are going to court. We're suing. Yup. That's right, you read that right. SUING!

He said it's about time there is a case law, one way or another, so that people like us don't have to go through this. And someone needs to be brave enough to take on the law suit. He said we would. THIS scares me most of all!! I pray it won't have to be us. I pray we get this loan without a court battle.

So, anyway, today we are off to pick colors. Trying to hold off on getting too excited just yet.....what a strange situation to be in.


  1. Thats a very nervous/sticky situation...but we will remain positive girl!! Enjoy the appts :)

  2. It is unfortunate you have to do these appts without knowing for sure that you can move forward, but try to enjoy the appointments. We had our one year old with us for the flooring appointment and he is very active just like your daughter. A lot of the time my husband took him over to play somewhere else while I looked at the choices in more detail...but I'm sure it was one of their more noisy and chaotic appointments!