Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is the Day!

Ok, so my hubby is going back in today to re-do the offer. We need more help with closing if we are going to put 3.5% down. We could pay what they want us to in closing, but that leaves us no savings, and we just can't do that. That's not responsible. We have 3 girls. Plus, we will need some of that money for move-in costs (like blinds and such).

If you keep up with my other blog, Randomness, you know about my TID BITS entry ( where I have been keeping with little signs here and there, confirmations that we took as to mean this is what we are suppose to do. Here is the latest one:

Last night, my darling husband started to trying to figure out the new offer and banging out numbers on a scrap sheet of paper, or so he thought. He flipped it over and it ended up being a receipt for jeans I had bought online. The word in the middle of the paper: MILAN. Apparently a type of jean I bought and it's also the model house we are trying for. What are the odds?

I try to leave my personal stuff for my other blog and keep this facts. But I had to share.

I still believe this is the path for us. We just had a stumbling block thrown at as. We are taking this one step at a time. I thought I would be all kinds of nervous today. But I'm not. I'm peaceful. Resolute. I do believe this is the home for us.

So, in summary:

We are going after a different loan. We need some help with closing cost and the counter they bring has to be just right (that is where God comes in). The offer goes in this afternoon.

Wish us luck. Say a prayer. Today is the day we place this entirely in God's hands.

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