Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New colors and upgrades!! =) FINAL LIST! new pics

Ok. We went today and changed our colors to lighter colors. =) We also figured out the rest of upgrades with the new allowance we were given. Here is our final list:

Here is a list of every option we added:

Elevation L: cottage look

Similar to this and the pic on the left of blog. Not any any of these color schemes though

Cherry Bordeaux cabinets
42" Cabinets
* Morning Room (which would up the square footage from 2528 to 2688 sq ft)
*Gourmet Island
Granite (santa cecelia)
Kitchen floor upgrade (which also covers mud room & powder room & morning room!!)
Light in morning room

10x22 (it starts at the morning room and goes all the way to the end of the house going out as far as the morning room. We had to change it since we ARE getting the morning room!) =) Thinking that later we may build a trellis =) The whole back of the house has something behind it now. Either the patio or the morning room. =)

Upgraded to 8" padding
Upgraded to Level II carpet (throughout home)
2 recessed lights above fire place

Other Downstairs Options:
Wood Laminate in the hall
Extended wood to cover whole hall until the den (not stopping at dining room)
Living room converted to study
8" padding in study (play room for kids)
Banister vs. wall

*(we did not upgrade the padding in the dining room. We do have the upgraded carpet and may put an area rug in there anyway. It's a room that is rarely used. That was our thinking. But, we may upgrade now with this extra money)

Hall Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
2nd sink (I have 3 girls. The 2nd sink is must!)

Master Bath Upgrades:
Cherry Spice cabinets
Deluxe master bath upgrade
Upgraded flooring
Corner caddie in shower

4th bedroom, no loft

Other Upgrades:
Nickle fixtures and hardware.
Gas Water Heater
2 flood lights out back
5 Ceiling fan rough ins (all four bedrooms and the den. We're in the south. Fans are must!)
1 light pre-wire rough in (study)

Side entry garage vs front entry. So instead of the garage facing front; we will have 2 windows surrounded by stone and vertical siding, with the garage entrance on the side.

Our home does not have an attic. =/ So that was out.

It also comes with 9 ft ceilings on the first floor and 8ft on the second, standard. Also, our L elevation comes with the pretty garage and front door, as well as the 2nd light outside the garage.

We wanted the driveway on the right. However, they told us today it would have to be on the left unless we did a side entry ($2500). We like the side entry and since we are on a corner lot, it looks nice. Makes the house look bigger from the front of the house. We included it in our incentive.

The morning room, upgraded island with granite, upgraded flooring in there to match, and the light were all included in our incentives too.

We added those upgraded bathroom cabinets upstairs to the incentive too. And that's where it all went.

The morning room on the Milan is different from most models. Our morning room is at the end of the kitchen, at the end of the house. It is no way a part of any other part of the house. In the Venice, for instance, it is kinda between the den and kitchen. This is not the case in our model. Plus, part of it is hidden behind the wall with the stove. That is why the kitchen in the model seems so dark with the recessed lighting. I kept my florescent light. It does come with recessed lighting above the sitting area of the gourmet island and a light above the sink/bar area (sink over looks a bar and faces the den. Bar side is on the Den side). There is no basement for us. People here in NC rarely have them and they are SUPER expensive.

Floor Plans: (click images to enlarge)

Total square footage is about 2688 with the morning room.
We went with the lighter color stone and siding. Still went with white trim and black shutters and door. Sandstone siding, Cobblestone siding, and Kentucky Stone are the colors.


  1. Noey...awesome choices.....I pray everything goes in your favor!!! :)

  2. Thank you!! I am for prayer at this point! =)

  3. I love your choices. You were able to get awesome upgrades. I'm praying for you! When will we know for sure?

  4. Thanks!! And thanks for the prayers! Keep 'em coming!

    I don't know when we'll know. I guess when the time is right. Tomorrow? 4 weeks from now? This is an exercise in patience, hope, and faith; that's for sure!

  5. All of your selections sounds perfect! I especially like the double sink for the girls bathroom. I wished I would have thought of that. Please do keep us posted about the end sight we all are pulling for you and your family.

  6. I am so excited for you!! This is so beautiful. So funny, while you are looking to upgrade, I need to downgrade. I want 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge kitchen/dining/family room all on one level with NO yard! :) I've found that life after 50 does not include house or yard work. I am absolutely positive this will happen for you. Can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Love you!!

  7. @ Mary: If you REALLY wanted to move down here, they will be building town homes eventually. And a grocery store and shops (shops by the road, then town homes, then the single family homes where we are buying...God willing). lol We'd LOVE to have you...but I have a feeling Pittsburgh will be your next move. You'll want to be closer to the grandbaby (when that happens).

    Thank you so much! I love you!

  8. Hi Noey814- First I would like to say congratulations on your new home. My family and I are also in the process of building Ryan home. We considered your location but decided against it due to the commute we are now building our Rome in the city. I really like your suggestion of a binder for your documents. I currently keep a tote bag with every single document related to the home in a tote bag I carry everywhere. I think I'm going to switch over tothe binder this week to keep it more organized. So worried about the big stuff you over look the small Do you have your construction start date yet? Ours is scheduled to begin on the 12th and I can't wait to start posting pics on my blog.

  9. Welcome Minaq2! YAY!! A local gal! =) The people across from us are building a Rome! They're huge! Very nice! Congrats your home!

    We are still waiting on the no construction date yet. I know they wanting to start ASAP...So hopefully in the next week or 2 we'll know!

    I am hoping over to follow your blog now! I can't wait to see the picture either! =)