Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The South

I am one of the few (there maybe another one) of bloggers about Ryan Homes, in The South. I am in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (not gonna give out my exact city). I love the south!!

We use words such Hon (honey), darlin, sweetie, ect.; and they can pertain to anyone you hold dear. Family, old friends and new ones. You can even use them with a stranger if you are really feeling it and need to make your point.
Example: Oh honey!! Are you okay? That's just awful! or Oh sweetie! I would have never....

So if you see me using these words in your blogs, I hope you aren't offended. It's all part of our southern way of life! =)

I love the climate here too!! (well, more than where most of you are...lol I say that now, but in July when we hit a heat wave of temps over 100 (or at least the heat index over it) I may not be saying that. lol) We have seasons here!! Our winters are mild compared to a lot of you up north. Anywhere from 30-50's during the day. Nights are teens and twenties. We get snow maybe twice a winter. And it's never much. A "good" snow is about 4 inches. And they have been known to cancel school for an inch before. LOL I bet some you get a good chuckle out of that.

Spring starts in March. Temps from 60-70's mostly. By the end of Aril, beginning of May we start moving into upper 70's and low 80's as the norm. Summers start mid May here. Full blown 80 degree weather with some 90's. This lasts until the end of September. Sometime toward the end of September we start cooling off again. We never if Halloween night in October will be 70 and muggy or in the 40's and crisp.

I read other blogs about when driveways can be poured due to weather. I don't think we have the issue here. It's never THAT cold and wet. If anything, we deal with drought more than anything (which is why I found all the drains in the garages there strange. lol)

I love how you can be at the grocery store and reach something on the top shelf....waaay back, and the stranger on the isle will just come over and help you. (This has happened to me a few times). You see someone, you smile. Whether you know them or not.

I love The South. I love living here in this area. We are 3 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from the beach. We have lots of country land, but also great towns and cities. All within 10-20 minute drive from here. The best of both worlds. I can take my kids horseback riding, come home (shower and change) and hit a movie, or putt putt course, or a museum all with in one afternoon if I wanted too.

I see some of your areas just got snow. WOW!! I cannot imagine what it would be like to live somewhere, where it's so cold all the time. More power to ya'll!

Ha ha ha.... Ya'll. Another fun southern word.

Anyway...I just wanted to make a fun post while I sit and wait on word about the loan. When we are approved I will make a post about every option we have (there are more than I thought!). I keep a 3 ring binder will our information. Plans, colors, flooring, guardian, financial info, addendums, email correspondence with the Rep, things to purchase before we close (blinds, attic fan, ect) and so on. SO looking at my list of options we have....there are a lot. lol

I HOPE to be making that post soon!!!


  1. I think you're in a great area - we love NC and like to vacation at Lake Norman with our boat. When my husband was looking for a job, he tried very hard to go to that area...but with this economy they don't want to even talk to someone out of state. I've spent my entire life in OH but that doesn't mean I like to cold or snow!

  2. I am about 20 min away from Lake Norman!!! =) (depending on traffic).

    I am not a fan of snow. I'm good with one "good" snow and then not seeing it again for a year. lol

  3. I lived in South Carolina for five years. We moved back to Ohio last summer.

  4. From SC to OH!! What a change!!

  5. hey i say yall!!!! lol

  6. I am in Delaware and the whole drain in the garage is a foreign idea as well. I thought it was a great idea and asked our sales rep about it...he looked at me like I had three heads and I got a firm NO.

  7. India...you must have some southern in there somewhere honey! lol

    LOL BD!

  8. Yes... a big change: Culturally and the climate. My husband (although not from SC but really took a liking to the South) just said today "I did not envision seeing ice on the ground a day before April 1st in my future." Even though it has been a rough winter, I am so happy to be closer to family.

  9. Oh and I still say "soda", "ya'll or you all" , "honey" "Yes Ma'am or Yes sir" and still get a craving for sweet tea every once in awhile :-)

  10. Sweet tea is my kryptonite! lol

    Oh honey! I totally understand being close to family. I am with in ten miles of all my family but one cousin and one aunt! (meaning my mom, sisters, grandparents, cousins and aunts and inlaws!)