Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ok, despite the looming whatever, we had our colors meeting and picked the outside colors, the granite, the cabinets. I'm nervous about the colors for the outside. I wish I had a picture to look at. I'm just not sure. My husband was in a hurry and seemed just wanted to rush through it. I just don't know....

We did upgrade our patio to a 14X20. =) Just wondering, do any of you bloggers know what concrete is going for up there with your homes? We are also checking into a pull-down attic that's completed (floored). The price for that is $725, but our model may not be able to have one. We'll see. Our Rep is looking into it.

Also found out we can't add another light on the other side of the garage door. Only a flood light. No matter. We aren't having them finish the garage so we can do it ourselves if we want too.

Our sink with the granite is awesome!! 60/40 sink and the faucet is also the sprayer! Not an upgrade here. It's the standard. =)

According to our Rep, everything we decide with Guardian will be added into the loan. But I had read another blog where you paid them separate. It will be interesting to see. I'd rather just pay them than add to the loan.

If we get this loan (please God, Please Jesus!) I will post pics of all our choices and list all the upgrades again. The broker NVR found has been hounding us for our paperwork. She is anxious to work on this. So HOPEFULLY will have an answer soon, a good answer. A GREAT answer. *fingers crossed and saying prayers*

Pennsylvania Stone
Khaki siding
Cobblestone Vertical Siding
White Trim and garage
Black shutters and door

Cherry Bordeaux with Santa Cecelia granite
Hopefully we'll be able to call all this ours. Hopefully.... =D


  1. Love your granite and cabinet choices...same as ours. Try and get your sales rep to find you a house in your development or another one close by that has your color combination, then go see it. That is what we did. You still have time to change. We even went back to our flooring contact and had a second meeting and ended up changing the hardwood flooring.

    Also, if you don't want the Guardian stuff to go into your mortgage, just include it in your down payment or as cash at time of closing.

  2. We'll be the first construction in the neighborhood, let alone a milan! lol

    I will send her an email and ask if there are any in the area though. Good Idea. Thanks!

  3. They can look up color combinations of houses in other developments in their least ones built in the last couple of years.

  4. When we were first signing our paperwork, we were told that Guardian had to be paid directly. That changed in the couple weeks before we had our meeting so that it was an option to put it in the mortgage, but we still had the option to pay to pay them separately.

  5. Our Guardian( and electrical) experience was similar to Shara's. However in the end we paid the electrician separately and Guardian what is rolled into the mortgage.

  6. The colors look great! My guardian with me was rolled into the mortgage he said it is a new thing and the only thing if you had to pay him directly would be if you had a VA loan. They changed the rules recently.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. =)

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Kinda feels like we're putting the cart before the horse....

    Steph: Thanks about the colors. The colors I all liked together, didn't come in an approved combo. lol

  8. We rolled it all in....the color choices are great!!

  9. Hi Noey, Great posts! Congrats on the house. My offer just got accepted for a ryan home in PA. We are quite excited but am kind of kicking myself for there were many options we're interested that we didn't include. Is there any room for negotiations for these after the fact from your experience?

  10. Hi Mike!! We don't have it...yet. I'm still hoping.

    From my experience yes, there is room. We drew up a contract with what we wanted and signed it. Then we we did colors and added an addendum to change a few things. One being a bigger patio. You can do these up until a certain point, what point, I'm not sure. Maybe before the pre-construction meeting? It's something to ask your Rep about. Addendums add your options, but the also add to the price of the house. Just remember that.

    Congrats on your acceptance and new home!!